Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 687 - 104- Griffin – Checking On Trinity (VOLUME 4)

Chapter 687 - 104- Griffin – Checking On Trinity (VOLUME 4)




Trinity had now been in her coma for almost a month. That meant that she had been receiving IV nourishment for the three babies that were growing her belly for almost half of the time that she had been pregnant. I knew that she was alive and it was just her soul that left her body to go on some big mission, or that was the short answer that I had gotten from Reece when he had contacted some witch doctors.

I didn't want to sound like a cynic or anything, but I didn't want to see anything happen to my patient because Reece was searching out 'alternative' routes. Was it that he didn't trust my medical advice? Did he think that I was incapable of caring for her or the babies? Why would he look for other doctors to treat her?

OK, it was true that I didn't know how to wake her, especially if it was her soul that had left her body. I didn't know how I was going to bring her back to this world, to Reece, to me. What was I supposed to do about all of this?

Today, though, I was on my way to examine Trinity and the babies. I was going to check how much they had grown and if they were still doing OK. I was going to check to see if Trinity's body was holding up during this condition of hers. I was basically going there to do my job, even though I didn't know what that was supposed to mean anymore.

There is nothing worse for a doctor than not being able to help their patient. Not knowing what is wrong with them or how to make it all better. That was the worst feeling in the world. Then you add in the fact that this patient, this person that I couldn't help, was a close personal friend of mine as well as the queen to more than half of the world. That was just adding more and more pressure to me at every turn.

I was determined to make sure that Trinity and the babies survived this whole ordeal. I was going to make sure that there was nothing at all that happened to Trinity, nothing else anyway. I was going to make sure that, when her soul came back, Trinity was perfectly healthy and the babies would be ready when the time came.

When I pulled into the garage, the one for friends and family and not visitors, I hurriedly made my way up to the royal tower. At the current moment, I was given full access which meant that I didn't have to wait for someone to let me in. I just went straight up to the room and knocked on the door. That was just to make sure that Reece was decent.

He called out for me to enter right away so I guess that meant that he was properly dressed and waiting for me.

"Hello Reece. How have you been holding up?" I asked him when I walked into the room. He was sitting in a chair next to Trinity's new hospital bed and I could tell that he hadn't been sleeping that well.

"I've been better." He turned to look at me and I could tell that this whole ordeal was taking its toll on him emotionally.

"You need to sleep more, Reece. I told you that already. You don't want to end up sick or worse before she gets back. You need to be here for her and the children. In a matter of months, you will have six children, Reece. They need you."

"My Little Bunny needed me too." He was so depressed. "She needed me, and I didn't see it." He was almost like a broken man. "Don't worry about it, though. I am usually better than this. I have been making it a habit to keep myself together for the kids. I can't let Reagan, Rika and Talia suffer because of me. I need to be strong so I have been trying."

He didn't look strong right now. Then again, the kids weren't here right now either. So, I guess he was allowed to be weak at the moment. All that he had with him was his comatose wife and his lifelong friend. I wasn't going to tell anyone about this though, and he knew that.

I did my best to comfort and console Reece, but he wasn't having it at all. So, deciding not to waste anymore time, I got to work on the real reason that I was here. I pulled the machines out of the closet that I had brought here before and started to check Trinity and the babies over completely.

I checked Trinity's heart first. I wanted to make sure she wasn't having any issues like she had before. When she was pregnant with Reagan and Rika, she had so many issues that made it so that she was on bed rest for a lot of it. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't going to be more issues.

Trinity herself seemed to be fit as a fiddle, perfectly healthy and pregnant with triplets. You know, except for the whole coma thing.

Now it was time for me to check on the triplets. I put the gel on Trinity's belly and placed the ultrasound wand on her. Immediately I saw three little babies. They all had their own amniotic sac, which made things a little better. The problem though, was that they shared a placenta. That meant that the babies were indeed identical. Trinity and Reece were going to have their hands full with them when they were older.

I checked a little more and watched as the babies move around restlessly. They seemed to be quite active, and they were definitely growing big and strong. When one of them turned and shifted a little more, I saw that the baby was very clearly a little boy.

"Congrats Reece. You're having three healthy little boys." I thought that he would be excited to hear that. I did not expect what he said to me then.

"I know."

"Wait! How do you know?"

"The witch doctors told me, but they didn't know before Talia did."

"How in the hell did Talia know?" I was floored.

"Oh, she's a clairvoyant. She could hear the whispering people talk about them."

Clearly, there had been a lot that happened while I was away. What the hell had happened here? What the hell was going on?

I didn't know, and I didn't think that I was likely to get an answer. So, instead, I just figured that I would finish up and head home.

This visit with Reece and the check up for Trinity hadn't answered any questions for me at all. instead, I had been given so many more questions to not ask. How did little Talia and these witch doctors know more about my patient than I did? How was it that all of this has happened and I was just now finding out about it? This was not right. I shouldn't be finding out this information just now.. I was going to have to talk to Reece about this, soon.

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