Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 1737

1737 Strike Me, Strike Me, Strike Me! (3)

Wang Teng was immediately caught in a moment of self-doubt.

What happened?

What did he do?

Why was there calamity lightning? And why did it look like it was going to strike him?

The three universe-stage martial warriors were stunned. They looked at the calamity lightning above Wang Teng’s head in astonishment. They couldn’t process what they were witnessing.

Was it necessary to undergo calamity lightning when breaking through a stage?

Did this person do something outrageous and immoral?

They had never heard of any cosmos-stage martial warriors attracting a calamity lightning when advancing to the heaven stage. Such a phenomenon usually wouldn’t occur even when breaking through to the heaven or eternal stage.

Elizabeth and Little White were stunned too. However, they were more worried about Wang Teng.

Their master was going to be struck by lightning. What should they do?

That’s right, Lightning Spirit!

Elizabeth and Little White looked at the Lightning Spirit at the same time.

“Squeak!” The Lightning Spirit looked at the calamity lightning and suddenly shuddered as if it discovered something incredible. It exclaimed in delight.


O(* ̄) ̄*)O

Leave it to me!

The Lightning Spirit was already restless and excited.


It sounded long but everything happened in just a few breaths. Within the crack in the sky above Wang Teng’s head, the lightning within had gathered to its utmost limit. Before anyone could react, it struck down.

Wang Teng cursed in his mind. Without thinking, he took out his Lightning Slap and threw it above his head.

Have a taste of my brick!

The purple Lightning Slap rolled into the sky like a brave warrior facing the heavens, charging forward fearlessly!


Terrifying lightning struck the Lightning Slap, unleashing a dazzling burst of lightning that illuminated the entire dark void, turning it into a bright expanse.

The Lightning Slap seemed insignificant under the heavenly might of the lightning, but it managed to barely withstand the calamity lightning.

The purple runes on the surface of the Lightning Slap glowed slightly. Large amounts of calamity lightning were absorbed into the Lightning Slap and fused with the power of the calamity lightning inside.

Indeed, it could resist the calamity lightning because it contained the calamity lightning.

“Squeak!” The Lightning Spirit became anxious upon seeing something competing for its food. It immediately rushed over and circled the Lightning Slap, voraciously devouring the calamity lightning.

The three universe-stage martial warriors were stunned. The powerful calamity lightning was blocked and didn’t land on the student.

“What is that thing?” One of them couldn’t contain his curiosity.

“It looks like a… brick!?”

“I don’t it just looks like one. It is a brick.”

The three of them saw the appearance of the Lightning Slap but they found it unbelievable.

A brick blocked the calamity lightning!

This was insane!


Another terrifying calamity lightning descended and struck towards Wang Teng.

The Lightning Slap received it again. The Lightning Spirit was unwilling to fall behind and devoured the calamity lightning frantically. It was an excellent tonic for it.

Usually, Wang Teng would only feed it a little bit every time. This time, it wanted to eat its fill, making up for the previous depletions.

Calamity lightning struck down one after another. In the blink of an eye, six calamity lightning bolts struck down, but they were all blocked by the Lightning Slap.

Of course, the Lightning Spirit had also put in the effort to devour a large amount of calamity lightning, causing the power of the calamity lightning to decrease considerably.

One could not help but marvel at how the Lightning Spirit was truly a creature born and raised to consume lightning. Even in the face of the calamity lightning, it dared to devour it without hesitation.

At this moment, the Lightning Spirit’s body had expanded significantly. It was originally only the size of a head, but now, it had expanded by at least four to five times. Its entire body emitted dazzling thunderous light, resembling a chubby figure with a swollen belly.

The three universe-stage martial warriors were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

The calamity lightning seemed to little angry when it realized that it couldn’t hit Wang Teng.

How could the calamity lightning have emotions?

However, reality proved that it wanted to kill Wang Teng even more.

More and more lightning was brewing in the crack above Wang Teng’s head. The fissure was getting bigger and bigger. It was like a huge lightning pool that was hundreds of feet wide.

The void that Wang Teng was in was enveloped by terrifying pressure. Ordinary people couldn’t even get close to it.

Even from a distance, the three universe-stage martial warriors could feel the terror and their scalps went numb.

They really could not understand why this student was facing such a terrifying calamity lightning just by advancing to the next stage.

Wang Teng raised his head and frowned slightly when he looked at the lightning pool.

Was the calamity lightning determined to kill him?

The seventh calamity lightning that was about to take shape was probably far more powerful than the previous ones!

Generally speaking, after three calamity flashes of lightning, its power would undergo a vast change.

The fourth calamity lightning was twice as powerful as the third one. However, it still couldn’t do anything to Wang Teng… No, it couldn’t do anything to the Lightning Slap.

Now that another three calamity lightning had passed, the seventh one would be even more intense than before.

The Lightning Slap and Lightning Spirit were probably reaching their limits and would not be able to withstand the next calamity lightning.

If it didn’t work out, he would have to do it himself.

Come on! Come on!

I’m not afraid of you!

Isn’t it just a calamity lightning? It wasn’t like he wasn’t struck by it before.

Wang Teng’s eyes shone brightly. He was determined.

Within the lightning pool above, an endless convergence of lightning power gathered, manifesting the power of laws of origin and transforming into a terrifying thunder beast. The power of laws formed chains that coiled around its body, and its majestic thunderous eyes gazed down upon Wang Teng.


The next moment, the lightning beast roared, and a surge of lightning energy burst forth, descending from above in a terrifying thunderous column. Everything in its path turned into a scene of destruction.

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