Crazy Detective

Chapter 879 - Unprecedented

Chapter 879: Unprecedented

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“Dam* it!” After Zhao Yu had just passed one tank truck, his tracking screen showed that the other tank truck had already left the highway and was headed for a nearby village.

Zhao Yu figured that the robbers must want to find a quiet place to abandon the truck and run away. If they succeeded in doing this, it would be very difficult to find them again.

With this in mind, Zhao Yu cautiously drove the truck while he called the local police. After his call was connected, he hadn’t even had the chance to say a word before he heard a loud, bombarding sound. The huge fuel tank truck had crashed into the rear of his truck!

His truck was severely jolted by the collision, causing Zhao Yu to drop his phone. The driver of the big tank truck seemed to have gone mad, and he rammed into Zhao Yu’s truck again! He hit it so hard that Zhao Yu almost lost control of his truck entirely.

Fortunately, Zhao Yu grabbed the steering wheel tightly at the last moment, and after the head of his truck hit the dividing strip, he somehow managed to turn it back to the middle of the highway.

The robbers’ tank truck howled fiercely as it careened towards Zhao Yu for the third time! Zhao Yu used an Invisible Accelerator in a hurry, causing the robbers’ truck to miss him by an inch!

Then, a cracking sound burst out. Apparently, the robbers wouldn’t let Zhao Yu get away easily, so they smashed their windshield, raised their guns, and took aim at Zhao Yu’s truck!

Through the back mirror, Zhao Yu could clearly see that there were only two robbers in the front seat. The driver was a big fat man, who was obviously not Jiang Ke. As for the one who was aiming his gun at Zhao Yu at the moment, he did look similar to Jiang Ke. However, because of the distance, Zhao Yu could not be sure if it was indeed him or not.

Suddenly, the gunman fired his gun. This time, he aimed at the tires of Zhao Yu’s truck. He wanted to hit the tire and cause Zhao Yu’s truck to lose its balance and roll over.

In order to avoid the tires being hit, Zhao Yu took a sharp turn to the left, narrowly missing the bullets.

“Hello…” At this time, a policeman was shouting over the phone that Zhao Yu had previously dropped.

Zhao Yu wanted to pick up his phone, but the robbers’ hot pursuit wouldn’t give him a second to even take a breath. Zhao Yu realized that subduing them was not going to be an easy thing.

At the moment, the robbers in front of Zhao Yu were about to abandon their truck and run away, while the gunman behind him was trying to kill him! His Invisible Accelerator device’s efficiency period was about to come to an end, and soon, he would lose control of the huge truck altogether!

In a panic, Zhao Yu wondered… What should I do? What can I do to stop it?

Oh! Yes! Zhao Yu suddenly remembered the Invisible Spring Launcher. When he was in Bailing, he had used this device to turn a truck upside down.

In such an urgent moment, Zhao Yu afford to hesitate, so he immediately stretched his head out of the window and used the Invisible Spring Launcher for the big tank truck. He knew that if the robbers’ huge heavy truck bounced up at full speed, the driver would lose control of it, and the truck would inevitably be overturned by the force of the spring!

However, something surprising happened at that moment. After Zhao Yu had used the spring, the system notified him that the target was beyond its range and that he needed 1,000 points for a device enhancement.

“Dam*!” Upon seeing this, Zhao Yu became instantly depressed. He simply didn’t have 1,000 points!

But, in the next breath, Zhao Yu suddenly had a brilliant idea. In fact, it was so unprecedentedly brilliant that he almost bit his tongue with excitement.

OK, you bastar*s, let’s see what you do when faced with my next plan? After making up his mind, Zhao Yu drove his truck to the middle of the highway and turned the steering wheel to its original position. Then, he opened the door and climbed out of it!

Because he had used an Invisible Accelerator on his truck, he only needed to use his mind to control the speed of the truck. Although he couldn’t control its direction, Zhao Yu assumed that he would be able to complete his plan before his truck spun out of control.

Seeing that Zhao Yu suddenly got out of the driver’s cab, the gunman in the tank truck immediately took aim with his gun and shot at him. The gunman fired numerous rounds in a mad manner.

Although Zhao Yu was wearing the Invisible Bullet Proof Suit, he still hid behind the sewage tank of the truck just to make sure that his plan was foolproof. He then walked around to the other side of the sewage tank.

The tank was not right in the middle of the truck, and along its side, it had a narrow gap. Zhao Yu went through that gap and went to the rear of the truck.

As soon as the gunman saw Zhao Yu at the rear of the truck, he fired another shot. After Zhao Yu bowed his head to avoid being shot, he immediately raised his hand and fired back at the driver. This was the only bullet that Zhao Yu had left.

Although he only fired once, both the driver and the gunman in the tank truck were frightened and bowed their heads because they were so close to Zhao Yu. This was the exact reaction that Zhao Yu was waiting, and he reached out to pull out the suction pipe at the rear of the truck.

Then, he pointed the outlet at the driver’s cab of the tank truck and kicked the valve beside him to turn on the sewage discharge function! The sewage tank was highly pressurized, so the huge pressure immediately caused all of the sewage waste to spray out into the sewage tank.

The sewage tank was filled with smelly mud, oil, excrement and other dirty things, which then overflowed into the robbers’ driver’s cab. The stench was unbearable, and as the driver’s cab turned into the color of sh*t, the two robbers in the truck were completely covered with muddy sewage.

As the driver was now engulfed by sewage, he lost control of the huge tank truck and crashed into the dividing strip again. This area was an accident-prone intersection of the highway, so the strip was equipped with a concrete partition block.

As the truck dashed into the dividing strip, with a heavy squeak, it jolted upward at a 45 degree angle! The truck flew quite high in the air, even momentarily blocking the sunset.

Zhao Yu was amazed by this scene, and he totally forgot about turning off the sewage discharge valve. So, before long, sewage was scattered all around, completely covering the highway.

When the tank truck reached its highest height, it seemed to hover in the air for a few seconds. It then fell down on the complete other side of the highway.

As the truck landed with a thunderous crash, it could be clearly seen that the front of the truck was twisted grotesquely and bent out of shape. The driver in the truck, who was quite smelly by this point, was thrown out of the window, flew several meters, then finally hit a poplar tree that was on the other side of the highway. As he fell to the ground, it appeared as if he had taken his last breath on this earth.


At the same time, when the truck’s head hit the ground hard, its huge fuel tank also made a muffled sound, like popcorn popping or water boiling in a kettle. Then, with a loud explosion, the end of the fuel tank burst, and the cigarettes that were hidden within the truck, sprayed into the air before falling onto the ground.

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