Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 27 part2

Chapter 27: His promise to kick people away part 2

The carriage reached the Nan He palace at last. The Nan He Palace was currently not as quiet as it had been last night. There were sounds of madness coming out from the palace as well as roars and sounds of items breaking.

“Wait here.” said Long Xiao Yu coldly to Mu Zi Ling. Then he went in by himself.

After Long Xiao Yu went inside, the sounds also suddenly stopped.

Then Gui Ying came out from inside, and he said to Mu Zi Ling respectfully, “Princess, his highness said you can come in now.”

Mu Zi Ling nodded her head. She lifted her dress and walked in.

Long Xiao Ze was also inside. Seeing that Mu Zi Ling came in, he ran over to welcome her, “Third Sister in law, I heard that you can cure Fifth Brother. What method will you use?”

The moment Mu Zi Ling saw Long Xiao Ze, her head started to hurt. She didn't reply to Long Xiao Ze’s, and only looked at Long Xiao Yu.

Long Xiao Yu aggressively opened his mouth, “If there is nothing important get out! Guard the doors outside!”

“We will be guarding your highness.” said Gui Ying and Gui Mei as they left.

When Long Xiao Ze heard Long Xiao Yu’s words, he didn’t have the slightest bit of resistance. He then looked at Mu Zi Ling resentfully and said, “Third Sister in law, I will be waiting for you outside. If you have any problems…”

In the end, Long Xiao Ze didn’t get the chance to finish speaking, before he was scared off by Long Xiao Yu’s glare. He swallowed the “call me” down his throat, and then he ran off.

Mu Zi Ling laughed and said nothing. That Long Xiao Ze really did touch a sore spot. Even if she and Long Xiao Yu’s relationship were not good in any way, she still wouldn’t dare to look trouble for him right in front of him.

Seeing that Long Xiao Yu’s glace was coming her way, she immediately retrieved the smile on her face.

“Your highness, may you leave as well?” Mu Zi Ling didn’t know if Long Xiao Yu would agree.

In a moment, when she opened the skull, just a simple surgery knife would not do. She would also have to use some special equipment. If Long Xiao Yu kept standing here, how could she take out the equipment?

Long Xiao Yu stood there without moving. He coldly looked at her and then said, “Mu Zi Ling, you dare kick this King out.”

“Your highness, craniotomy is highly dangerous. One can’t afford any mistakes. If you were here, I would be distracted. If anything happens, this wife would not be able to take the blame. If your highness doesn’t trust this wife, then you can go look for someone else.

Mu Xi Ling also looked into Long Xiao Yu’s pair of eyes without any fear as she talked seriously. If Long Xiao Yu doesn’t leave, then she wouldn’t be able to save anyone.

Long Xiao Yu didn’t speak. He only stared at her. Mu Zi Ling’s face was filled with seriousness, nothing else could be spotted. A few moments later, Long Xiao Yu turned around and left.

Mu Zi Ling didn’t forget to remind him, “Your highness, if this wife hasn't come out, then make sure no one comes in.”

When Long Xiao Yu heard her, his footsteps paused. His face was gloomy, and then he reached out his hands to close the doors.


“Third Brother, why did you also come out? Was it because Third Sister in law kicked you out?” One couldn't help but say, Long Xiao Ze spoke truth. However he didn’t even think before he spoke his words.

Gui Ying and Gui Mei had a face that said “Wish yourself luck” while looking at Long Xiao Ze. What did he mean, the Princess kicked the Qi King out? When had his highness ever been ordered around by someone?

“Looks like you have been missing the Yu Palace these few days.” said Long Xiao Yu calmly.

Long Xiao Yu was extremely frightened after hearing his words. He then said foolishly, “Third Brother, I was joking. How could it be possible for you to be kicked out? Ha..ha..”

After he was done speaking, he slapped his own mouth with hatred. Why was his mouth so loose? Even if Third Brother really was kicked out, he shouldn’t say anything.

However, he was just too pitiful. Third Brother and Third sister in law were always bullying and threatening him.

Long Xiao Yu glanced coldly at him. He remembered the words that the woman said earlier. Then, he ordered Gui Ying to bring a chair over and sat down.


Mu Zi Ling knew that she didn’t have to worry about anything, since Long Xiao Yu was guarding the door. However, she still had to be careful. Maybe the Empress Dowager had already heard the news she was here, the moment she stepped foot in the Royal Palace.

She fixed her clothes so that they were out of her way. Then, she used her fingerprint to open her medical box, and took out some tools that would be used in the surgery.

After that, she took out some equipment from the Stellar System. These equipment were all powered by solar energy, so it could be used in times like these without electricity. After everything was prepared, she started the surgery.

She picked up a pair of scissors and cut off a portion of Long Xiao Nan’s hair. Then she put on gloves, and started to disinfect the area. Then she gave him anesthesia. Everything was done smoothly and easily, without any flaws.

She picked up the surgery knife and started to slowly cut open the shaved area.

Right now, Mu Zi Ling had turned into a completely different person. From inside to out, she radiated a calm and meticulously focused aura. It felt as if she was separated from the outside world. The only thing on her mind was the surgery knife, and Long Xiao Nan’s brain.

Fresh blood continuously rushed out from the opening, but Mu Zi Ling wasn’t hurried or worried at the slightest. She didn't even blink her eyes. She calmly applied pressure on his arteries.

Slowly, the blood stopped spilling out. Adjusting the lights, she quickly found the tumor which was about the size of a pigeon’s egg.

At this moment, a sound came from outside.

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