Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 26 part2

Chapter 26: She is not willing part 2

“Can he be cured?” Long Xiao Yu seemed like he knew what she was trying to ask. His cold voice seemed to be running out of patience.

Mu Zi Ling silently rolled her eyes in her heart. He wanted her to save someone, yet he was acting like this. He didn't even ask if she was even willing to help.

She purposefully avoided Long Xiao Yu’s question, and pretended to be tired while saying, “Your highness, this wife had been riding in a carriage for a whole day already. My head is a bit dizzy, and I feel tired.”

Mu Zi Ling looked calm while she said this, but on the inside, her heart was racing and she was scared.

This was her first time ignoring what Long Xiao Yu said. However, what she said was the truth. She had been riding in a carriage for a whole day. If it wasn’t because Long Xiao Yu kidnapped her here, she would’ve already been inside her dreams.

Even if she wanted to save someone, she didn't have enough energy to.

Standing off to the side, Gui Ying and Gui Mei heard Mu Zi Ling, as she ignored Long Xiao Yu. They were so scared, that they stopped breathing.

She dared to ignore his highness? What was the Princess doing? There was probably only the Princess who would dare ignore his highness in the entire world.

Gui Ying and Gui Mei looked at each other, and lowered their heads simultaneously, waiting for Long Xiao Yu to get angry.

Time seemed to stop from the moment Mu Zi Ling stopped speaking. The room was dead silent. They could even hear each other's breath clearly.

The uneasiness in Mu Zi Ling’s heart grew more and more intense as Long Xiao Yu stayed silent. His facial expressions didn't change in the slightest. She was regretting what she had said earlier. She could’ve just simply said that she could cure him, and none of this would’ve happened.Why did she have to say that.

Long Xiao Yu finally said something, but it was to order Gui Mei and Gui Ying, “Be on guard, don't let anyone come in here.”

Then he stared at Mu Zi Ling again, and coldly spit out a word, “Leave!”

After he finished talking, he walked out the door without turning around.

What kind of situation was this?! His highness didn’t get angry?! Long Xiao Yu was really going to just let her go? The remaining three people in the room were dumbfounded. She was only spouting random words. That didn't mean that she was going to save someone.

“Still not leaving?” Long Xiao Yu’s voice traveled into the room.

Only with this, did Mu Zi Ling confirm that Long Xiao Yu was really letting her leave. Didn’t Long Xiao Yu want her to cure him? Was he just asking her to test her? Without thinking any further, she picked up her pace and walked out.

Once she was outside, Mu Zi Ling looked at the pitch dark sky. She loosened her breath and said to Long Xiao Yu uneasily, “Your highness, this wife will go back now.”

After she finished talking, she started to walk down the stairs. Suddenly, a large hand stretched outwards and Mu Zi Ling was in Long Xiao Yu’s embrace. Just like how they arrived, he used his qing gong to leap into the air.

Mu Zi Ling wanted to cry, but she had no tears. Although there were no carriages around, and it was really dark out, she would still rather walk back to the manor.

If she walked, it would be day by the time she got back to the manor, but she still didn’t want to get back with this method. Doesn’t this guy have mysophobia? Why was he hugging her so much?

Like a piece of wood, Mu Zi Ling was stiff, and didn't move at all. The two didn’t say anything for the whole journey. Long Xiao Yu brought Mu Zi Ling to the front doors of Yu Han Palace, and then he was gone.

He had changed Mu Zi Ling’s day from peaceful, to chaotic. She recalled what Long Xiao Yu had just said, “I’ll come get you tomorrow. If you don't have anything to do, don’t go out.”

She wanted to say that she wouldn't have time tomorrow. She still had to organize the ingredients for her mother and send them over to the Quiet Garden tomorrow. However, Long Xiao Yu didn’t give her a chance to reply before disappearing into thin air.

Why was this guy’s thoughts so hard to predict?? What was he trying to do? One moment he let her perform treatment. The next moment he refused to let her treat, and the next day, he would come again to get her to perform treatment.

Mu Zi Ling decided that Long Xiao Yu was not thinking straight. She completely forgot the fact that back at the Nan He Palace, it was her who said that she was tired and wanted to go home to rest.

“Young Miss, where did you go?” Xie’s voice came from behind her.

Mu Zi Ling just realized that she had asked Xie to prepare a bath for her. However, she had been taken away by Long Xiao Yu. Xie must’ve been very worried about her.

“It’s not important. I went out to the back garden for a stroll, but forgot to tell you.” said Mu Zi Ling while laughing.

There was no way she was telling her that Long Xiao Yu had taken her away. If she did, Xie’s imagination would definitely start running wild. .

“It’s good that nothing happened. I've finished preparing the bath. Young Miss, can take a bath now.” Xie foolishly nodded her head. She didn’t have the slightest bit of doubt in Mu Zi Ling’s words.

“Alright, you can go sleep first. Wake me up two hours earlier than normal tomorrow. I have some matters to take care of.”

Long Xiao Yu would come back tomorrow morning, so she could only wake up earlier to prepare the few more uncommon ingredients. She would have to let Xie buy the more common ones from medical stalls. After that, she would send the ingredients over to the Quiet Garden.

Xie knew that Mu Zi Ling didn’t like it when people helped her while she was taking a bath, so she nodded and said, “This servant will wake Young Miss up at the right time.”


It was early in the morning, and the sun had only just started to rise when Mu Zi Ling was woken up from her dream by Xie. Remembering that there was still multiple things to do today, she quickly got out of bed.

She quickly freshened herself up, and then walked over to the writing desk. She picked up the charcoal pen, that she had prepared, on the table. Then she quickly wrote up a prescription, telling Xie to give the prescription to the house servants and tell them to buy the ingredients.

She had already prepared a good carriage, and had taken out a few needed ingredients from the Stellar System.

Within an hour, Xie and the house servants ad brought many bags of medical ingredients over. Mu Zi Ling then told them to put the ingredients in the carriage.

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