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Chapter 1865 Find Your Own Spot And Stay There! (3)

Chapter 1865 Find Your Own Spot And Stay There! (3)

"Alright, speak up. Let's start with you," Wang Teng pointed at Shen Yanfeng and said.

Shen Yanfeng's gaze flickered. In the end, he sighed and was about to speak.

"Junior Wang Teng, sometimes it's best to show mercy. I think that's enough!"

At this moment, a calm voice resounded from above the arena. It entered Wang Teng's ears.

Many people looked up and saw several figures descending from the sky. The leader was a young man with long green hair.

The one who had just spoken was this young man. His expression was indifferent as if he didn't regard anything with importance. But, there was a subtle air of arrogance about him.

The figures led by this young man didn't land on the ground but hovered in mid-air, looking down at Wang Teng in the arena below.

"I…" A sparkle flashed past Shen Yanfeng's eyes when he saw the leader. He thought that he could finally escape from Wang Teng's clutches and wanted to take this chance to admit defeat.


Swoop! Boom!

Wang Teng swung the brick, hitting him squarely in the face. He glanced at him and said, "Did I say you can speak?"

Shen Yanfeng: …

Why is he so fast? He's not giving me any chances!

Shi Tianyun wanted to speak but upon seeing this scene, he immediately abandoned the idea and sighed deeply.

Forget it, he should be obedient.

The person in the sky frowned when he saw Wang Teng acting even after he spoke. He stared at Wang Teng calmly.

"How do I address you, senior?" Wang Teng raised his head and asked calmly.

"The president of the Qingyan Society, Feng Qingyan," the person replied in a composed tone.

"The Qingyan Society?" Wang Teng's eyes lit up. He thought this would be the Feiyun Alliance but it was an unfamiliar faction instead.

"Wang Teng, the Qingyan Society isn't simple. Their ability is on par with the Feiyun Alliance. Feng Qingyan is also at the peak of the universe stage." Round Ball's voice appeared in Wang Teng's mind.

"Oh, it seems we've hooked another big fish." Wang Teng squinted his eyes slightly and chuckled to himself.

The onlookers were astounded. They looked at the figure descending from the sky and began to discuss the situation.

"It's the president of the Qingyan Society!"

"Why is he here?"

"Did he come for Wang Teng too?"

"No, he looks like he's doing this for Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun!"

"Wang Teng said that there's someone behind Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun. Could it be him?"




"Tsk tsk, this matter is getting larger and bigger."

At the side of the arena, a strange look showed up in Wu De's eyes. He glanced at Feng Qingyan and gave a meaningful smile.

The members of the Constellation Society looked at Wang Teng worriedly. They didn't understand why Feng Qingyan, the president of the Qingyan Society, suddenly appeared.

"Sister Yue, something seems a bit off." Wade frowned and spoke to Yue Qiqiao using voice transmission.

"Let's watch and see how Wang Teng handles this," Yue Qiqiao replied. "With so many people watching, he won't resort to bullying Wang Teng."

"You're right. He's the president of the Qingyan Society. He won't do such a shameless thing." Wade nodded.

"Senior Brother Feng Qingyan!" Wang Teng Wang Teng pretended to suddenly realize. He continued, "I didn't hear what you said just now. Can you repeat it?"

Feng Qingyan felt the corners of his eyes twitching.

He didn't believe that Wang Teng didn't hear what he said just now. This kid was doing it on purpose.

Yue Qiqiao, Wade, and the others wore weird expressions on their faces. They sensed that Wang Teng was setting a trap.

"Senior, if there's nothing, I'll continue questioning them," Wang Teng said when he saw Feng Qingyan wasn't responding.

"Since you have already defeated them, let them go. Humiliating them like this is not in line with the style of our stellar academy," Feng Qingyan said.

"Senior, are you trying to intervene in the matter between me and the Feng Yun Alliance?" Wang Teng looked straight at him and asked calmly.

Feng Qingyan furrowed his brow once again. He had sensed the sharpness of the young man before him. With just a few words, Wang Teng had revealed his sharp fangs.

"Wang Teng, don't be ungrateful. Our boss is doing this for your sake. You should appreciate it," a member of the Qingyan Society said with a stern tone.

"For my sake?" Wang Teng seemed to find something extremely amusing and couldn't help but laugh on his own.

"Why are you laughing?" The member of the Qingyan Society asked with an ugly expression.

He was a universe-stage martial warrior and one of the higher authorities of the Qingyan Society. No new student had ever dared to speak to him like this.

Even the new students who entered the academy in the past two years would treat him with respect and wouldn't dare to be the slightest bit disrespectful.

Yet, Wang Teng remained nonchalant and even contradicted their president's words.

And as for him, it was even worse. The expression on Wang Teng's face seemed incredibly mocking. It made him extremely uncomfortable.

From the moment Wang Teng heard about their Qingyan Society, he never took them seriously.

To him, Wang Teng had no self-awareness at all. He was overestimating himself. Youth knows no fear.

"I'm laughing at your naivety!" Wang Teng chuckled.

"You!" The member of the Qingyan Society was infuriated. He glared at Wang Teng.

"Why? Are you angry?" Wang Teng looked at him coldly. "I already gave you face by not saying you're foolish outright. Did you say you're doing it for my sake? Who do you think you are? Do you think you have a say in what's best for me?"

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