Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Hunting Ground

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“Oh, so it’s the fifth young master of the Wang family,” Zhou Baiyun smiled as she said.

Her emotions a moment ago disappeared in an instant.

Before coming here, she had done her homework on all the big and small prominent families in Donghai City. Thus, after Sun Gaoyan introduced these people to her, their identities immediately flashed through her mind.

After a simple conversation, she excused herself and went to find other people.

When she was a distance away, Xu Jie lowered his voice and whispered, “Our families are probably not up to Zhou Baiyun’s standard.”

Although Zhou Baiyun didn’t portray her emotions, they could feel the difference in her attitude. She wasn’t as hospitable to them as she was to the others.

Sun Gaoyan was a little unhappy. He was the one who invited Xu Jie and his friends, so Zhou Baiyun’s attitude made him feel humiliated.

Wang Teng patted his shoulder. “Don’t mind her. We came here today purely to have fun and enjoy some good food. Making friends is secondary.”

“Gaoyan, don’t think too much. It feels good to eat and play for free the entire day.” Xu Jie chuckled.

The other three people instantly felt better after his consolation.

“Hey, how did Li Rongcheng manage to get to know Zhou Baiyun? By right, the Li family isn’t strong enough to befriend the Zhou family,” Bai Wei suddenly asked.

“I heard that Zhou Baiyun is looking for martial disciples, especially advanced stage martial disciples with the hope of becoming martial warriors,” Sun Gaoyan said.

“That makes sense. When Li Rongcheng became an advanced stage martial disciple, the Li family had announced it to everyone. They probably wanted everyone to know that there was a genius in their Li family who would become a martial warrior in the future.” Yu Hao joined the discussion.

“Hmph, it isn’t easy to become a martial warrior. Advanced stage martial disciples aren’t rare, but only a small percentage of them can become martial warriors. Within a thousand advanced stage martial disciples, there might not be even one who can take that step. The Li family might not be able to help Li Rongcheng become a martial warrior even if they throw all their resources at him,” Xu Jie said with contempt. He was incredibly irritated.

“But, this doesn’t prevent Zhou Baiyun from drawing him to her side,” Bai Wei mocked.

“Throw the net and you will get more fishes! Li Rongcheng is probably only one of the fishes. However, if Zhou Baiyun knows Brother Wang Teng’s ability… haha!” Xu Jie gave an evil smile.

“This has nothing to do with me. No matter how well she treats me, I won’t interfere in her affairs,” Wang Teng shook his head and replied.

A thought shot through Sun Gaoyan’s mind as he listened to their conversation and recalled Li Rongcheng’s expression a moment ago…

After some wild guesses, he realized something, and a glint appeared in his eyes.

But, he didn’t express his emotions. He maintained the same attitude and slowly integrated himself into Wang Teng’s circle.

Yu Hao and Bai Wei liked Sun Gaoyan’s personality. Though Wang Teng knew his intentions, he didn’t say anything.

Besides, he was Xu Jie’s cousin. This additional relationship naturally made it easier for them to accept him.

Hence, they had a fun time chatting with one another.

Afternoon. It was lunchtime.

Plates of exquisite dishes were placed on the table. The fragrance of the food wafted into everyone’s nose and made them salivate.

“This is… star beast dishes!”

Yu Hao said in a soft voice. He had seen these dishes before.

“Zhou Baiyun must have spent a fortune on this gathering. These star beast dishes are quite expensive,” Xu Jie commented.

While everyone sat around the table, some guests inched towards Zhou Baiyun’s side. Within a few seconds, the front part of the table was fully occupied.

The entire dining table was long and rectangular.

In the end, Wang Teng and his friends could only sit at the end of the table. They seemed a little asocial.

Very soon, everyone started eating.

Wang Teng took a piece of meat and placed it in his mouth. Once his tongue touched the meat, he immediately noticed that the energy contained inside wasn’t thick.

“These are probably wild beasts on the earth that underwent small mutations.” He formed his conclusion.

It made sense. Most of the people here were just normal human beings. How could they handle the energy contained in the meat of real star beasts?

Wang Teng scanned through the guests briefly and saw that many rich second generations and children of officials had pale complexions. They looked so weak that it felt as though they could drop dead at any moment.

To these people, eating a small amount of star beast meat could benefit their health. However, if they overate, it was as good as poison. They could lose their lives.

Zhou Baiyun understood this, so she had prepared these ingredients.

Of course, most people didn’t know this. Wild beasts that underwent minor mutations were equivalent to the rare game meat wealthy people ate in Wang Teng’s past life. Usually, there was little chance of tasting them.

Also, these ingredients were cooked by advanced stage chefs. They were outstanding in color, flavor, and taste. At the same time, they were nourishing to the body. Everyone had a happy time eating.

They all felt that Zhou Baiyun was very considerate!

This meal lasted for more than an hour. After filling up their stomachs, Zhou Baiyun stood up and said, “There are many entertainment spots on Mount Bao’an. In the afternoon, everyone can get some rest. We will go out to have some fun at 2.30 pm. Since we have already come here, we should have a good time.”

They all agreed with her.

There were many rooms in the villa, so the guests went to look for their rooms. Those wanting to rest excused themselves, while the remaining gathered together and chatted with one another.

Xu Jie, Bai Wei, and Yu Hao didn’t have Wang Teng’s energy. They decided to rest for some time.

Ever since Wang Teng started practicing martial arts, he would consciously ensure that his body was in its best state all the time. Since there was nothing for him to do now, he decided to get a short nap.

2.30 pm.

Everyone left their rooms and gathered in the hall. Under Zhou Baiyun’s lead, they went into the mountain.

There were indeed many entertainment spots in the mountain, like open-air swimming pools where one could play with water guns under the hot sun. They could also enjoy the sight of pretty ladies in bikinis along the way.

Mind you, there were many beautiful ladies among the wealthy young generations.

Not only that, there was a special area cordoned off as a hunting ground on Mount Bao’an. Visitors to the mountain could form teams and hunt there. It was an exciting experience.

Men loved guns, so this kind of hunting game would satisfy their desires to a large extent.

So, there were indeed many entertainment venues, and it would be unwise to go through them one by one.

The group soon reached their destination and looked at the open-air swimming pool in front of them. It was situated below a small waterfall. There were also many entertainments built around the swimming pool. Many people felt like taking off their clothes and jumping into the cool water.


Apparently, some people were already doing this. A man howled like a wolf and jumped into the swimming pool without even taking off his clothes.

Water splashed everywhere!

“Lin Hao, are you crazy!”

His friends started laughing and teasing him.

Lin Hao popped his head out of the pool and wiped the water off his face. He laughed heartily and said, “This feels so good. Hurry up and come down if you want to play. Why are you dilly-dallying?”

“You are indeed bold and unrestrained, just like your name (in Chinese, ‘Hao’ means bold and unstrained),” Zhou Baiyun praised him.

Lin Hao laughed loudly again.

“What an idiot,” Xu Jie scolded him softly with a smile. He was speechless.

“The hunting ground is at the side. You can go there if you want. All you have to do is to register with the staff.

“You can hunt some game for us to barbecue at night!

“I have prepared a secret gift for the person who catches the most prey.”

Zhou Baiyun pointed at an entrance-looking spot on the left and did some explanation. At the end, she warned everyone.

“However, I have to remind you that there are some aggressive wild beasts inside. Please ensure your own safety. It will be better to form a group. You can take care of each other that way. If you act alone, it will be very dangerous.”

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