Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Loud Sound Under The Night Sky

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Animals had started mutating after getting influenced by the Force. This white wolf’s skin was just like silk. Not only was it pure white and beautiful, it felt extremely good to touch. Its thermal insulation effect was good too.

Zhou Baiyun instantly fell in love with it.

She passed the wolf to the young lady following her. Then, she got up and said to Wang Teng, “I didn’t know that your gun skill was so good. Thank you for helping out just now. I meant what I said. You can make one request of me.”

After she finished, she gave a cheeky smile and added, “But, you can’t go too far!”

Zhou Baiyun was proud and arrogant most of the time. But, mind you, when she put on a cheeky expression like this, the contrast made her attractive.

She had probably noticed Wang Teng’s ability, so her attitude towards him changed.

Hmph, what a slap in the face!

“There’s no need to thank me. It’s nothing. Don’t mention it.”

Wang Teng smiled. His indifferent expression caused Li Rongcheng to go berserk as he screamed in his heart.

He’s acting!

He’s acting!

This man must be feigning calm!

“Let’s go!” Wang Teng turned and waved at Xu Jie and his other friends. Then, he walked towards the direction of the hunting ground’s entrance.

He was tired of hunting. The preys here didn’t even require him to release one-third of his gun skill potential.

Xu Jie didn’t hesitate. After pointing his middle finger at Li Rongcheng, he followed Wang Teng out.

Zhou Baiyun felt a little dissatisfied with the rejection.

Sun Gaoyan said to Zhou Baiyun, “Sister Zhou, we are all tired from hunting. We will be going back now. Please continue to have fun.”

Zhou Baiyun was displeased at Wang Teng for being disrespectful to her. However, she couldn’t display her emotions openly, so she just nodded with a calm expression.

“Wait for me!” Yu Hao couldn’t bear to part with the gun in his hand. But, there was no point in continuing if he was the only one left, so he jogged and caught up with the rest.

The four of them returned to the entrance and handed their guns to the staff.

There were many beach chairs placed around the open-air swimming pool. The sunlight filtered through the trees, and the mountain spring in front of them shimmered under the sun.

Wang Teng and his friends found four empty beach chairs and laid on them. Their hands didn’t rest, though, as they enjoyed some iced fruits, snacks, and drinks.

The group also admired the beauties in the swimming pool. Tsk… what a good life!

Xu Jie and Sun Gaoyan chuckled like ducks.

Yu Hao couldn’t help but glance at them a few times. Then, he threw a look of contempt before turning to look at Bai Wei with a sincere expression.

“It’s good to be young. Everyone is full of vitality!” Wang Teng wore a pair of sunglasses and held a cigarette in his mouth. While taking a puff of his cigarette, he lamented like an old man.

This young man was acting again!

This time, he was pretending in front of nobody…

Xu Jie suddenly leaned over and asked with a secretive look on his face, “Brother Wang Teng, who do you like?”


Xu Jie nodded.

Wang Teng glanced at the swimming pool before replying, “What’s there to say? I’ll choose the one with the best figure.”


The three of them exclaimed simultaneously.

Wang Teng laughed loudly in return. When he turned to look at the beauties again, a sudden scene caused him to squint.

He picked up a small pebble on the ground and flicked it out with his fingers.


The pebble cut through the air and hit a young man’s hand. This guy was secretly trying to molest a young lady.

The strength and accuracy were right on point.



The young man screamed in pain. He immediately retracted his hand, as though he was pricked by needles.

“What’s the matter?”

Bai Wei turned around and looked at the young man curiously.

“Oh, nothing, nothing. I think I got bitten by something. It frightened me.” He laughed awkwardly as he placed his hand behind his back, leaving no traces of his crime.

Bai Wei ignored him and continued playing water guns with the other young ladies. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

The young man looked at the back of his hand. It was swollen. It hurt so much that he gasped in pain.

What happened just now?

He scanned his surroundings in confusion. Unfortunately, he didn’t see anything.

Wang Teng thought that after this lesson, the young man would restrain himself. But, more than ten minutes later, the young fellow sneaked behind Bai Wei and lifted his hand again in an attempt to grope her.

Wang Teng frowned.

Isn’t he done?

He picked up a bigger pebble and flicked it out once again. The stone flew towards the young man with a sharp gust of wind.

This time, it didn’t hit the back of his hand. Instead, it was aimed directly at the bottom part of his body.


A crisp sound shook the hearts of men.

“Ouch!” Afterward, another howl of pain was heard.

The earth-shattering scream made everyone jump in fright. The young man’s face turned distorted as he clutched the lower part of his body. He was crumpled up like a huge shrimp.

“What happened?”

Everyone turned to look at him. His friends went forward and showed some concern.

The young man didn’t dare to tell the truth. He waved his hand fervently and took a long time to calm down. Finally, he replied in a hoarse voice, “I’m fine. I’m fine. I think something bit me.”

Bai Wei gave him a puzzled look when she heard his familiar reply. Both times, this person was standing behind her. Both times, he screamed for no reason and explained that he got bitten by something. She wasn’t stupid.

Bai Wei had a hunch and raised her head. Her gaze coincidentally landed on Wang Teng, who was on the shore.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and gave her a sign. Bai Wei was enlightened and got disgusted by the young man.

After this issue, she didn’t have the mood to enjoy anymore. She stepped out of the swimming pool and came beside Wang Teng and her friends.

She found an empty bench and sat on it. Then, she chatted with them casually while having some drinks. Bai Wei didn’t mention what happened just now at all.

Time passed quickly.

Soon, the sky turned dark, and everyone started building a campfire.

Before this, Zhou Baiyun had already ordered people to clean the preys that were caught.

Currently, plates and plates of fresh game meat were dished out. Those that knew how to barbecue started showing their capabilities. They needed to perform well in front of the beauties.

The meal consisted of barbecued meat and vegetables. Everyone’s lips were covered with oil from the food, but they didn’t find it greasy.

The atmosphere got livelier as they paired their food with beer.

The young men and ladies were huddled in small groups, singing and playing together as though they had known each other for a long time.

As they had fun, time seeped away slowly.

Around 9 pm, everyone started to feel tired after a whole day of fun. They prepared to go back.

Zhou Baiyun stood up and clapped her hands to gather everyone’s attention. She was planning to say a few polite words before parting ways.

Everyone respected her and looked at her quietly.

Zhou Baiyun opened her mouth…


A loud explosion suddenly came from the forest in the distance. Even though it was far away, they still felt the ground vibrating a little.

“What happened?”

All of them were flabbergasted. They looked in the direction where the sound came from. It was pitch black, and nothing could be seen clearly.

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