Cold King's Dominating Love, Genius Medical Consort

Chapter 67 part1


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Chapter 67: Secret Punishment, Causing trouble to the Throne Room part 1

Mu Zi Ling stared at the object in Lin mama’s hand. Her small face was scared to the point of turning white. She was really about to cry. She was extremely unlucky today, did the Empress Dowager know that she was scared of this object? Did she purposely tell Lin mama to use that to scare her?

However, this Empress’s ways of hinting sure is good. Her “teach” actually meant for them to give her a punishment. Why doesn’t the Empress Dowager just kill her instead of torturing her? This move that Empress Dowager made was very cruel!

The item that Lin mama held in her hand, was the only object that the Mu Zi Ling, who was not afraid of anything else, was scared of.

This needle was not a golden needle, not a silver needle, and it also wasn’t a needle that you use to sew clothing. It was a rusted, spotted, thick, and long needle. The tip of this needle was sharp and shiny.

This needle seemed like the type of needle that you used to sew the sole of a shoe,

It was nearly five inches long! However, this Lin mama was able to keep it in her embrace like that, was she not afraid?

The Empress saw Mu Zi Ling’s terrified expression after Lin mama took out the needle.

However, she didn’t say anything and just kept watching. She went back to her seat, and her expression was still as calm and kind as before. It was as if she was trying to not get involved in any of this. It seemed like she was ignoring everything that was happening in front of her.

The Empress Dowager never expected for Mu Zi Ling to have such a terrified expression after seeing the needle, but she was very satisfied with this. It didn’t seem like Mu Zi Ling was acting either, so this means that she was truly scared now.

Looks like just a small needle was enough for this little girl who was not afraid of anything to be extremely afraid. All the anger that was inside of her earlier has disappeared after seeing this scene. As it turned out, Mu Zi Ling wasn’t that strong after all.

The Empress Dowager’s mouth curved up into a smile, and a deep pair of eyes stared coldly at Mu Zi Ling, “Mu Zi Ling, this dowager will ask you this one more time.

Do you know what crimes you have committed?”

Mu Zi Ling recovered her consciousness from being terrified. Then she silently laughed in her heart. Know the crimes? It seems like the Empress Dowager was about to torture her until she admits it. Should she give up and just admit to the crimes?

Mu Zi Ling’s small face looked stubborn, and she coldly said to the Empress

Dowager, “Empress Dowager, you keep saying that this wife has committed a crime, but this wife hasn’t even seen the Fifth Prince yet. This wife doesn’t even know the

Fifth Prince’s condition at this moment. Wouldn’t it be too careless of you to pin a crime on my head now?”

She didn’t do anything wrong! The Empress Dowager wants her to admit to a crime with no reason? She must’ve been dreaming!

This Empress Dowager was truly to confident in herself. So what if she was scared of needles? Even if she was pricked to death by the needles, she would never admit to something that she didn’t do.

After the Empress Dowager heard what Mu Zi Ling has said, her anger started to rise up again. Then she coldly said, “See? You have made Xiao Nan suffer more than he has before, yet you still want to see him? Lin mama!”

Mu Zi Ling was secretly mocking her self. In this world, if one’s status was one level lower than someone else, then one will be in very big trouble. Not to mention that the person was the Empress Dowager who wanted her to die. At this moment, her trying to talk some sense into the Empress Dowager, was basically playing a zither to a cow, a waste of words.

She even has the heart to die now. If it was not because both of her hands were held and she can’t reach into the stellar system to grab a potion, she wouldn’t be suffering so much now.

Lin mama has already been waiting a long time for this moment. Seeing that the

Empress Dowager was signaling her to start, she smiled coldly an immediately saw the hint. Then she ordered the two palace maids to prop open Mu Zi Ling’s hand.

Mu Zi Ling didn’t try to struggle anymore. Even though she hates needles, no matter how much she struggles, the results will all be the same. Dying early and dying later are all forms of dying, so why should she make life difficult for herself?

After Mu Zi Ling’s hands were propped open, Lin mama reached over her old wrinkly hands and held Mu Zi Ling’s forefinger. Then she started to prick an even rougher needle into Mu Zi Ling’s finger.


The area that Long Xiao Ze rushed towards was the throne room. Long Xiao Ze knows that the only person who could stop the Empress Dowager now is the Emperor.

Although he was also worried about Long Xiao Nan’s illness, he knows that only

Mu Zi Ling knows how to cure it.

He also knows the methods that the Empress Dowager use. Since Mu Zi Ling was forcibly brought away by the Empress Dowager, she must be being cruelly punished at this moment. This was why there's nothing else for him to do, other than rushing into the throne room.

Coincidently, this is exactly the moment that the Emperor was having his daily morning meeting with the other high court officials. He didn’t care about the people who stopped him, and he anxiously ran towards the throne room.

There were golden pillars in the throne room, and the whole area emitted a golden light. It completely showed off how rich the Royal Family was. There were hundreds of court officials in the the hall of the throne room. Every one of them wore neat and tidy clothes, and they all had a serious expression on their face. This gave people a feeling that these officials shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At this moment, the Wen Yin Emperor was sitting on the imperial throne in a yellow dragon robe. He was just in the middle of discussing important matters about the when he was interrupted by someone.

Long Xiao Yu ran into the throne room and opened his mouth before he even got a chance to take a breath, “Imperial father, imperial father, this son has something he needs to tell you!”

Hundreds of court officials looked into the direction of the voice and they were all shook. Expressions of unbelief all landed on Long Xiao Ze.

The Wen Yin Emperor also looked in the direction of the criminal who dared to disrupt him in the throne room. He furrowed his brows and seriously screamed, “How dare you play around.”

His expression showed small signs of anger, and all of the court officials lowered their heads. They didn’t dare to even breathe loudly, and they all silently wiped away sweat for Long Xiao Ze in their hearts. This Long Xiao Ze had too much guts. He even dared to enter the throne room without permission.

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