Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Tricks! These Are All Tricks!

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Wang Teng walked into the classroom.

Memories of Lin Chuhan kept appearing in his mind uncontrollably. He remembered that at that time, she would always persuade him in hopes that he would suddenly get enlightened and study hard.

Unfortunately, in his past life, he never turned back. He walked along the path of darkness right to the end.

After that, the two of them parted and never met again. It was really regretful.

This lady left her mark in his memory in the past. This lifetime, he didn’t want to miss her!

When Wang Teng went back, almost the entire class had arrived. As a result, more attribute bubbles had fallen to the ground.

Wang Teng walked around the classroom under his classmates’ puzzled gazes and picked up all the attribute bubbles.




“What is this Young Master Wang doing?”

“Who knows? Maybe he’s taking a stroll.”

“Taking a stroll?”

“Why do you care about what he’s doing? He’s a rich second generation. His thinking is not on the same level as us.”

“His train of thoughts is really peculiar!”

The meddlesome students couldn’t help but lower their voices and discuss among themselves. All the while, they had strange expressions on their faces.

When Wang Teng turned around and looked at them, their voices disappeared. They all sat there seriously and pretended to be studying hard.

Wang Teng pouted as he sat down on his seat.

Lin Chuhan wasn’t in her seat. No one knew where she went.

She only walked into the classroom when the school bell signaling the start of the morning lesson rang. She had a cold expression and didn’t glance at Wang Teng at all.

She sat on her seat as though there was just a ball of air beside her.

Wang Teng smiled bitterly. He didn’t dare to provoke her again.

Lin Chuhan’s personality was distant and cold. When she wore a chilly expression, she gave off an aura that seemed to forbid anyone to get close to her.

“This young lady is really cold.”

During the morning lesson, Wang Teng flipped through his textbook aimlessly. He was bored to death.

All the students were intensely revising the entire morning. Wang Teng had a fruitful morning too. He listened to the class and picked some attributes while at it.

His knowledge of his subjects increased exponentially. If he was to take a test now, he could get around 60 points.

This was extremely frightening!

Mind you, his past results only had one digit, and that was if he was lucky and chose the correct answer for the multiple-choice questions.

Lin Chuhan didn’t want to interact with Wang Teng. However, since they were table buddies, she could see what Wang Teng was doing.

She couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“Did this fellow’s character change suddenly? Why is he reading the textbook? Have my words borne fruit?

“Or could it be that this bastard likes me?”

Lin Chuhan had never been in a relationship, but she had chatted about guys with her female friends before. Also, she secretly read some romance novels.

In a novel, when a young man loved another young lady, he would take her words to heart and make changes for her. That was what all novels said. The guys always wanted to present a better self to the other party…

When she thought about what happened just now, she felt something strange in her heart.

But, this fellow was still so irritating!

He actually let go of her. Would he have died if he had held onto her? He was really a dumb young man.

As she thought about this, Lin Chuhan suddenly woke up in shock. She shook her head like a pellet drum, and her ears uncontrollably turned red.

What kind of nonsense am I thinking about?

There was a tremendous fight going on in Lin Chuhan’s brain. All kinds of young girl’s thoughts were jumbled up in her mind. Her whole face was so red that it felt as though she was in a steamer.

Lin Chuhan’s will might be stronger than her peers, but she was a young girl after all. She would naturally have this kind of thoughts about love.

After some time, Lin Chuhan sighed quietly.

It’s all that fellow’s fault. He’s disturbing my peacefulness.

Wang Teng noticed Lin Chuhan shaking her head frantically and then sighing for no reason. He felt confused.

What is she doing?

He couldn’t help but open his mouth. ” Class Monitor Lin, the lesson has ended. Go and take your lunch break. Why don’t I treat you? This is my apology for what happened this morning.”

Lin Chuhan was flabbergasted. The next instant, she turned vigilant.

Tricks! These are all tricks! This fellow has other intentions towards me!

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

Why are you giving such a vigilant look?

Other people might think that I’m a human trafficker abducting people.

Lin Chuhan glared at Wang Teng and said coldly, “I’m not going.”

She got up and took her bag after she finished speaking. Then, she ran out of the classroom as though something would happen if she stayed a moment longer with him.

“Strange!” Wang Teng shook his head helplessly.

Was he so scary?

He actually managed to make a young lady evade him as though he was a poisonous scorpion.

“Brother Wang Teng, let’s go and eat!” Xu Jie’s voice came from outside the classroom at this moment.

Wang Teng got up and walked out.

Xu Jie was a year three student too. But, he was in class 12. He wasn’t in the same class as Wang Teng.

As for Bai Wei and Yu Hao, they were studying in year two in Donghai No. 1 High School. They were one year younger than the two of them.

Usually, they wouldn’t go home for lunch. Instead, they would finish their meals in the school cafeteria, or sometimes, they would go to a restaurant outside the school to eat.

When Wang Teng and Xu Jie arrived at the cafeteria, it was already crowded. The noise could almost turn the roof upside down.

At this moment, Xu Jie’s WeChat notification rang.

He took out his phone and looked at it. Then, he said, “Let’s go to the second floor. Bai Wei and the rest are waiting for us there.”

The second floor was more spacious than the first.

When they reached the second floor, the air-conditioner was cold and icy, and there were not many people there. It wasn’t crowded at all.

The level of consumption on the second floor was much higher than on the first floor. Regular students wouldn’t go there for their meals.

The moment they came up, they scanned the cafeteria and saw Bai Wei and Yu Hao sitting on the seats to the right.

The dishes were already prepared, still steaming hot. It was evident that they just came out of the stove not long ago.

This was a unique feature of the second floor. Not only were the dishes exquisite and delicious, but they were also cooked on the spot.

On the first floor, all the dishes were cooked beforehand and put into trays. The cafeteria aunties just had to scoop the dishes the students chose.

The spoons they used to scoop the dishes were shared. After taking out one dish, they would use it to scoop another dish. Hence, all the different flavors were mixed, and it was a suffering to one’s taste buds.

Have you tried the taste of mixing stir-fried tomato with egg, twice-cooked pork, fish-flavored eggplant, and…?

Once you did, you would never want to try it again.

If you were a little late, you could only eat leftover dishes and rice. The dishes would be cold, and they were all vegetable stems and leftover gravy.

The four of them chatted happily and ate at the same time.

Halfway through their meal, Yu Hao suddenly pointed in a certain direction and asked, “Isn’t that Yuan Zhenghua?”

Xu Jie and Bai Wei immediately looked in the direction of his finger.

“Hey, it’s really that brat!” Xu Jie scoffed.

“The pig-head beside him… is that Li Rongcheng?” Bai Wei’s eyes suddenly dropped wide open as she asked in confusion.

“What pig-head?”

Xu Jie and Yu Hao were stunned at the same time. Then, they looked carefully.

“Oh my god, haha, that’s really Young Master Li Rongcheng. How did he become like this?” The two of them were astounded. Then, they burst out laughing.

“Could it be…”

The moment Bai Wei started speaking, Xu Jie and Yu Hao abruptly thought of something. They looked at Wang Teng with a strange expression.

When Wang Teng saw Li Rongcheng’s appearance, he remembered that he seemed to have pushed some blame on this young man that night at the Wild Rose Pub. He coughed awkwardly and said, “Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t have evidence.”

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