Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Mountain Villa Gathering

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The next day was Saturday.

Wang Teng woke up late, which was rare. He only opened his eyes past 8 am.

The sunlight outside the window sprinkled in and landed on his face. Wang Teng raised his hand to block the light, taking some time to get used to the brightness.

“It’s 8.45 am.”

Wang Teng glanced at the time. He climbed out of bed, brushed his teeth, and washed his face. Then, he went downstairs.

Aunt Chen and Aunt Lee, the maids at his house, had already started working. Aunt Chen was sweeping the floor while Aunt Lee was dusting.

The villa was huge and spacious, but it was hard to clean. It was impractical to clean the house themselves.

“You’re awake. Come and have some breakfast,” Li Xiumei said when she saw him.

“Mom, I overslept. Why didn’t you wake me up?” asked Wang Teng.

“You looked so tired yesterday, so I didn’t call you. It’s Saturday. One or two hours won’t make a difference,” Li Xiumei replied.

“Young Master has really changed. He’s becoming more and more hardworking,” Aunt Lee smiled and said.

Although Aunt Chen and Aunt Lee were maids, they had a good relationship with Wang Teng’s family. In the past, no matter how playful and cocky Wang Teng was, he never disrespected them in any way.

This was attributed to Wang Shengguo’s strictness and Li Xiumei’s character education.

A child was a reflection of his parents.

“I heard that Young Master is practicing martial arts now. My son used to do so in the past, but he didn’t have the talent. He could only give up in the end. After all, the burden of practicing martial arts is too great for normal families like us,” Aunt Chen agreed and continued.

“Don’t praise him anymore. If not, he will become arrogant,” Li Xiumei smiled and replied.

Wang Teng ate his breakfast while chatting with the maids. He also replied to Bai Wei and Yu Hao’s messages whenever he could.

After he finished his breakfast, he informed Li Xiumei and drove his car out.

Jixin Martial House, second floor of the martial disciple training building.

Wang Teng greeted a few familiar students.

“Ah Teng, you’re a little late today!” Zhang Shaoyang stopped his fist training and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He looked like he had been training for a few hours.

“I overslept, and my mom didn’t wake me up,” Wang Teng said helplessly.

“Hahaha, all mothers are the same. If I overslept, my mom would never wake me up either,” Zhang Shaoyang replied smilingly.

Wang Teng laughed and shook his head.

“Oh right, I have something to tell you. I will become an advanced stage martial disciple soon,” Zhang Shaoyang said happily.

“Oh, congratulations. When are you preparing to level up?” Wang Teng was shocked for a moment. However, he didn’t find it strange.

Zhang Shaoyang’s ability was already close to that of an advanced stage martial disciple. In the past, he had predicted that Zhang Shaoyang would have his breakthrough anytime now.

“I’ll warm up in the morning before going for the test. If no accident happens, I’ll go to the third floor for practice in the afternoon,” Zhang Shaoyang answered.

Wang Teng nodded as he teased, “There are more powerful people on the third floor. Don’t get tortured.”

“Hmph, how is that possible? After I train for a period, I’ll definitely catch up with them. Let’s talk about you instead. Don’t make me wait too long. Hurry up and become an advanced stage martial disciple soon. I think that I advance faster when I duel with you,” Zhang Shaoyang said.

“Alright, I won’t hold you up.” Wang Teng smiled.

The two of them chatted for a while and soon started practicing. They didn’t waste any time.

In the afternoon, Wang Teng went to watch Zhang Shaoyang’s test. All his indicators had reached the basic requirements. Therefore, he successfully became an advanced stage martial disciple and went to the third floor.

Wang Teng was genuinely happy for him.

Advanced stage martial disciple! He was one step closer to becoming a martial warrior!

Although this one step was huge, it was what all martial disciples worked hard to achieve.

When will I be able to become a martial warrior?

I wish I can get a Force skill scripture!

Unfortunately, that’s too difficult!

Wang Teng pondered silently. He still didn’t know what to do.

Wang Teng spent the rest of his time in the martial arts academy. He picked up attributes and practiced furiously at the same time. He didn’t even have the energy to tease that fatty, Wu Liang.

Sunday, some time past 9 am.

Wang Teng was still practicing in the martial arts academy when he received a call from Xu Jie.

He said that there was a gathering today where they would be able to meet many friends from old and well-known families. Thus, he wanted to invite Wang Teng, Bai Wei, and his other friends.

Wang Teng initially wanted to reject his offer, but he couldn’t resist Xu Jie’s nagging. He felt that Xu Jie would keep pestering him until he agreed.

Hence, he accepted the invitation helplessly. They had been friends for so many years, so it wouldn’t be good to make Xu Jie lose face.

Honestly, he wasn’t willing to attend the gathering. He had been to many such parties in his past life.

The people attending were all rich second generations or children of officials. Everyone gathered to eat, drink, play, and keep up their friendships.

Once they forged a good relationship, they could go out more in the future. If anyone had trouble, they could help one another out.

But, in his past life, when his family went downhill, these people dodged as far away as possible. No one was really willing to help him.

At that time, he understood.

These were all fair-weather friends. They appeared like brothers on the surface, helping you when you have small or unimportant problems. Once you were in a true dilemma, you couldn’t rely on them at all.

“Forget it. I’ll just go there to have some good food and drinks,” Wang Teng consoled himself.

He placed the sword and blade he was holding back into the weapons room. Then, he returned home to tidy up and changed his clothes. He prepared to meet Xu Jie and his friends first.

“Mom, I won’t be coming home for dinner. I’m going to a gathering of our circle with Xu Jie and some other friends,” Wang Teng told Li Xiumei.

“Go ahead. It’s good to go out and make some friends. You practice martial arts every day. I’m worried that you will get addicted to martial arts and won’t find a girlfriend in the future…”

The moment he heard Li Xiumei mention his girlfriend, Wang Teng felt his head spinning.

Judging from his mother’s expression, he felt that she planned to continue this topic forever. Thus, he immediately ran away in fright.

“This is so scary!”

When Wang Teng drove his car, he still had lingering fears.

20 minutes later, he met Xu Jie and his friends at the toll station heading to Mount Bao’an.

This gathering was being held inside a mountain villa on Mount Bao’an.

It was said that the host’s family was influential, and he had massive sway over the younger generation. This mountain villa was his personal property. He had provided it for their gathering today.

The four of them drove two cars in. Bai Wei was sitting in Wang Teng’s car as she briefly explained the situation to him.

She wasn’t clear about the details either.

Xu Jie drove his car in front of them to lead the way.

Yu Hao was sitting in his car, feeling a little bitter. At first, he wanted to sit with Bai Wei so that they could have a conversation along the journey. Yet, before he could open his mouth, Bai Wei had already run to Wang Teng’s car.

Wang Teng’s sports car could only fit two people. In the end, Yu Hao had to throw his thoughts away.

Mount Bao’an was at the outskirts of Donghai City. If they took the highway, they would reach in half an hour.

There were road signs placed at regular intervals. They followed them and left the highway, driving up the hill along a cement road.

After years of development, there were many mountain villas and entertainment facilities built on Mount Bao’an. A broad road was constructed to make it more convenient for travelers.

The road’s construction was made possible because Mount Bao’an wasn’t high. If it was too high, the road wouldn’t reach the top.

Lush forests lined the sides of the road and painted beautiful scenery. Mixed with the occasional chirping of birds, the sound of a flowing stream floated into their ears. It was invigorating and refreshing and lightened up people’s moods.

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