Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: In a mess, unbelievable

Noah School of Medicine, laboratory.

Stellar Medical Chip currently being implanted…...1%, 5%, 70%, 90%, 99%, 100%.

Silence filled the laboratory and then the system said, “Di! The chip has been successfully implanted. The Stellar System will now fall asleep for three days.”

“Ha, ha…Ha, ha...I’ve succeeded...Ha, ha...I’ve finally succeeded!”

“Succeeded....Ha, ha…For a full fifty years, ha, ha!”

“Ha, ha...Little Xing’er has not let me down...Ha, ha…..”

“Ha, ha……”

The five professors in the laboratory broke out in tears of joy!

However, no one noticed that the young girl lying on the cold jade bed was being covered in an illusory mist, as if she was about to disappear in the next second. Slowly the mist covered her more and more…...

Shudi. A cold glow came from the bed which was very dazzling. Then the cold jade bed and the young girl had both disappeared…...

In the space and time tunnel, for a full three days, Mu Zi Ling who was lying on the bed continued having the same dream.

There was a white haired old lady with her back facing her. She was looking into the sky and slowly saying, “Girl, it is time to go back…..”

Mu Zi Ling wanted to go over and take a look, but she could never approach them. She was always just a single step away.

“Who, who are you? Go back where……” Mu Zi Ling silently cried out in her dream, but the only answer she got was silence.

Suddenly the dream faded away -

“Ah, who is she?” Mu Zi Ling’s closed eyes suddenly popped open. She sat up in her bed and carefully looked around herself.

She also suddenly felt a bad premonition in her mind!

Mu Zi Ling knitted her brows. What greeted her eyes was a white coloured curtain, with beams of sunlight streaming through the window. It was very beautiful and warm.

It took a while for Mu Zi Ling to accept this unfamiliar environment. Wasn’t she supposed to be in the lab being embedded with the chip? Where were the professors?

Mu Zi Ling began to move from her discomfort and found that the bed underneath her was cold and hard. There was a white blanket over her that was soft, but incredibly thin.

She opened the blanket and got off the bed, discovering that she was wearing a simple light blue dress. Her fine black hair draped down over her shoulders.

An ancient environment! Ancient clothing!

She began to think of her dream. Who exactly was that old woman in her dream?

Was she talking about going back to the ancient era? Had she crossed over into the ancient era?

Mu Zi Ling was stunned as she stared at the mirror. Her heart fell into chaos as she found that this was simply unbelievable.

Had she really crossed over?

The figure of her in the mirror was exactly the same as before, there were no changes at all. Her delicate and pretty face, her clear eyes, and that snow white skin that exuded a fresh and natural aura that seemed like it could be broken with a single blow.

She still felt as if something was different, but she couldn’t tell what it was!

There was a thick gauze wrapped around her forehead. Mu Zi Ling reached out to touch it and felt a bit of pain, but that made her let out a sigh of relief.

There was also a strange feeling in her slender left arm. Mu Zi Ling rolled up her sleeve to discover a star mark on her arm. This was the unique mark of the Stellar Medical System, which meant the chip had been successfully implanted.

She had actually brought it with her when she crossed over and her heart filled with joy at this moment. She would not suffer any hardships with this good thing that crossed over with her.

Mu Zi Ling could not wait to start the Stellar System. There was an invisible space inside which was divided into five areas.

The first area had all sorts of herbal medicines. There was even a spiritual fertilizing spring which could support pregnancies and store fresh organs.

The second area was a medicine refining room. There were all kinds of containers and medicine refining equipment inside.

The third area contained all kinds of poisonous beings and poisonous plants.

The fourth area was a storage room which stored all kinds of surgical equipment inside.

And the fifth area was unknown.

Items could be directly taken out of the Stellar System from the soul imprint. The Stellar System was very powerful and could save quite a bit of time when saving people’s lives.

This was a good thing that people drooled over!

For this Stellar System experiment, the researchers had spent their entire life on this experiment. As well, the ice jade bed that she had been lying on during the experiment had taken archaeologists 30 years of exploring the bitter cold north to find.

Mu Zi Ling had been the subject for this experiment. She was a sensation in the medical profession. She was a young and promising medical genius and an specialist in creating drugs.

Because her special physique could resist the bone chilling cold of the ten thousand year old ice jade bed, she was lucky enough to become the first person with the Stellar System implanted. The implant had been a success, but she had also crossed over with it.

No matter how sad she was, she still had to slowly accept her new environment. Then she would have to see if there was a way for her to go back.

She had been sleeping on the ice jade bed in her dream, so Mu Zi Ling was certain it was because of the ice jade bed. Perhaps she would be able to go back if she found the bed.

While she was deep in thought, a burst of sound came from outside the door. Then a group of people entered the room.

“Ling’er, you’re finally awake. Does your injury still hurt?”

Mu Zi Ling looked at where the sound came from and saw an old lady with two white spots on her head, there were some maidservants following behind her. The old lady’s face was filled with love. Her eyes were completely covered in wrinkles, showing the traces of how old she was.

Mu Zi Ling revealed a faint smile, “I’m fine.”

“Then that’s good. You’re not allowed to run off in the future, grandmother was worried to death.” The old lady fondly held Mu Zi Ling’s hands. There was a bit of self blame in her moist eyes.

If it wasn’t for something happening with Li En, she would have been able to protect Ling’er and her siblings properly and she wouldn’t have left them.

She had left Ling’er all by herself to protect the home all these years, without being able to feel the love of her relatives. She had let Ling’er turn into her current condition, letting everyone else bully her.

“Mother, Ling’er has just woken up. Let’s not talk harshly to her yet.” The person speaking was a middle aged man wearing powerful clothing.

This middle aged man’s face looked upright and righteous. He had a sturdy body with strong muscles and a very majestic aura. His chiseled facial features were very profound and he seemed like a person that had spent a long time on the battlefield.

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