Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 25 part1

Chapter 25: When there’s hope, you can’t give up part 1

“Mother’s five visceras and six bowels are on the verge of organ failure. If this keeps going on….” Mu Zi Ling stopped and didn't finish her sentence. Although she didn’t finish her sentence, she talked about the most important point which grabbed Mu Zhen Guo’s attention.

Right now it was getting late and since identity was special, she couldn't stay here for too long. By the time she got back, it would definitely be midnight. She would go soon, but not now. Right now, her only goal was to convince Mu Zhen Guo.

“How did you know about your mother’s illness.” When Mu Zhen Guo heard Mu Zi Ling’s words, a trace of sadness flashed by his eyes, and there was also a hint of surprise. En’er’s illness was only known by a few people. In addition, Ling’er stayed in her room all year round, who could've told her this?

“No one told Ling’er. Ling’er saw it herself. That year, Ling’er secretly learned about medicine under a mysterious teacher. No one else knows about this.” said Mu Zi Ling simply. In these past years, Mu Zhen Guo hadn't paid much attention to his daughter. If there really was somebody like that near her, he probably wouldn't even realize.

Mu Zhen Guo was shocked, but believed it without any doubt. Since he didn't go home all year round, if his daughter did get into any trouble, it would be Aunt Yue who went down the mountain every so often who would find out. Normally Mu Zi Ling didn’t bother with people. Even if something did happen, she wouldn’t say anything about it. He was very surprised with the way she spoke now. He was also quite happy about the changes in his daughter.

“After all these years, I have still not given up. Whenever there was the slightest bit of hope, I would spare no efforts to chase it. However, even if I want to save her, I don't have the power to.” Mu Zhen Guo looked depressed. His eyes showed endless depression and sorrow.

In the past years, in order to find a cure to Li En’s illness, he ordered people to search everywhere. As long as there was the slightest sliver of hope, he wouldn't give up. However, even after all these years, all the doctors he invited were helpless in front her illness. He had already exhausted all his resources, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Right now, he only wanted to silently stay by En’er’s side.

“Father, let Ling’er try.” Mu Zi Ling could tell that her father had worked very hard to try and cure her mother’s illness. He was clearly only in his thirties, but when he stood up, he looked like he was in his forties. Mu Zi Ling really couldn’t stand to look at this any longer.

Mu Zhen Guo shook his head and looked into the distance. He didn’t talk, but his meaning was very clear.

He believed that Ling’er knows medicine, but she was still so young. How could she have a high enough level of medicine to cure En’er? He had even invited the ghost doctor Bai Li Qui that year, but even he couldn't save her. He could only prolong her life.

As of now, En’er’s condition was getting worst and worst. He was worried that En'er would soon leave forever. Right now, his only wish was to stay by En'er’s side for every moment.

Mu Zi Ling knew that Mu Zhen Guo would believe that she knew medicine. She also knew that Mu Zhen Guo would think that her skills were not high enough, and wouldn’t let her try and cure to Li En. However, she didn't think that he would oppose it so straight forwardly. He didn’t even say any more words or ask any extra questions. What was she supposed to say now?

She felt helpless, and said patiently, “Father, I know you doubt Ling’er’s medical skills, but mother has been sick for so many years. I’m worried that she doesn’t have much time left.”

After hearing these words, Mu Zhen Guo’s heart became really messy and painful. He was able to sense that Li En’s condition was getting worse and worse. He turned around and looked at Mu Zi Ling. It seemed like he was waiting for her next words.

Mu Zi Ling didn't miss the slight flash of change in emotion in Mu Zhen Guo’s eyes. She felt that there was a chance, and stopped saying unnecessary words. Not caring if Mu Zhen Guo would agree or not, Mu Zi Ling talked about the main issue.

“Ling’er cannot promise that mother will recover fully, but Ling’er can promise to make mother wake up. Tomorrow, Ling’er will get some people to bring over some ingredients. Everyday, follow quantity and let mother soak in it for 6 hours. This will let the poison that has been in mother's body for so many years to come out. After forty nine days, Ling’er will come back and continue with the second step of the treatment. If anything strange happens in between, you can get someone to find Ling’er.”

This time, there was a lot of medical ingredients needed so she couldn’t take them all out of the Stellar System now. She had thought about getting Mu Zhen Guo to gather the ingredients himself. However, there were many types of ingredients, and some of them were not easy to find. Even if he did find them, it might be too late. She might as well just give him the ingredients. She would wait until she got back before organizing the ingredients, and then she would send them over.

Mu Zhen Guo stared blankly at her. He didn’t care too much about how Mu Zi Ling was going to cure the illness. Moments later he excitedly asked, “Your mother really could wake up?!”

Mu Zi Ling affirmatively nodded her head and said firmly, “Father, as long as there is the slightest bit of hope, we can not give up. You have to believe in Ling’er. Ling’er will definitely not let anything happen to mother.”

In a world where women and men were unequal and separated in power, it was almost impossible to find a man who truly loved and would do anything for you. She really couldn't bear to watch Mu Zhen Guo live like this any longer. He had already been alone and guarded for so many years now, it was time for it to end. Even if he had nothing to do with her, she would use all of her might to help him. Not to say that the person was her mother.

Mu Zhen Guo listened to Mu Zi Ling talk, and didn't say anything for a long time. However, he couldn't calm down his heart. Ling’er said she could cure En'er. She could cure En'er… In these past years, he had invited a countless number of doctors. Yet every time, he would only hear cruel words from their mouths. What? You're are powerless? He should prepare himself emotionally?

That’s right, as long as you still had hope, then you shouldn't give up. He had spent his whole life on the battlefield and met many strong opponents, but he never gave up. No matter if it was on a battlefield or if it was with En’er, he wouldn't be a retreat like a coward.

Today, the words Ling’er said has started to burn his already silent heart to have the will again. No matter if Ling’er was trying to cheer him up or not, he could not give up. He could not give up En’er. Ling’er was their blood related daughter. If Ling’er said that En’er could get better, then En’er would for sure get better. He has to believe in Ling’er, and he also need to believe that En’er definitely won't leave them.

“Alright, we won’t give up. Daddy believes in Ling’er. Your mother definitely wake up.” Mu Zhen Guo finally opened his mouth and said in an open-minded manner. His eyes lit up, and it seemed like as if his heart that has been settled for a long time suddenly opened.

This was the first time that Mu Zi Ling felt warmth from Mu Zhen Guo’s words. Right now, Mu Zhen Guo still counts as a stranger to her, but she felt very happy. She was not able to describe that feeling.

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