Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: This woman has bad intentions

The Old Madame revealed a faint smile and slowly said, “Alright, alright, grandmother won't say any more. Ling’er has just woken up, so you should properly rest up.”

“Ling’er, the doctor said your wound wasn’t deep, and as long as you take care of the wound, it won't leave a scar. Later I will have the kitchen prepare some medicine to help you recover faster.” Mu Zhen Guo’s voice was faint, but it included everything. In his cold indifference, there was a slight trace of worry.

Mu Zhen Guo owed a lot to his daughter, never being close to her. From her youth, he had never cared for her much, so he could only feel helpless.

Mu Zi Ling looked at the powerful middle aged man in front of her. This man must be her father and although his words contained concern, it felt somewhat distant.

Mu Zi Ling gave a slight nod, “I’ve made you all worry. You can be assured, Ling’er is fine now.”

“Elder sister you’re finally awake! Xue’er was worried to death!” Outside the doors, a girl wearing a long red dress ran in and threw herself on Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Zi Ling wasn't expecting this person to throw herself on her, so she staggered for a bit. She then smelled a strong rouge scent and her eyebrows knit together showing signs of disgust as she unconsciously pushed the silhouette off of her.

She finally had a clear view of this girl. This girl was around the same age as her, but she has a totally different temperament. With her half hidden jade peaks, she seemed extremely charming. She was tender and beautiful like a drop of water. The two strands of hair flowing down added more charm to her appearance.

Her instincts told her that this girl is not someone simple and was not a good person. She dressed herself up so much that people would dislike her just from seeing her.

When the Old Madame saw who this person was, the look on her face changed. She glared at Mu Yi Xue and said, “Yi Xue, why are you being so reckless? Do you not see that Ling’er is still wounded?”

“Sorry, elder sister. Xue’er is just too worried about you.” Mu Yi Xue said with an apologetic face. Her tearful eyes looked very pitiful, like they were about to fall at any second, making people feel pity for her.

Mu Zi Ling gave a cold laugh in her heart. She hasn’t even done anything yet, why is this girl already acting so weak and pitiful?

At this moment, a maid came through the doors and respectfully said, “Old Madame, Old Master, the Qi King’s Palace has sent over the dowry and the Sixth Prince is waiting in the main hall.

“Alright, tell the Sixth Prince to wait a bit. We are coming over now.” After giving orders to the maid, Mu Zhen Guo turned to Old Madame and gently said, “Mother, let’s head over there now. We should not make the Sixth Prince wait.”

The Old Madame nodded and shot Mo Yi Xue another cold glare, not wanting to waste words on her. Since she couldn’t be by Ling'er’s side, she would try not to give Ling’er any more troubles.

Others did not know about Yi Xue, but this old lady had a clear understanding of her. This girl usually act nice and caring, but behind everyone's back she is always bullying her Ling’er.

“Ling’er have a good rest. Tomorrow is your wedding, so you’ll have to make yourself look pretty. Grandmother will be leaving now.” When the Old Madame said this, she did not have a happy look on her face. Instead, she had a face filled with worry and sadness.

This marriage was arranged by Empress Dowager. In the commoner’s eyes, marrying into the royal family seemed like a wonderful thing, however, everyone knew what Empress Dowager was really planning with this move. What she wanted was to use the Mu Family as a sacrifice in the power struggles.

The Mu Family was not like their past selves. They had no way of backing out and could only obey this order!

Hearing the Old Madame’s words, the eyes of Mu Yi Xue standing on the side turned cold as she tightly gripped a vase in her hand.

Mu Zi Ling, how can an idiot like you marry the Qi King? I have always been able to steal what I want from you, this time is not an exception.

Since falling out of the carriage didn’t kill you, then I will ruin your looks tomorrow! Let’s see you try to get married then!

Mu Zi Ling was surprised when she heard what the Old Madame said, but she quickly recovered and replied, “En, Grandmother, take care of yourself.”

“Xie, take good care of your Young Miss.” The Old Madame ordered the maid on the side.

“Yes, this servant understands. This servant promises to take care of the Young Miss. Old Madame, please take care of yourself.” Xie respectfully replied.

“Ling’er has just woken up, so you girls should not talk for too long.” Mu Zhen Guo said to Mu Yi Xue standing on the side before following after the Old Madame.

Mu Yi Xue obediently bowed and said in a gentle voice, “Xue’er understands. Father, take care of yourself!”

If any outsiders saw this scene, they would have thought that Mu Yi Xue was very well behaved and sensible and that Mu Zi Ling being silent on the side was very rude and ill mannered.

Mu Zi Ling was still thinking about the Old Madame’s words after they left. Marriage?! Why was she marrying someone?! She was receiving such a big surprise the moment she crossed over, it shouldn’t be like this!

Although in this life and in her previous life she was 17 years old, it was still too early for her! They wanted her to marry someone in a blink of an eye, they weren’t even giving her any time to adapt at all!

“There's nothing else to do here, you can all go now.” When Mu Yi Xue saw that Old Madame and Mu Zhen Guo were gone, she revealed a sinister smile and gave orders to all the servants.

“Yes! These servants will leave now!” The maids replied as they quickly left.

When Mu Zi Ling recovered from her thoughts, she found that there was only her and Mu Yi Xue left in the room. She gave a cold laugh in her heart. She knew that this girl wasn’t a kind person. Since this girl was anxious to make a move, Mu Zi Ling was happy to play with her.

“Elder sister, how is your wound? Does it still hurt?” Mu Yi Xue slowly walked over to Mu Zi Ling. Right when Mu Yi Xue was about to grip her hand, Mu Zi Ling avoided it and put some distance between them.

Mu Zi Ling had a calm face as she gently replied, “Thank you for your concern. It doesn't hurt anymore.”

He! Mu Zi Ling already knew what this girl wanted to do. By the looks of things, the previous owner of this body must’ve suffered a lot at the hands of this girl.

Does this girl still believe she was the old easy to bully Mu Zi Ling?

The current Mu Zi Ling loved everything, but only thing she didn’t love was holding grudges.

Because one should pay off a grudge as soon as possible. Since this woman was trying to start something, then she would not act kindly.

Mu Yi Xue’s eyes flashed with a trace of dissatisfaction, but that quickly disappeared.

She kept feeling that the Mu Zi Ling’s eyes seems cold and strange today. It was not as dazed and empty as it was before, now her eyes have become clear and sharp and it filled her heart with a bit of fear.

But she ignored it. No matter how Mu Zi Ling changed, she would always be an idiot, never surpassing her.

“Elder sister, Xue’er has asked someone to go to the palace to retrieve a high quality “Scar Removal Elixir” for you. I’ve heard that when you use it, it will remove all the scars on your skin. Let me help you apply it.”

Mu Yi Xue revealed a fake smile as she walked towards Mu Zi Ling. She took out the bottle she had been holding earlier and opened the cap.

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