Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 27 part1

Chapter 27: His promise to kick people away part 1

Mu Zi Ling handed Xie papers with information about the amount of medicine to use, and the way to use them.

“Xie, I still have some matters to attend to. Bring Ji Xiang and Ru Yi with you to the Quiet Garden. Give this slip of paper to my father, and tell him to follow the instructions. On your way back, tell Ru Yi to stay at the Quiet Garden to help them. If anything happens, come back and notify me. Be careful on your journey.

Yesterday, Xie had also heard Mu Zi Ling and Mu Zhen Guo’s conversation. She was very happy that the Young Miss could cure Li Mistress's illness.

She had a lot of questions right now, but she only earnestly nodded her head, “Young Miss, rest assured. This servant will definitely make sure these ingredients get there safely.”

After Xie and the other carriage left, Mu Zi Ling didn’t even get to catch a breath when she saw Long Xiao Yu walking over to her silently.

Long Xiao Yu indifferently walked over to Mu Zi Ling’s side. He looked at the carriage that Xie and the others were in, traveling out of sight, but he didn’t ask anything.

He only coldly asked, “Can you go now?”

There was so few words that it was pathetic. He didn’t even say one useless word.

“Wait a moment, this wife will go get the prescription.” Mu Zi Ling didn’t dare to ask for more.

She knew yesterday, she had went a bit over the top. Long Xiao Yu acted high above all others to everyone. It was already a miracle that he didn’t get angry yesterday.

This time, they didn’t fly over there like last night. Instead, they rode a carriage. The carriage was the same large carriage they used for the Palace Feast.

This time Mu Zi Ling wasn’t being unreasonable. Whether or not Long Xiao Yu was acting. She would agree to whatever he wanted her to do.

On the carriage.

“Your highness, why didn’t you get Le Tian to cure him?”

She didn't know if he would answer her, but Mu Zi Ling finally asked the question that she wasn’t able to ask last night.

She refused to give up. If Le Tian could cure this, then she wouldn’t have to enter the muddled waters. The Royal Palace’s ocean, was something she didn’t want to get involved with so rashly.

If she cured Long Xiao Nan now, then the fact that she could perform medical techniques would be exposed. Who knew how Empress Dowager would react if she found out. She had already angered her a lot at the Palace feast. The Empress Dowager would probably not forget about that so easily.

“He’s busy.” Even if it was only two simple words, unprecedentedly, Long Xiao Ze actually answered her.

Mu Zi Ling stared blankly at him for a second, but she didn’t ask any further. Since Long Xiao Yu said it this way, he must not have wanted her to know. If that was the case, then she shouldn’t ask any further.

Suddenly, Long Xiao Yu opened his mouth again, “You can control it with medicine?”

Le Tian's medicine had been ineffective this time Long Xiao Nan’s illness acted up. Le Tian was also busy with something else. The group of charlatans in the palace couldn’t even find the reason to it.

He originally didn't think about Mu Zi Ling. It was Le Tian who mentioned her to him. He could also use this as a chance to test the woman.

He had watched Mu Zi Ling cure Gui Ying’s poison last time, and she had performed her treatment efficiently. He wasn’t sure as to whether she only knew how to cure poison, or if she was also familiar with medical operations.

Mu Zi Ling was kind of confused when she was asked. Was Long Xiao Yu asking her if the illness could be controlled by medicine? Long Xiao Nan’s illness could be completely cured from the roots, so why would he want to use medicine to control it?

“Your highness, you can control the illness with medicine, but it can only stop the pain and won't get rid of the root cause. This wife has a way to effectively cure the problem. However, the method is quite unusual. I’m not sure if your highness will accept that method.” said Mu Zi Ling seriously.

Once Long Xiao Yu heard Mu Zi Ling’s words, a sense of surprise flashed past her eyes. He didn't say anything for a long time. He just stared at Mu Zi ling. It seemed like he was waiting for her to continue speaking.

Mu Zi Ling spit out three words, “Opening his head.” In the ancient times, cutting open a chest or stomach for surgery was already a major taboo, not to mention cutting open a head.

She didn’t dare think that Long Xiao Yu would agree, but she still said it. She was under the assumption that Long Xiao Yu wanted Long Xiao Nan to completely recover, otherwise he wouldn’t be looking for doctors himself.

In addition, he was the Emperor’s blood related son. If anything happened, not only her, even the Mu Manor would suffer in calamity.

She wasn’t worried about Qi King’s Manor, since they have a big tree like Long Xiao Yu. Even if the sky fell down, it would probably still not be a problem to him.

If Long Xiao Yu doesn’t agree, then she could only use medicine to control it. However, Long Xiao Nan’s tumor would grow larger and larger. Eventually, it would start to threaten his life.

Long Xiao Yu heard Mu Zi Ling’s words, but his face didn't change at all. However, he was very shocked inside, and didn’t say anything. Right at the moment Mu Zi Ling thought that he was going to refuse, Long Xiao Yu asked, “How certain are you in your sucess?”

He had seen people die before it was no wonder he could still be so calm after hearing words like this.

Long Xiao Yu’s words put Mu Zi Ling in shock. She didn’t expect that Long Xiao Yu didn’t refuse. He didn't even ask why did they had to use that method, and go straight to asking her what were the rates for her to succeed.”

“I am certain I have a ninety percent chance of success. However, if I am not disturbed, I can promise that this surgery will go well. However opening his head will be a big deal. As long as the Fifth Prince is fine, I wish for your highness to promise that I will be safe and sound.” said Mu Zi Ling still with that earnest face.

Right now, she had already made a firm decision to save Long Xiao Nan. The fact that she knew how to perform medical operations would probably be known to many people now.

There were lots of people in the Royal Palace, and they had a habit of spreading rumors quickly too. If the word was to spread to the ears of the Emperor or Empress Dowager, she probably won't even be able to enter the palace.

If she did do this surgery, then trouble would definitely come to her continuously. In order to avoid this, she must set down that condition before it begun. That way when the time comes, she wouldn't have to lose her own life for saving another's life.

She wasn’t going to make any deal that ended up with a loss. She wasn't willing to joke around with her own life anytime soon.

“As long as you can cure him, nobody will do anything to you.” promised Long Xiao Yu.

This woman was actually pretty smart. In a critical situation, she still knew how to preserve her own life first. He naturally understood what she meant by having no one disturbing her. He was not worried at all about that problem.

However, he didn’t expect for her to be so brazen. She even dared to say it out loud. Did she know that just by the two words she said earlier, he could have her die right at this moment?

Le Tian had also suggested this method before. However, Le Tian only had a thirty percent chance of success, so he didn’t want to carelessly try it.

Mu Zi Ling said that she had a ninety percent chance. She even promised that she could cure it. However, was she aware that if she didn’t cure it, it wasn't going to be just her who was buried, the Mu Manor would also be buried with her?

What kind of woman was she? Every time she came across someone who needs to be cured, she could stay so calm.

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