Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 25 part2

Chapter 25: When there’s hope, you can’t give up part 2

“Father, Ling’er will head back now. Tomorrow, I will order some people to send over the ingredients.” Mu Zi Ling smiled slightly. It was getting late. By the time she got back, the sky should be pitch black.

“Your mother is here by herself so I can't see you out. Be careful on your way back.” said Mu Zhen Guo with concern.

Mu Zi Ling nodded, “Yes, Ling’er will be careful.”


When she got back to the King’s Manor from the Quiet Garden, the sky was already dark. The moment Mu Zi Ling got to the entrance, she saw a silhouette standing near the entrance. She curiously walked closer, and it turned out to be Mu Yi Xue who came to look for her in the morning. Who knew that Mu Yi Xue had such high endurance?! She could even wait for a whole day!

Once Mu Yi Xue heard footsteps, and she slowly lifted her head.The moment she saw Mu Zi Ling, her eyes flashed with a sense of deep hatred. She quickly hid her hatred and stood up. She was about to throw herself into Mu Zi Ling’s embrace, but Mu Zi Ling avoided her.

Although Mu Yi Xue really hated her, she still obediently stood up. She put up a pitiful face and said, “Wuu~ Sister! Xue’er waited for you for a whole entire day! The people from the manor wouldn't let me in.”

Once she finished talking, tears started to drip down her face.

Mu Zi Ling had no idea that Mu Yi Xue could have so much patience. She had waited outside the main gates for an entire day now. Her make-up was smeared and her clothes now gave her a sorry figure. You only see a bit of red on her cheeks.

She still didn’t know what trick Mu Yi Xue had up her sleeve this time. The way she acted, if someone didn't know what was going on, they would think that she was the one bullying her sister. In reality, she didn't even want to bother with her right now and said lightly, “This princess is too tired. If you have something to tell me, tell me tomorrow.” After she was done, she started to walk away.

Mu Yi Xue never had once thought that the idiot who she bullied would one day become so elegant and noble. Now she even dared to talk to her like this. She hurriedly caught up to Mu Zi Ling’s and tugged her sleeves while saying, “Sister, I have waited here for a whole day. I am really hungry.”

She had originally wanted to see how Mu Zi Ling’s life was after getting married. At first, she didn’t believe the housekeeper when he said that Mu Zi Ling wasn’t here. She didn’t expect that Mu Zi Ling would really be gone for a whole day.

She had considered returning home, but the thought that there would be a chance for her to meet the Qi King stopped her. The Qi King was all she could think about these days, so she ended up enduring it and stayed here for the entire day. She purposely wanted the Qi King to see how cruel Mu Zi Ling was by not letting her in.

She wasn't even able to catch a glimpse of the Qi King before she was kicked out by Mu Zi Ling the second she got back. How could she just let this happen? Mu Zi Ling didn't even invite her in!

“How dare you! This Princess is the Qi King’s Princess. It’s fine that you didn’t bow when you saw me, but you still dare to drag and pull onto me.” Mu Zi Ling was enraged. She looked at the sleeve she was firmly gripping. This Mu Yi Xue sure didn’t know when to stop.

Mu Yi Xue was startled by Mu Zi Ling’s sudden outburst, and immediately let go. She had never seen Mu Zi Ling act like this before. Her eyes were sharp, and she possessed an imposing manner. Mu Zi Ling completely had the vigor of Qi Princess. Just wait, she would definitely take all of this back from her.

Mu Zi Ling saw that Mu Yi Xue had released her sleeve, and walked away without turning around. Then she turned to the housekeeper and said, “Take Mu Manor’s Second Miss back and close the doors. In the future, don't just let anyone crouch at the entrance. What will it look like? The Qi King’s Manor is not missing any guard dogs.”

Everyone nearby, hear what she said. Although Mu Zi Ling’s words weren't too grand, they still contained an imposing aura. Even a few house servants were startled by Mu Zi Ling’s words. Never did they expect the Princess to act like this Wasn’t the Mu Manor’s Second Miss her sister? Why was she treating her like that?

Although Xie was also startled, but she was more delighted in the disaster Mu Yi Xue was in. Young Miss was truly amazing. She was even able compare the Second Miss to a guard dog.

Once Mu Yi Xue heard these words, she went completely crazy. The anger that she had been suppressing for the entire day, suddenly came rushing up. “ARGH!! Mu Zi Ling, you slut! How dare you call me as an outsider and a guard dog!!”

Only, it was a pity that Mu Zi Ling had walked away and the King’s Manor’s doors had already closed.

The housekeeper, who had originally wanted to take her home, just stood there silently. Waiting for Mu Yi Xue to finish her outburst. No one dared to get close to her. They all thought to themselves that the crazy girl had got what she deserved. After shamelessly staying by the door for the whole day, it was only suitable she was called a guard dog.


Mu Zi Ling ordered Xie to ready a bath. After riding a carriage for the entire day, as well as Mu Yi Xue’s nagging, she was exhausted.

She was just about to enter the Yu Han palace, when she spotted a dark silhouette on the roof. What kind of assassin would appear so brazenly in the Qi King’s Manor she wondered.

She almost puked out blood after realizing who it was. She hadn't seen Long Xiao Yu for a few days, and now he was She has only not seen Long Xiao Yu for a few days, and now here, holding his hands behind his back while staring off into the distance. He was impossible to ignore with his full black robe, and his exceptionally bright eyes. The bright moonlight enveloped his whole body. He seemed like the god of night, seeable but untouchable.

Mu Zi Ling stared foolishly again. Only when the pair of cold eyes on top of the roof shot straight at her did she shiver coldly. Suddenly she was clear headed again. She angrily shook her head. Why was it that every time she came back from somewhere, she would run into Long Xiao Yu? The last time, her clothes weren’t in order, and this time she had came back late. Just like this, she had easily ruined her image.

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