Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 66 part2

Chapter 66 How is countering someone a crime? Part 2

Before Mu Zi Ling even got a chance to look at the person who was sitting on the

main seat when she walked in, she felt all the hairs on her body stand up.

This was her second time coming to the Shou An Palace. It was clearly the same

place with the same people, but why does it atmosphere feel so different from before?

Mu Zi Ling unconsciously shivered and took a deep breath. Then she continued to

slowly walk towards the main seat.

Only now did she see the Empress Dowager who was sitting on the main seat up

above. She still looked as elegant and graceful as before, but her expression was

a bit different than before. This time she had on a serious expression with a smile

on her face. Her sharp gaze was locked onto Mu Zi Ling.

The Empress was also present, but her expression was a lot more calm than the

Empress Dowager’s, and it looks a lot better as well. She was also as elegant and

graceful as before, giving off an motherly image.

Looks like she has become a bit more open minded about Long Xiao Li being

locked inside his palace. She was even able to come and participate in this event

and pretend to be a good person.

When Mu Zi Ling walked to the main hall, she didn’t even get a chance to pay her

greetings before the Empress Dowager screamed, “Kneel down.”

The Empress Dowager didn’t say for who to kneel down, but everyone present

already knew who she was talking to.

However, the person who these words were directed to, Mu Zi Ling, was not even

startled by that cold voice. She arrogantly stood up straight and didn’t move. She

didn’t even plan to pay her greetings anymore. Mu Zi Ling didn’t hide from the

Empress’s sharp, cold gaze and stared right back at her.

Kneel? She knows to kneel to the sky, the ground, and her parents. However, she

will never kneel down to the Empress Dowager. She has already offended the

Empress Dowager enough, so a bit more wouldn’t hurt.

However, Lin mama did something that didn’t go with her plans. Lin mama gave

the palace maids a look.

The two maids received the message and immediately walked up to Mu Zi Ling.

They each had a hand on Mu Zi Ling and tried to push her down. Mu Zi Ling’s two

hands were not strong enough compared to the four that were going against her.

Mu Zi Ling clenched down her teeth and struggled for a bit, but at the end, she

wasn’t able to keep standing and kneeled down.

Seeing that Mu Zi Ling was still trying to stay arrogant while being forced to kneel

down, Lin mama started to laugh silently in her heart. She didn’t even forget to kick

her foot onto Mu Zi Ling’s back, so now Mu Zi Ling was truely kneeling down to the

Empress Dowager.

Mu Zi Ling yelped out in pain and started to curse underneath her breath. Damn

servant, do you have to be so malicious?

A tiger who goes down the mountain would be insulted by dogs, she will just endure

this. That old lady better hope that the Empress Dowager will be able to kill her

today. If they ever give her a chance to escape, that old lady would be the first one

for her to target.

After the Empress Dowager saw that Mu Zi Ling kneeled down, she smiled

pleasingly. She picked up a cup of tea and took a sip. Her imposing voice contained

a dark tone, “Mu Zi Ling, do you admit to your crimes.”

Mu Zi Ling raised her head and looked at the Empress Dowager. She pretended to

be clueless and asked, “What did this wife do?”

She truly doesn’t know what she did wrong. She haven’t even seen Long Xiao Nan

yet, so how would she know if his illness truly recurred or not? So what if she did

know what happened? They have no proof anyways.

The Empress Dowager asked her right away about her crimes instead of asking her

for the reasons. She would not give the Empress Dowager a chance to pull her

down. Do they really think that she was clay and easy to manipulate? When

something or someone gets urgent, they will fight back. Although the Empress

Dowager had a really high status and she wouldn’t be able to do anything to her

physically, she could still mess and joke with her.

The Empress Dowager’s eyes flashed by a senses of anger, and she coldly said,

“You have lied to us first and kept the information from us next. You opened up

Long Xiao Nan’s brain without any permission. Since you did cure his illness last

time, and he was in a fine condition, I didn’t punish you. However, now that his

illness has recurred, are you still trying to tell me that you don’t know what you have


Mu Zi Ling, you really do have great courage. I would like to see how long you are

able to keep your mouth shut today. I have waited for so long, and I finally came

across this chance. I will not let you off so easily this time.

Mu Zi Ling innocently blinked her eyes and asked again, “What crimes did this wife


She wouldn’t be able to win the Empress Dowager today anyways. Plus, the

Empress Dowager wouldn’t let her go just because she lowered her voice and

begged for forgiveness. Even if the Empress Dowager would let her go if she

lowered her voice and begged for forgiveness, she wouldn’t know how to do it.

Since she wasn’t able to win, and she doesn’t know how to eg or forgiveness, then

she would just mess and joke with the Empress Dowager. She would have to fight

with the Empress Dowager until death. She’ll still feel good about herself if she

could anger the Empress Dowager before she dies.

The Empress Dowager’s expressions changed, and she angrily yelled, “How dare

you Mu Zi Ling. Just the fact that you dared to open up a Prince’s head means

that you have already violated the disrespectful rule. Then lying to the Royal Family

means that you have violated the rules, by deceiving the Emperor. However, you

dare to say that you didn’t commit any crimes?

The Empress Dowager has never thought that Mu Zi Ling would still be so

righteous and calm even when she was right at death’s door. Even in this situation,

Mu Zi Ling was able to look and talk to her calmly without any signs of fear.

At the end, she still underestimated Mu Zi Ling. This Mu Zi Ling sure has great


Mu Zi Ling made a shocked and terrified expression on her face as she continued to

blink innocently and foolishly ask, “How could this wife commit any of those crimes?”

Mu Zi Ling was not rushing the Empress Dowager at all. If she was going to die soon,

then she might as well make this worth it.

If you’re not satisfied, then come bite me!

“You….” The Empress Dowager was angered to the point of her chest moving up

and down and not even being able to speak out words.

At this moment, the “good” Empress came into the conversation to help. She

elegantly stood up and walked towards the Empress Dowager. Then she tried to

calm the Empress Dowager down by saying, “Mother, please calm down. Ling’er is

still young and doesn’t know the rules, so we just have to teach them to her.

The Empress Dowager’s breath calmed down, and she doesn’t even feel angry

anymore after hearing the words that the Empress has said. It was as if waking up

from a dream, regaining one’s consciousness in a split second.

Mu Zi Ling was not touched by the Empress’s kind words at all. She secretly rolled

her eyes towards the Empress. She was little? She has already lived for two

lifetimes, yet she was little? She has already married, yet she was little?

At her age in the ancient time, people probably already have countless kids crawling

on the floor. Was this Empress blind?

As for the teaching her part that the Empress has said, she really wonders how the

Empress would “teach” her.

Now, the Empress Dowager’s mouth curved up into a smile and she softly called

out, “Lin mama.”

“This servant understands.” replied Lin mama treacherously. Then she pulled out

something from her embrace and started to walk over to Mu Zi Ling.

Mu Zi Ling turned around to see the thing that Lin mama was holding, and she finally

understood what the Empress means by “Teach”.

Her expressions suddenly changed, and she was scared to the point of being

dumbfounded. Now she was truly scared.

Oh god, this “teach” sure is really cruel. It could really cause someone to die...

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