Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 1431 - Rules Of A Zombie (7)

Chapter 1431: Rules Of A Zombie (7)

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The people climbing up the metal chains looked like ants. One climbed up after another.

They rushed to climb up the metal chain. There were too many people so the chain kept swaying. Those that weren’t used to climbing fell down.

The moment they fell down, they would submerge in the sea of giant scorpions.

Ming Shu flicked the giant scorpions and reached another metal chain. Two people who didn’t manage to climb up the metal chain decided to follow her. They probably felt that she seemed very powerful.

The two of them formed a team and followed closely behind Ming Shu.

Ming Shu glanced at them. Then, she grabbed the metal chain and climbed up.

The moment she was gone, the giant scorpions flooded over. The two people quickly grabbed the metal chains and climbed up.

The situation on the other side was worse. More and more giant scorpions started attacking them. Screams of agony could be heard all the time.

The metal chain only managed to reach the sixth floor. Ming Shu landed on the plank roads lightly.

The giant scorpions hadn’t crawled up so the plank roads were safe for now.

She looked around her and went to find an exit.

The first few people who came up from the other metal chain had reached the sixth floor too. Those that were still alive reached the sixth floor along with the Taoist masters.

“Hurry up.” Xiu Lun fought with the giant scorpions while hurrying them.

Some people started inching towards Ming Shu when they realized that following her was the safest option.

“Wait… slow down!” Ming Shu suddenly got pulled by someone. Dan Biyun panted as she continued, “We can’t catch up with you.”

Ming Shu’s clothes almost got pulled down too.

She pulled her clothes up and smiled. “Miss.”

Dan Biyun was stunned for a moment. She wondered how Ming Shu could still smile at a time like this. Her smile was gentle but sinister at the same time.

“If you can’t catch up, you don’t have to follow me.”

The lady’s voice was gentle and pleasant but her words were chilling.

Dan Biyun opened her eyes wide. “You…”

Ming Shu distanced herself from Dan Biyun as she got rid of the giant scorpions blocking her path. “If you can catch up, it means that you’re lucky. If you can’t, I’m not oblige to save you.”

“How can you…”

“I’m not from your side. Don’t count on me.” Ming Shu stopped her. “You’re on your own. I wish you good luck.”

She didn’t chase them away but that didn’t mean that she would save them.

She turned and moved even faster towards the exit.

Dan Biyun staggered when she got pushed.

She was furious. That lady had the ability to fight with the giant scorpions. Why didn’t she act like those Taoist masters?

The moonlight was faint. Not many stars could be seen in the sky.

The wind in the mountain was cold. The shadows of the trees looked like monsters.

A head popped out from the ground. Then, a human rose from the ground. It was Ming Shu.

She stepped on the broken rocks and jumped to a safe place.

After that, more and more people came out.

Light started appearing in the mountains. The voices of people were heard too.

The people who escaped laid on the ground. They felt fortunate that they were still alive.

The Taoist masters were the last few to climb up. Some were injured. They were held to one side to take a rest. Everyone looked haggard.

Ming Shu only had some dust on her clothes. She looked like she came from a different planet.

“Will they come up?”

The leaves rustled in the wind. The sound floated into everyone’s ear and instilled fear in their hearts.

The area that sunk in was black. No one knew if the giant scorpions would come up.

They wanted to run.

But there was no energy left in them.

They waited quietly for a while. Nothing came out from the hole. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Why did it become like this?” After regaining their senses, some people realized that no one welcomed them after they came up.

“Where are they?”

“Where did they go? Did they change location because the camp collapsed?”

The camp looked entirely different from before. It was a mess. No one was in sight.

Their communication devices malfunctioned after they went down so they couldn’t contact the people on the ground.

They didn’t know what happened here but even if the camp collapsed and the people changed location, they should come and save them too. They wouldn’t just leave like this.

Some people dragged their tired bodies and inspected the camp. In the end, they came up with a serious conclusion. “The communication devices are still here. Everything is here. There’re even some unfinished cup noddles. The people here… disappeared.”

Everyone looked at each other.

They just managed to escape from the tomb but now, the people in the camp were missing.

Xiu Lun walked forward. “Xun Yi, you came down after us. What happened to the camp?”

Ming Shu was looking for her biscuits when she was called. She felt puzzled as she looked over. “Why will I know what happened?”

“You came down after us. Was the camp already like this when you came down?” Xiu Lun continued.

Ming Shu pursed her lips. She understood what Xiu Lun was saying. “You suspect that I did it?”

Xiu Lun didn’t deny it.

There were people guarding the camp. They wouldn’t let her go down.

To the other Taoist master, Ming Shu was a demon. She was a scum of the community. She might have something to do with the disappearance of the people in the camp.

One of the Taoist masters shouted angrily, “You came down after us. You should know what happened to the camp.

Ming Shu was used to taking blames. She was too lazy to explain herself. She smiled and said, “Do you have evidence?”

There were no signs of struggle in the camp.

It was late at night so it was too dark to see anything. It would be difficult to find clues.

“Where are those people? What did you do to them?” Dan Biyun was angered by Ming Shu before this so she had a bad impression of her.

“How will I know? Maybe they were eaten.” Those people were most probably downstairs. However, she didn’t know how they went down.

She only heard the sound of something collapsing. There were no screams of other noises.

Those people that she saw when she went down…

She didn’t know what happened too. She didn’t see anything strange.

Ming Shu looked down at the sword. This might be the reason why the thing didn’t dare to show itself.

Dan Biyun scolded, “Didn’t you do this? Why don’t you know anything?”

Ming Shu’s tone was innocent. “Huh? I didn’t say that I did it. You were the one who said it.”

Dan Biyun: “…”

Ming Shu stepped back into the darkness. “The society is ruled by law. If you don’t have evidence, there’s nothing you can do to me.”

“Xun Yi!”

“Sigh. I don’t want to play with you anymore. If you have evidence, you’re welcome to find me at the Wuliang Mountain.” Ming Shu’s voice floated over from the forest.

“Xun Yi, stop right there!” Xiu Lun chased after Ming Shu.

However, by the time he rushed over, she was gone.

“Master, is she the culprit?” Someone whispered.

Xiu Lun frowned. “I’m not certain. There’s no evidence yet. We can’t jump into conclusions.”

He suspected her because she was the most suspicious.

However, he couldn’t declare that she was guilty immediately. What was the difference between him and the bad people, like her, if he did that?

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