Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1429 - Rules Of A Zombie (5)

Chapter 1429: Rules Of A Zombie (5)

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A scream was heard from the floor below Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked in the direction of the sound. There was a group of people diagonally below her. They seemed to have noticed her too. Everyone looked at her vigilantly.

“Why did you scream? I’m human.” Ming Shu opened her mouth.

The others relaxed a little.

“Who are you?” someone shouted.

She didn’t belong to their team.

“Xun Yi, why are you here?” One of the Taoist masters recognized her. He frowned and asked, “What do you want this time?”

Why is she everywhere!

Didn’t someone say that she was dead?

Someone saw her falling down a cliff.

Ming Shu grabbed the railing and leaned forward. “I just came to take a look.”

The Taoist master didn’t seem happy but he didn’t refute her.

“Who is she?”

The only lady in the group, the one who screamed just now, frowned as she questioned the Taoist master.

The Taoist master replied coldly, “Scum.”

“Sigh. I’m still here. Don’t talk bad about me to my face… hey, there’s something behind you.”

Everyone turned around. There was nothing behind them.

“Xun Yi!”

“I’m kidding.” Ming Shu smiled as she leaned against the railing. She suddenly squinted her eyes. “However, there is really something behind you this time.”

She sounded weird so everyone still turned around just to be safe.

Their faces paled in fear.

The plank road behind them was filled with small black creatures. There were so many of them they covered the entire walkway. They were flowing toward the Taoist masters like ocean waves.


“Hurry up and run!”

Ming Shu was standing on the floor above so she could see the creatures clearly.

They were huge black scorpions.

“Trash-picker, they’re coming up. Aren’t you going to run?” Little Beastie reminded Ming Shu.

“Catch me.”

Ming Shu climbed over the railing and jumped down after saying this.

Little Beastie: “…” F**k you!

Ming Shu was on the fifth floor so when she suddenly jumped down, the people who were running away got a shock too.

Ming Shu landed safely on the ground. There were no traps hidden on the ground.

“The creatures are in front too!”

“Jump! Hurry up and jump down!”

“It’s so high!”

Screams of confusion and fear could be heard from above. The sound of Taoist masters killing the giant scorpions could be heard too.

“There’s a pool there. Jump into the pool,” someone shouted.

There was a pool not far away.

Everyone ran over. The first person climbed over the railing and jumped down.


Blood splattered everywhere.

The person died on the spot.

Everyone was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events.

The space that looked like a pool was actually solid ground.

“This way.” One of the Taoist masters at the side pulled a metal chain that was hanging from above. “Quick, grab this and slide down.”

The metal chain flowed all the way to the ground. When someone pulled it, it rattled.

Everyone grabbed the metal chain and slid down. The giant scorpions didn’t dare to land on the ground. They kept moving within the plank roads.

When they saw this scene, the people quickly moved back to the center.

They looked at the giant scorpions with vigilance.

Some people relaxed and collapsed on the ground after confirming that the giant scorpions wouldn’t come down. They heaved a sigh of relief.

Only a few Taoist masters remained cautious.

Most were guarding against Ming Shu.

This woman had been going against all the sects. She was a pro at causing trouble for them.

A middle-aged man who wore a pair of spectacles said, “Taoist masters, how are we going to go out if those things don’t leave?”

“Let’s wait first. They might leave later,” a Taoist master said. “Make use of this time to recover your energy.”

Ming Shu started eating after hearing what the Taoist master said.

Two Taoist masters looked at Ming Shu. “Xun Yi, don’t mess around!”

Ming Shu took out some biscuits and nibbled on them. “It’s a waste of time to fight with you.”

The Taoist masters: “…”

They exchanged glances with one another and decided to stay away from Ming Shu.

They walked toward the huge coffin.

The man in spectacles walked over too.

The woman in the group was sitting on the ground and drinking water. She glanced at Ming Shu from the corner of her eye.

This girl…

Who the hell is she?

Why are all the stupid Taoist masters afraid of her?

“Someone seemed to have touched this coffin. Was it like this when you came here last time?” one of the Taoist masters asked.

The man in spectacles replied, “Master, we didn’t come down last time. We met those strange creatures at the top and they killed some of my men. This is our first time coming here too.”

The coffin was entirely black. There were only a few carved markings on it, giving it a mysterious aura.

Besides that, there was nothing else on the coffin.

“This coffin should be hanging in midair by these metal chains. Look at the bottom of the coffin. There are marks here.” One of the Taoist masters pointed at the bottom of the coffin.

Thick metal chains could be seen on all four corners.

There was a metal chain beside Ming Shu. She looked down at it. It seemed to have been broken by some huge force.

This coffin should be hung by the metal chains.

“Shall we open it?”

“I don’t think so. Let’s wait for our masters to come. Our masters warned us against acting rashly during this mission.”

The other Taoist master agreed.

Before they came, their elders reminded them many times that they mustn’t be rash.

“There are so many creatures above. We spent much effort to come down. If we don’t open it, it will be a waste of our effort.” The man in spectacles didn’t agree with the Taoist masters.

He immediately called his men over to open the coffin.

“Mister Yao!” A Taoist master stopped them. “It’s better to leave the coffin alone. We don’t know what’s inside.”

“Look at those creatures. We don’t even know if we can go back up.” Mister Yao took off his spectacles and cleaned them with the corner of his shirt. “If we’re going to die here, we should know why we die.”

“Mister Yao!”

Mister Yao remained firm. “Master Xiu Lun, you came to protect us. As for other matters, you should listen to us.”

The Taoist master was a little furious.

The atmosphere was tense. A voice was suddenly heard.

“If they want to open it, let them. You might hit the jackpot.”

“Shut up, Xun Yi!” Xiu Lun shouted angrily.

“My mouth is on my body. I can say whatever I want to. Do you want to beat me up? There might be a beauty inside. If you open it, your name might be etched in history.” Ming Shu provoked the Taoist master.

Xiu Lun: “…”

Xiu Lun took a deep breath and tried to persuade Mister Yao again. “Mister Yao, this tomb is extremely odd. Do you remember everything we experienced on our way down? We don’t know if we can deal with what’s inside this coffin.”

Mister Yao recalled what happened earlier and hesitated.

After thinking for a while, he gritted his teeth and looked at the coffin. “Open it.”

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