Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15.

Chapter 15.

“There’s apparently an office dinner tonight after the seminar.”

“What? Again? Why do they have so many office dinners? The company must have too much money to spend or something.”

Shin Kim listened to his coworkers complain while he packed his briefcase with the seminar pamphlets. He put on his jacket and was about to leave quietly when Yeonwoo came up to him.

“Are you gonna go to the office dinner tonight?”

Shin was planning on going to the gym after work, but when Yeonwoo asked, Shin looked around to check on the policy team. Woojin was standing with Jihoon and they were chatting. Jihoon was smiling pleasantly while Woojin seemed very tired as he packed up.

Woojin was so thin to begin with, but it seemed like he was getting even thinner lately. Shin frowned unhappily.

Jihoon was standing too close to Woojin.

Too close…

“It’s so annoying…”

“Hmm? What did you say?”

“Oh, no, nothing. I was just wondering if everyone from the policy team was going to go to the office dinner too. Do you know?”

“Oh, I heard Assistant Manager Kang is going, and I think Assistant Manager Woojin is probably go back to the office and work late.”

Shin watched as Jihoon Kang straightened Woojin’s shirt. Woojin was very thin, but he wore his suit very well. He seemed to prefer slim-fitting outfits. But often times, Woojin looked a little messy because he didn’t have his tie knotted right or it was too loose. Shin witnessed many times how Jihoon fixed it for Woojin, but today, it bothered Shin more than usual.

Yeonwoo persisted, “You aren’t gonna go to the office dinner, Shin oppa? I heard Minjae oppa is going.”


“Do you have something else to do?”

Shin looked down at Yeonwoo who was small and adorable. She was still very much Shin’s type.

Yeonwoo was smart and knew not to show too much of her intelligence so that she didn’t make any unnecessary enemies. She kept a clear boundary around her and whatever she did, she seemed to have a purpose for it.

Even now, Yeonwoo held onto Shin’s arm naturally and smiled up at him. This was probably to warn the other girls to keep their hands off Shin.

Shin did not dislike this. But the problem was that in his mind, all he could think about was Woojin Choi. It wasn’t just purely just heat; things felt frustrating. Shin just felt… annoyed at everything.

Just then, Jihoon called Yeonwoo for help.

“Miss Yeonwoo, please come over here and help us clean up.”

Woojin turned towards Yeonwoo and Shin as well. Their eyes met briefly, but Woojin turned away quickly towards his computer as if it meant nothing.

Woojin still looked lethargic and indifferent. Woojin didn’t do anything wrong, but even his small meaningless gestures annoyed Shin to no end.

… What the hell.

Shin frowned as he felt disappointed suddenly. By now, they ate lunch together a few times already and even had drinks together once. But so far, Woojin never asked Shin out to a meal. In fact, Woojin never once contacted Shin. Shin also was unaware that Woojin worked late often nowadays.

Of course, it wasn’t something Shin should worry about or care about, but he couldn’t help becoming more and more irritated at the thought.

Shin offered Yeonwoo, “I will go with you and help.”

“Thank you.”

Shin impulsively followed Yeonwoo and walked towards Jihoon. Yeonwoo brightened, most likely thinking Shin was helping HER. Shin quickly walked ahead of her and started to clean up the table, which was littered with papers.

Jihoon came up to Shin and exclaimed, “Wow, what’s going on here? Is Shin Kim helping Miss Yeonwoo clean up?’

Jihoon clearly was the type who benefited greatly from his very social attitude. Unfortunately, it was true that those who spoke well often did well at work as well, getting promoted faster compared to people who were more reserved. Jihoon looked like the typical “nice guy” with his innocent smile. Jihoon wasn’t doing anything at all right now, not helping to clean up, yet no one made a fuss.

Shin ignored Jihoon and cleaned the table quickly. Still unfazed, Jihoon asked Shin again, “Is it because you want to make a good impression to Yeonwoo?”



Just then, Woojin looked up and turned to Shin, who didn’t look away and stared at Woojin right back. Shin hoped there would be some kind of sign on Woojin’s face, any kind of change in expression, but there was nothing. Woojin looked exactly the same, indifferent and tired.

It was Yeonwoo who reacted with a blush.

“Assistant Manager Kang, stop teasing us!”

“Wow, Miss Yeonwoo must be very popular. I knew it!”

With that, Jihoon walked towards Woojin and said to him, “You see, Woojin? This is exactly what should happen in workplaces! You should go and ask Chief Seulgi out to lunch or even dinner ASAP! Just stop spending so much time with stupid guys like me!”


Woojin continued to tidy up quietly, making Shin even more frustrated.

Shin felt like he was going to explode with impatience as Jihoon continued, “Woojin! Chief Seulgi is waiting for you right now, hoping you will go to the office dinner tonight!”

When Jihoon held Woojin’s neck and grinned teasingly, Woojin finally replied in a tired voice, “Just stop.”

Shin froze as he watched them. Jihoon continued playfully, “Come on, Woojin. We can go together, and you can have a drink with Chief Seulgi, and…”

Just then, everything on the desk Shin was cleaning up, all the books and documents that were stacked neatly, fell towards Jihoon. Woojin almost got hurt from it, but Shin was close enough to him and he was quick enough to grab Woojin’s wrist and pulled him close to him.

Jihoon looked up in shock at Shin, who replied indifferently, “Oh, I’m sorry. I think I accidentally knocked it over.”


Shin smiled widely and took out his phone as he continued, “This will need to be cleaned up right now, but I am being called by my team leader right now. I need to go.”

He then turned to Woojin and added, “Oh, and Assistant Manager Woojin, Chief Hyunsoo asked me to let you know he needs you to call him. I forgot to tell you. I’m sorry. I think you need to go right now and call him.”

Shin bowed lightly to Jihoon and left with Woojin’s wrist still in his hand. They left the auditorium quickly. Shin didn’t turn around to look back, but he was sure that Yeonwoo and Jihoon must be staring at them in shock.

Woojin, whose wrist was still in Shin’s hand, asked, “Mr. Shin Kim, when did the chief ask me to call him?”

When Woojin took out his cellphone, Shin finally let his wrist go and turned to him. Shin wondered if Woojin was playing dumb, or he really didn’t know what was going on.

Chief Hyunsoo Lee wasn’t at work today because he was away on a business trip.

Shin replied, “He won’t answer you even if you call.”

“… Pardon?”

“I think you should rest for a while here and when things quiet down here, you should return home.”


“I’m going home now, so don’t work too hard.”

Shin smiled, and Woojin stood still with a shocked expression on his face, Shin added, “Oh, and please stop spending so much time with Assistant Manager Jihoon Kang. Also, I hope you stop letting him stand so close to you.”


“For some reason, it makes me feel upset.”

Shin finally said it out loud, and he could feel his emotions seeping out from his skin.

He had to admit it now.

The truth.

Shin Kim was coveting Woojin Choi.

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