Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Chapter 117

“Ahh…. Ahh…”

Woojin remembered drinking and saying goodbye to Jihoon and Siwoo. He didn’t drink that much, but it had been a long day after a long flight yesterday, so his fatigue made him feel drunker than usual. After leaving that Korean restaurant, Shin kissed him in a dark alley, but other than that, they didn’t do anything else. But as soon as they entered their hotel room, Shin pushed Woojin against a wall and began to kiss him roughly.

Shin’s lips tasted of mint. It appeared that he had been sucking on mint candy. They kissed frantically and when Woojin began to slide down from weakness, Shin lifted him up easily with his arms.

“Mmhhh… Mhh…”

The kiss was rougher than usual. Shin carried Woojin to the bed and after laying him down, Shin began to kiss his neck hotly. Woojin could feel Shin stroking his derriere seductively.

“Shin… we… we need to shower first…”

“No need.”


Woojin heard Shin unbuckling his belt. Shin looked a little vicious, making Woojin’s pulse jump wildly. Woojin felt his eyes blur with lust.

Shin ordered, “Take your clothes off.”

Shin was a considerate lover, but he could also be very authoritative as well. Shin was Woojin’s first, so Woojin couldn’t compare himself to anyone else, but Woojin suspected that his sexual preference was a bit different than normal. The truth was, Woojin loved it when Shin began like this. He experienced longer and more intense orgasms when he felt humiliated. It seemed that Woojin was a bit of a masochist.

When Woojin tried to crawl away, Shin took his shirt off and smiled coldly.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Shin grabbed Woojin’s slim ankles and pulled him back towards himself. When Woojin covered his eyes in embarrassment, Shin pulled them away and began to kiss him again. Darkly, Shin whispered, “Take your clothes off.”

Woojin asked to let his ankles go and Shin nodded and stepped back. With a dreamy look, Shin stared at Woojin and ordered, “Look at me while you take them off.”


Shin never acted this forceful before. But then, Woojin had never seen Shin this drunk before. Shin pulled up a chair from the nearby table and sat in front of the bed. He was shirtless and his pants were undone. With his hair messy, Shin looked too beautiful to be real.


Woojin was kneeling on the bed. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Even though Shin wasn’t doing anything, just him staring so intently made Woojin pant. His hands trembled as he finished unbuttoning his shirt. When he stared at Shin quietly, Shin pushed Woojin’s groin with his foot and asked, “Why aren’t you taking your pants off too?”

“… mmhh…”

Woojin’s penis was already hard, and when Shin’s foot touched it, it became even larger. Woojin bit his lips and hesitated. In a sweet voice, Shin said to him, “Show me. Show me how excited you are.”


Shin pushed his foot underneath to reach Woojin’s butt. Feeling even more excited, Woojin unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants. His underwear was a mess. It was tight boxers chosen by Shin and it had a wet patch on the front now, making the color look darker.

“Woojin Choi, you are so sexy.”

Shin rubbed his forehead and laughed. He asked, “When did you get so hard?”

Shin walked up to him. His face was only an inch away from Woojin’s, and when Woojin raised his arms to hug him, Shin grinned and stepped back.

“Shin… why… I want to touch you…”

“Because tonight, you are going to be doing it alone. By yourself.”

Woojin looked at him in confusion. He didn’t understand what Shin was saying, and with a smile, Shin stroked Woojin’s boxers gently. Even through the underwear, they could both see Woojin’s penis flinching excitedly. Woojin covered his face in embarrassment, but Shin only laughed and explained, “You are going to do it to yourself.”


“Masturbate in front of me, Woojin.”


“I want to watch you orgasm.”

Woojin still couldn’t understand. Shin pushed back his hair and got closer to him until Woojin’s hardness touched Shin’s thigh. Shin leaned and whispered to Woojin’s ear, “Show me how you touch yourself, Woojin.”


Woojin reddened. Shin stepped back and laid back on the bed and asked again, “Do it. Let me see you cum.”

“… Shin…”

“There is no point in calling my name. I’m going to be waiting all night if I have to.”

The way Shin was looking at him was so hot and intense, then Woojin blinked. Woojin had never masturbated in his life until he met Shin. He always thought he was an asexual being.

After meeting Shin, Woojin masturbated a few times, but he felt ashamed every time he did it. And after they began to live together, Woojin never had the need to do it by himself. Shin was a sexual guy and after a few times, Woojin felt less and less uncomfortable with anal sex. To be honest, Woojin actually enjoyed the pain as well when they first began to have sex. Woojin secretly thought he might be addicted to Shin’s sex.

“… Shin… I’m embarrassed.”

Woojin felt like he was dreaming. Shin smiled at him sexily. The way he raised one of his eyebrows… It was enough for Woojin to become even harder.

Shin replied, “What are you talking about? You look like you are about to cum.”

“… mhh…”

It was true. His penis was becoming wetter as Shin watched him. They have been dating for a while, so it wouldn’t have been strange to get tired of each other, but this wasn’t the case at all. Woojin felt like his brain was melting from the heat. He bit his lips when Shin whispered, “Touch yourself with one hand. Just like when I do it for you, Woojin.”

Woojin closed his eyes and did as he was ordered. His hand became wet immediately when he touched the tip of his penis. Mimicking the way Shin touched him, Woojin grabbed his shaft and rubbed it forcefully. Within only a few seconds, Woojin felt like he was about to cum, but Shin ordered coldly, “Not yet. We still have a long way to go.”

“… mhh…”

“Touch your nipples now. Wet your finger with your mouth and pinch them.”

Woojin looked away at such detailed and erotic instructions. Shin quickly stood up and grabbed Woojin’s chin to turn towards him. If Woojin orgasmed now, he would end up ejaculating on Shin’s body.

Shin ordered again, “Hurry up. Do it right now.”

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