Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1430 - Rules Of A Zombie (6)

Chapter 1430: Rules Of A Zombie (6)

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Xiu Lun wasn’t able to stop Mister Yao.

He could only ask the rest of the Taoist Masters to remain vigilant while Mister Yao opened the coffin.

Ming Shu watched them from a distance.

The huge coffin was opened. There was a smaller coffin insider.

It was black too. However, it was much more beautiful.

Mister Yao’s men were amazed by the minimalist black emboss on the coffin.

They admired the design for a while before opening the coffin.

“Be careful, don’t break it.”

“Be careful, be careful…”

Mister Yao kept reminding them to be careful.

The people shifted the lid of the coffin slowly. Everyone moved to one side.

Xiu Lun and the other Taoist masters got nervous. They were afraid that something would jump out suddenly.

But, nothing happened while the coffin was moved. Nothing sprung out too.

“It’s empty.”

The people who opened the coffin shouted.

Mister Yao and Xiu Lun went forward simultaneously. they looked into the coffin.

It was empty. Not even white bones were seen, much less a corpse.

It seemed as if no one had been buried here.

“Weird…” Mister Yao was confused. “Why is there nothing here? Is this an empty coffin? That’s impossible. Look at this huge tomb. How can this coffin be empty?”

On the other side, the Taoist master turned grave.

This coffin was supposed to be hanging in mid-air. Yet, it was on the ground now. There were only two possibilities.

Someone might have taken whatever was inside.

Or the thing inside… came out itself.

The first possibility was still alright since it was caused by other humans. However, if it was the second option…

The Taoist master felt chills just thinking about it.

What the hell was inside the coffin? No one knew.

Ming Shu placed her hand on her chin and looked thoughtfully into the emptiness.

“Could it be that this is really an empty coffin? The real owner of the tomb might not be placed here.” Someone beside Mister Yao said his opinion.

Some tombs were made in such a way to prevent tomb raiders.

But if the owner was placed here, where would he be?

Everyone looked around. The structure of this tomb was weird. It looked like a pagoda.

They searched their surroundings. The giant scorpions were still crawling on the plank paths so they didn’t dare to get too close. Nothing was found.

Mister Yao gathered his men around the coffin for a discussion.

Since there was nothing in the coffin, the Taoist master relaxed a little. But, their expressions were still grave.

Things were more complicated than what they thought.


Ming Shu suddenly said.

Xiu Lun looked over and frowned. “Xiu Lun, what do you want to do now?”

Ming Shu smiled. Her tone seemed light-hearted too. “They’re coming down.”

They? Them!

Xiu Lun looked at the plank roads. The giant scorpions were wandering between the second and third level a moment ago but now, they were already nearing the bottom.

“Everyone!” Xiu Lun shouted immediately, “They’ve come down!”

Everyone was attracted to his voice.

Including the giant scorpions.

The giant scorpions paused for three seconds. Then, they suddenly hastened their pace and swarmed down.

The ground was soon covered by the giant scorpions.


“Hurry up and run!”

“… No, I can’t just leave like this.”

“Professor Yao, there’s no time left. Hurry up and run!”

Mister Yao was pulled away from the coffin.

Xiu Lun and the other Taoist masters let the other people run first. However, there was no way up. The giant scorpions soon surrounded them.

They were forced to move towards the spot that looked like a pool.

Whether you stepped on it and looked down or looked at it from afar, it looked like a pool.

The corpse had been cleared but there was still blood on the ground.

The feeling on their feet told them that this wasn’t a pool.

“Why isn’t she running?” The lady in the team, Dan Biyun, pointed at Ming Shu and asked curiously.

She wasn’t sure who that lady was but the Taoist masters obviously knew her.

Thus, everyone looked at the Taoist masters.

What was she doing? Looking for death?

“I raised them. Why must I run?” Ming Shu shrugged and boasted pretentiously.

The giant scorpions followed behind her. It looked as though her words were true.

… If the scorpions didn’t point their tails at her.

Ming Shu jumped and ran towards an empty space.

Why aren’t they cooperating?

Thumbs down!

Everyone: “…”

Ming Shu’s act only lasted for a second. Soon, everyone’s attention was attracted by the giant scorpions.

“They’re coming over.” The giant scorpions had covered up the entire coffin. Only a black outline could be seen.

“Let’s quickly go up!’ Someone shouted.

“We can’t go up from here. It’s too high!”

“Master, quickly think of a way out. I don’t want to die here. Hurry up and kill them!”

“There’re metal chains over there. Use them to climb up!”

Someone shouted. Everyone looked towards the metal chain nearest to them.

However, scorpions had already appeared there. They hesitated. No one dared to go first.

Xiu Lun took the lead. He used his sword to flick the giant scorpions away and cleared a safe area. “Come on!”

“There’s more above…”

“If we don’t go up, we’ll die too. Quickly!”

As Ming Shu killed the giant scorpions, she wondered if they could be eaten.

Since they’re so big, they must be meaty.

Ming Shu stared at the giant scorpions hungrily.

The giant scorpions: “…”

Ming Shu’s gaze was so blunt the giant scorpions actually started retreating.


Screams echoed.

Ming Shu looked in the direction of the screams. People were pushing and pulling at the bottom of the metal chain.

There were many people and only one metal chain. Who would go up first?

There were only a few Taoist masters so the giant scorpions would be able to find a loophole soon.

Thus, in order to get up first, no one cared about being respectful or righteous anymore.

Someone got pushed away and fell down. Coincidentally, there were two huge scorpions behind him so he got stabbed by the scorpions. The person fell down in pain and got engulfed by giant scorpions soon after.

“Omg.” Ming Shu rubbed her shoulders. “This is so scary. I should really eat them.”

“Xiu Lun, help us!” Xiu Lun shouted.

She was famous for her magic symbols.

If she helped, they would have an easier time.

Ming Shu shouted back, “I’m sorry. I’m a demon. I’m not on your side. I’m afraid I will taint your innocence.”

Xiu Lun almost vomited blood. “If we don’t work together now, none of us will be able to get out alive!”

“That’s not right. Look, they’re not attacking me.” Ming Shu took a step back to evade a scorpion’s attack. “I just compliment you. Why are you attacking me? I’ll eat you if you’re so disobedient.”

Xiu Lun: “…” This lady seems crazier than last time.

The moment she sees the giant scorpions, she doesn’t care about humans anymore.

Ming Shu waved her sword.

The giant scorpions retreated.

Ming Shu: “…”

She looked at the sword in her hand.

She realized something.

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