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Chapter 2136 Fighting The Ten Talents! Breaking All Techniques With Purely Strength! (1)

Chapter 2136  Fighting The Ten Talents! Breaking All Techniques With Purely Strength! (1)

In an instant, everyone rushed towards the Freshmen Leaderboard, afraid of missing this confrontation.

"Let's go!" Yue Qiqiao and the others exchanged glances and immediately followed suit.

Even the senior students who were present couldn't sit still. They couldn't afford to miss this battle.

Figures like Ji Feiyun and Wu Ming all rushed out of their respective spacecraft, entering the Freshmen Leaderboard.

"We should go and take a look too." Feng Qingyan couldn't sit still either, leading Ruan Banlian and others as they flew out of their spacecraft and entered the Freshmen Leaderboard.

Perhaps they were the least eager to see Wang Teng emerge victorious.

If Wang Teng truly defeated those ten prodigies, it would be too monstrous.

They couldn't allow such a talent to continue growing.

Hence, they needed to know the result as soon as possible, even understand Wang Teng's methods.

In the battle space.

Wang Teng and others emerged.

Yuan Mu and the others stood in different directions, each acting independently, showing no intention of cooperating whatsoever.

As geniuses, they naturally carried the pride of geniuses.

The fact that they were willing to engage in a battle with Wang Teng at the same time was already the greatest compromise they could make. Cooperation was out of the question.

Wang Teng glanced at Yuan Mu, somewhat surprised that he had eventually joined the confrontation.

"Wang Teng, you're too arrogant. Challenging the ten of us alone, you will be the one defeated in the end," Yuan Mu said calmly.

"I only seek one defeat," Wang Teng replied with a calm smile.

Quite audacious!" Wu Yan commented.

"Enough with the chatter. Let's get started," Zhulong Shan said coldly, his impatience evident.

"Come on, let me see what abilities you all possess," Wang Teng said.

In an instant, no one spoke further, and the atmosphere became tense.

Yuan Mu and the others focused their gazes on Wang Teng, a collective look of hostility in their eyes, ready to pummel him.

This guy was too arrogant!

Challenging the ten of them alone was unprecedented arrogance.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom…

Ten auras erupted simultaneously, rising from their bodies like tangible forces and crashing toward Wang Teng.

Lu Tian's aura was filled with murderous intent as if a sword of slaughter hovered above Wang Teng's head.

Baichuan Liu's aura resembled the profoundness of the deep sea, vast and majestic, making anyone before it seem extremely insignificant.

Raynolds' aura was thunderous, domineering, and majestic.

Wu Yan's aura seemed somewhat eerie, cold, and bone-chilling, exuding a disturbing feeling as if one were being targeted by a venomous python.

Zhulong Shan's aura appeared as if it had condensed into a terrifying Solar Dragon, circling above his head and emitting roars.

Feng Mo's aura, with a sense of icy coldness, somewhat resembled Wu Yan's as if one were being stalked by a poisonous creature.

Yu Yunxian unsheathed his sword, and his imposing aura, dignified and overbearing, hung over Wang Teng's head.

Boret's aura was the most peaceful, but it was not to be underestimated, constantly surging and never-ending.

Tai Beisha's aura, was bright and grand, like a constant star illuminating the surroundings, yet it also emitted a terrifying presence.

The auras of these nine people made Wang Teng feel somewhat surprised. Even though he had experienced Lu Tian's aura before, he was still amazed by the increased strength evident in it.

His progress over the past six months had indeed been significant.

However, what truly astonished Wang Teng was Yuan Mu's aura. It was unique, resembling a starry sky shining in the void, descending upon Wang Teng's head.

Under the auras of these ten individuals, the surrounding void seemed to freeze, countless specks of dust floating in the air.

"It seems like they are competing with their auras!"

"The auras of these ten people are too terrifying. If Wang Teng can't even withstand their auras, this competition will turn into a joke."

"Yes, the auras of these ten geniuses would be difficult for any of us to resist individually, let alone when all ten erupt simultaneously."

In the space where the spectators observed the battle, discussions were in full swing. Everyone was eagerly watching the unfolding situation in the combat space, unwilling to divert their gaze for even a moment.

They were eager to know if Wang Teng could withstand the overwhelming auras of the ten prodigies!

"If it were me before I went to the Scorpion King Star, maybe I really wouldn't be able to resist your auras," Wang Teng said with a slight smile, speaking casually.

Yuan Mu and the others did not immediately make a move. They all looked at Wang Teng, gradually furrowing their brows.

Wang Teng's expression seemed too calm as if he was unaffected by their auras.

"But now, in my eyes, your auras…" Wang Teng paused for a moment, grinned, and continued, "Are too weak!"


As his words fell, an indescribable powerful aura erupted from him.

Wang Teng's eyes glowed with a purple light as if lightning was converging, flickering incessantly. Within that lightning aura, there was an indomitable will extending outwards.

Unyielding Lightning!

In an instant, the void was filled with lightning, and the battle intent surged to the sky!

Even within this Unyielding Lightning aura, there was a sense of ancient vastness and profundity as if it originated from the distant past, traversing countless time and space to arrive here.

Astonishment finally appeared in the eyes of Yuan Mu and the other martial warriors. Their auras collapsed instantly, causing them to retreat in disarray, their gazes filled with extreme shock.

"What kind of aura is this?"

The ten individuals were shaken to their cores, unable to believe the experience they had just undergone.

That was such a formidable aura, carrying the majesty of lightning and an indomitable spirit, not to mention the addition of the vast and ancient atmosphere.

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