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Chapter 2364 Be Good, Don't Be Afraid, Let Your Elder Save You! (1)

Chapter 2364  Be Good, Don't Be Afraid, Let Your Elder Save You! (1)

Was Wang Teng threatening Elder Hui?

Undoubtedly - yes!

There was no other way. He was also panicking. Facing an eternal-stage ruler, what else could he do but resort to words to threaten?

He hoped the other party would be wary of his identity as a member of the Academy Arbitration Association.

But others don't see it that way. They were astonished to see Wang Teng daring to threaten an eternal-stage entity.

His courage was simply beyond comprehension!

His audacity was at least ten times theirs.

"Haha… Hahaha…" Elder Hui suddenly burst into laughter as if he found something extremely amusing. He laughed uncontrollably.

Many people looked at the eternal stage presence. They didn't hear any mockery in the laughter as if the elder found something genuinely funny. However, the more genuine it seemed, the more humiliating it felt for the person involved, making their face burn with embarrassment.

People couldn't help but turn their heads to Wang Teng, only to find him remarkably calm, simply watching Elder Hui's laughter with a bystander's expression.


Everyone felt a bit speechless. Well, they underestimated this guy's nerve.

He didn't feel ashamed at all.

But in a way, it was also a testament to his confidence.

Without confidence, could one remain so composed?

Elder Hui found himself unable to laugh anymore, feeling inexplicably embarrassed.

This kid before him was too composed!

His calmness made Elder Hui feel like he was putting on a one-man show.

As an eternal-stage powerhouse, he had long transcended the influence of external factors. However, he had to admit that he was a bit rattled by the young man before him.

"Why stop laughing? If you don't mind, keep laughing for a while longer. We're all doing our best to accommodate you," Wang Teng said.

Elder Hui couldn't help but twitch at the corner of his eye.

His gaze subtly swept around, and indeed, he noticed the strange expressions on the faces of those around him.

This kid!

Elder Hui suddenly felt the urge to slap Wang Teng to death. As he looked at Wang Teng, his eyes brimmed with killing intent.


A thunderous roar echoed suddenly in Wang Teng's mind, causing his expression to change slightly.

This was the aura of an eternal-stage ruler!



With just a glance, it rendered people breathless, and their spiritual essence trembled uncontrollably as if on the verge of collapse.

Wang Teng felt a heavy weight in his heart, and he immediately erupted his Unyielding Leiting Battle Conscious and Primordial Consciousness.


The thunderous sound erupted, and a sense of indomitability and majesty surged forth.

At the same time, there was an ancient and vast aura as if descending from ancient times, overwhelming the void.

These two distinct auras intertwined completely at this moment, fiercely colliding with the aura of the eternal-stage powerhouse across from him.

A crisp sound echoed in his ears, and Wang Teng felt the restraints that bound him to disappear in an instant. His body regained control, but he staggered backward several steps.

Although his aura was not as powerful as the opponent's, it was still an eternal-stage aura, coupled with the unique Primordial Consciousness, barely resisting the opponent's indescribable vast aura.

Yet, the terrifying aura still left him pale-faced and trembling with lingering fear.

"Huh!" Elder Hui uttered a light exclamation, "Eternal-stage aura. You truly continue to surprise me, little one."

The nearby eternal-stage powerhouses from the five major families couldn't help but look over, their eyes showing a hint of surprise.

Though Wang Teng's aura was not enough to contend with Elder Hui's, it was not inferior to theirs and even seemed to surpass them slightly. This young man was indeed extraordinary.

At this moment, Wang Teng locked his gaze on Elder Hui. The sword in his hand suddenly moved, slicing the neck of the Heishan Royal Clan youth. He said, "Don't forget, this kid is still in my hands. You can see if your speed is faster or if my sword is quicker."

A large amount of blood gushed from the youth's neck as his major artery was cut. If he weren't a martial warrior, he would have been in dire straits.

"Elder Hui, save me!" The Heishan Royal Clan youth cried out in terror.

Never before had death felt so close to him.

He finally felt fear!

The young man realized that Wang Teng was truly a malignant star. He acted without hesitation, and if not for Elder Hui's sudden appearance, he might already be dead.

The youth was still alive because he was useful to Wang Teng.

He didn't want to die!

He was the pride of the Heishan Royal Clan. He hadn't risen to prominence yet, and his future was bright. How could he die here?

"Be good, don't be afraid. Let your family elder save you," Wang Teng said.

The Heishan Royal Clan youth: …

Everyone: …

"Second time!" Elder Hui's mouth twitched slightly, his expression emotionless as he said, "This is the second time you've threatened me."

"Today, I will teach you a lesson. Eternal-stage rulers cannot tolerate threats from the weak. Even an eternal-stage marquess is nothing but an ant in my presence."

"The threat of a cosmos-stage martial warrior is laughable to me."

As he spoke, he pointed slowly at Wang Teng, almost as if he were an elderly man in his twilight years.



With this single finger, the surrounding space suddenly and violently fluctuated. The void trembled, and countless cracks emerged.

Countless immense powers converged from all directions, manifesting in the void as an enormously colossal finger pointing down at Wang Teng. The fingerprint on it seemed to transform into intricate runes of law, mystical and profound.


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