Chief Kim and Assistant manager Choi

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 16.

Chapter 16.

“Get Yeonwoo Ji here RIGHT NOW!”

The policy room was a mess. Hyunsoo threw the papers onto the floor angrily. It spread everywhere, creating chaos.

One intern who came to work early nervously started to pick them up. Woojin was taking off his jacket without a word. He glanced at the desk across from him and noticed that the nametag was on the desk.

Yeonwoo Ji.

It seemed she still hasn’t arrived yet, and it was on purpose, because Yeonwoo always got to work at 9 AM precisely. She was clearly not here for a reason.

Hyunsoo screamed, “Is Miss. Yeonwoo Ji still not here?”

“I-I don’t think so.”

The new intern was a young woman who only recently graduated. She was trembling as she replied to Hyunsoo. It was clear that she was afraid of him.

Woojin sighed and turned on his laptop. He logged onto his company email when the intern came towards him and asked in a trembling voice, “S-should I call Miss. Yeonwoo?”

“I think you should.”

Woojin replied as he picked up a few pieces of paper on the floor and handed them to her. The intern thanked him with a pale face and feeling a headache coming on, Woojin left his seat to go to the office kitchen.

He needed some coffee.

Hyunsoo continued to yell, “And where is Jihoon Kang? Has he not arrived yet either? How could everyone here get to work later than their own superior! What the hell!”

“Miss Yeonwoo just told me she will be here in five minutes.”

The intern replied after hanging up the phone, and in a few minutes, Yeonwoo ran into the office. She apologized for being late, and her face was pale in fear.

It was rare for Hyunsoo to ask for anyone in the morning hours. It was because he himself often came in late to work. Hyunsoo enjoyed drinking late into the night. He would wake up late and only come to work after going to the gym.

So the fact that he was so early to work and yelling meant something very big and bad had happened.

He berated Yeonwoo, “You are still a newbie, yet you get to work late? It’s past 9 AM, isn’t it?”


“You! Were you near the office this whole time and only came to work now? Have you lost your mind?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Did you go over the paperwork for the press release yesterday?”


“Have you lost your hearing? The paperwork that was sent to Seulgi Kim yesterday! Did you check it or not?!”

The policy department was responsible for verifying the information that was to be sent to official outlets, just like the media or public seminars. The documents to be sent to the reporters were especially examined multiple times, at least over 10 times, to make sure of their accuracy. Once the information was verified, only then were they sent to the marketing department.

Yeonwoo murmured, “Assistant Manager Kang told me that it could be sent the way it was, so…”

“Assistant Manager Kang? What? Jihoon Kang did?”

Hyunsoo swore loudly, loud enough for other office people to hear as well. People walking by glanced at the policy room secretly. All the workers of other departments whispered amongst themselves.

Woojin massaged his throbbing temples and sat down in his chair. He tried to work, but it was impossible to focus at this point. It was normal for Jihoon to arrive late for work. Often times, he arrived an hour after the work hour started. He was warned and reprimanded for this many times before by HR and audit departments, but Jihoon didn’t change his ways. Woojin suspected it was because either it was a bad habit or Jihoon didn’t care about his job that much.

Hyunsoo continued to shriek, “Gosh, that bastard! Is this what he teaches to the new recruits? Miss Yeonwoo, do you even know what you did?”


“The gross sales number was written wrong. A whole extra digit was added!! That idiot! We need to write an official explanation and a retraction for it!”


“Do you get it? Do you realize what a disaster this is? Unless you think you can call every single reporter who received this number and ask them to change it on their articles? Huh? Can you do the impossible?”

“I-I’m sorry, sir.”

Hyunsoo grabbed the press release papers and threw them at Yeonwoo’s face. When Yeonwoo started to tear up, Hyunsoo’s frown became bigger. He murmured angrily, “This is why I don’t like female staff.”

He then turned to the intern and ordered, “You. Call Jihoon Kang immediately and get him to come to the office RIGHT NOW. I am going to kill that asshole today. I’m going to teach him a lesson he will never forget.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And Woojin Choi!”


“From now on, Yeonwoo Ji will be your responsibility.”


“You will be her new direct supervisor, got it?”


Yeonwoo seemed to be the most shocked by this turn of events. Her eyes widened and she began to cry. Jihoon Kang was mainly responsible for conducting meetings, which meant that Yeonwoo was given most of his paperwork to complete. She often had to work late nights.

Ignoring her, Hyunsoo continued to order Woojin, “Make sure you clean up this mess, Assistant Manager Choi. I can’t trust Jihoon Kang to do anything right.”


“Woojin Choi, did you hear what I said? Answer me!”

Woojin was staring at his computer screen. He was the only one who wasn’t standing as Hyunsoo continued to scream. Finally, when Hyunsoo asked him again, Woojin replied, “If you can delay the deadline for my performance report to tomorrow instead of today, then I will do it.”

“… Fine. But make sure you do a perfect job. If you do a half-assed job, you will be in the same situation as Jihoon Kang!”

After Hyunsoo left the room angrily, Yeonwoo finally began to sob while hiding her face with both of her hands. The other people in the room approached her and tried to console her. Woojin stood up himself and walked towards her.

He said to her, “Miss Yeonwoo Ji.”

“… Yes.”

“Please email me everything related to this incident. The original paperwork, the stats, and the data. And please call Chief Seulgi Kim from the marketing team and ask for the list of media outlets and their managers where she sent the press release to.”


“Please go back to work now.”

Yeonwoo stopped crying and looked up at Woojin in surprise. But quickly, she nodded and went back to her seat. Woojin returned to his chair as well and opened his email. It seemed that he was going to get double the workload. From the very first day he started working in this company, he had always been very busy, so Woojin took the situation in a stride. With an indifferent face, he took a deep breath and started to open one file at a time that was sent to him. He created a new folder on his desktop and began downloading the files into it.

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