Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 118 (END)

Chapter 118

Woojin put his fingers in his mouth and sucked on them. Shin gave him a nod as if he was a teacher praising his student. Woojin stroked his nipple while he continued to rub his penis. Having Shin watch him was enough to make Woojin burn for more. His lower body moved on its own accord and finally, Shin asked, “Do you want me to take you?”


Woojin answered immediately. It seemed his body was used to having sex now because he felt his butt feeling itchy and strange. Woojin couldn’t wait to feel Shin’s thickness inside him. Still caressing his own nipple and penis, Woojin suddenly felt weak. He almost fell, but Shin, who was kneeling in front of him, supported him and whispered, “If you cum now, it’s going to spray all over my face.”

“… Mhhh… I don’t want that… no…”

“Then move faster, so I can make you feel even better.”

“…Mhhh… o-ok…”

Shin caressed Woojin’s lower back, making him flinch in intense pleasure. Shin grabbed Woojin’s wrist and helped him move his hand faster and harder. Woojin’s eyes closed as he groaned. Faster… Harder… Woojin focused on the extreme sensation and moved his hand frantically.

Within a minute, Woojin moaned loudly and tensed.

“Ahh…. Mmmhh…”

Overabundant semen flowed from Woojin and splattered onto Shin’s chest. Their eyes met and unable to stop himself, Woojin collapsed onto Shin. Woojin’s whole body shook, including his thighs, and Shin smiled as he caressed Woojin’s hair, “Good job.”

Feeling sticky, Woojin tried to get up, but Shin pushed him down on the bed.

“Shin… I got it on you too… um…”

Shin smiled and wet his hand with Woojin’s semen. Slowly, he rubbed it on Woojin’s chest. Woojin breathed in the musky smell deeply.

Shin took his pants off and began to rub his penis on Woojin’s stomach.

“Shin… are you going to cum on me too?”

“Would you like me to?”

Sometimes, Woojin wanted to have crazy sex with Shin. Masturbating in front of Shin wasn’t enough for the night. When Woojin spread his legs to accommodate Shin, Shin smiled and helped Woojin sit up. Their slippery bodies met and touching Woojin’s cheek, Shin said to him, “I want to be inside of you.”

“… Me too.”

“Then I will lay down on the bed so you can sit on top of me. Try taking my d*ck inside you by yourself, Woojin.”

They hadn’t tried this position before because Shin was afraid Woojin might hurt himself. But tonight, it was different. Before they went out to dinner that night, they had already worked on Woojin to get him ready for sex. In fact, Woojin worked to loosen himself in front of Shin before going out.

Shin checked Woojin’s back to make sure he was wide enough. He said to Woojin, “I think we can try this. You just have to work very slowly. Take me in nice and easy.”

“… Shin.”

“Try it. It will feel really good.”

Without waiting for Woojin’s answer, Shin laid down on the bed on his back. Looking down at Shin’s calm face, Woojin did as he was told. His body trembled as he went on top of Shin and began to slowly take him in. It wasn’t easy to insert Shin’s engorged penis into himself, but Woojin moved carefully. His body continued to shake and Shin ordered him, “Woojin… You need to breathe… Take it slow.”

“…Mhh… hh…”

“Give me your hands.”

Woojin had no lower body strength, so he found it very difficult to control the penetration. Shin held Woojin’s hands to help, but it wasn’t enough. Suddenly, Woojin lost his balance and he sat down all the way.

Woojin’s eyes widened as Shin became buried to the hilt.


It was a short, quiet scream. Woojin lowered his face and trembled, uncertain of what he felt was pain or pleasure. Shin caressed Woojin’s thigh and back gently as he asked, “…Are you ok?”


Tears rolled down from Woojin’s eyes. It wasn’t because he was in pain, but Shin’s eyes widened in shock. Shin tried to sit up, but Woojin looked up at him and asked him, “…Don’t take it out.”

“But you’re crying right now.”

“It’s because it feels so good… so… don’t take it out, Shin…”

It was partly true. Woojin felt the fullness in his stomach. Shin had never been this deep inside of him before. When Woojin leaned back a little and began to rotate his waist, Shin moaned. When Woojin searched his face, he found Shin biting his lips as he continued to hold Woojin’s hands.

Shin groaned, “… D-don’t move, Woojin… or I’m gonna cum right now…”

“You can if you want to.”

Woojin always wanted sex so intense that Shin ended up ejaculating inside of him. Even though he wanted this, Woojin felt too embarrassed to ask for it.

The way Shin’s skin slapped against his own as Shin moved feverishly… The feeling of Shin’s member scraping the inside of his body… The sensation of Shin’s pubic hair touching his skin… All of these things excited Woojin.

Shin never allowed himself to cum inside of Woojin. He pulled out and his semen usually ended up on Woojin’s back or stomach. Shin usually wiped it clean immediately after with a dry towel, but Woojin secretly felt an urge to lick it clean himself. Woojin had to make sure to control himself not to do this because it seemed like Shin wouldn’t like it.

Woojin moaned, “Y-you can cum… inside…”

“Mmhhh… ahhh….”

“You are wearing a condom anyway…”

When Woojin moved his body, Shin inhaled deeply and stared at Woojin. Shin looked almost beastly. Every time Woojin moved up and down on him, Shin moaned through his teeth as if in pain. Woojin loved Shin’s scent, which became stronger during sex.

Woojin panted and moaned, “Ahh…”

“… Woojin…”

Suddenly, Shin frowned and squeezed Woojin’s back hard. He quickly pulled himself out and took the condom off. He laid Woojin down on the bed and sat up in front of Woojin as he stroked himself.


Woojin wanted to see Shin’s face, so he sat up. At that very moment, Shin climaxed, and his semen splattered all over Woojin’s face.


Shin wasn’t even given a chance to stop him as Woojin wiped his face with his finger and licked them. The strange taste of Shin’s semen filled Woojin’s mouth. Shin quickly grabbed Woojin’s wrist and said to him, “Don’t eat it…”

“But it’s delicious.”

The truth was, Woojin was obsessed with Shin. He wanted all of Shin. He wanted to drink all of Shin.


“I wanted to eat all of it.”

When Woojin looked disappointed, Shin grabbed a clean towel and cleaned up Woojin’s face. After kissing Woojin’s lips, Shin frowned and said to him, “It tastes horrible.”

“That’s because it’s your own.”

“… Woojin…”

“You eat mine, so why won’t you let me eat yours?”

Shin rubbed his forehead and took a deep breath. He grabbed Woojin and laid down on the bed.

“Shin… We need to wash up.”

“I know, but let’s just be like this for a little while.”

They relaxed together, their bodies sticky. After a short silence, Shin asked, “Who taught you to masturbate?”



“I only did what you do to me.”

“You are becoming too sexy… This is a problem.”

“I was going to say that exact same thing to you.”

“… I wanted to do this with you right in the restaurant. Did you know that?”

Why did Shin get so excited tonight?

‘I guess it doesn’t matter.’

Woojin didn’t care. Just the fact that Shin craved him like this was more than enough. When Woojin looked up at Shin with a pleased face, Shin smiled and murmured, “So you like my face. Hmm… Is that why you insist on looking at my face when you cum?”

“I like your body too.”

“You are too erotic.”

“…Only to you.”

Shin kissed Woojin affectionately and laughed.


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