Crazy Detective

Chapter 880 - Strategic Escape

Chapter 880: Strategic Escape

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Countless cigarettes sprayed out from the rear of the tank and spilled out on the road. They looked like popcorn that was springing out of the pot.

As the robbers’ truck skidded to the other side of the highway, its body blocked the road. At this moment, several speeding cars came over.

The drivers hadn’t seen that anything was on the road, so they had to slam on their brakes abruptly. As a result, some of the arriving cars careened into ditches and scattered around. Others crashed into the dividing strip or skidded to the opposite side of the road and hit the trees that were lining the roadside after taking a series of turns.

As Zhao Yu saw this, he quickly closed the valve on the pipe and slowed down the truck. Even though Zhao Yu was on the yellow truck, he was still covered with a ton of thick and stinky mud. Its smell disgusted him so much that his mouth pursed into a grimace and his eyes squinted up.

Because he was so distracted by the awful smell, Zhao Yu failed to react quickly, and before he could slow the truck down, a BMW suddenly appeared right in front of him! It was a 740 model, and those were not cheap!

This type of model was very fast. Originally, it would have been impossible for the truck to be moving fast enough to even come near hitting it.

However, the driver had stopped when he saw the sudden explosion on the tank truck. He had then taken the time to open the car window and look out of it. That was when, unexpectedly, Zhao Yu’s truck had suddenly come over and brushed past it, narrowly missing it.

“Ah!” The BMW driver was shocked and swerved, which then caused the truck to smash the BMW’s glass and knock off its side mirror.

Because of the collision, Zhao Yu could not keep his firm footing, and he lost control of the sewage valve. The sewage pipe outlet was now pointing at the BMW’s window. Then, what the robbers had just experienced took place again, but this time with the BMW!

“Sh*t!” Zhao Yu exclaimed as he struggled to shut the valve quickly.

However, he was not quick enough, so he failed to stop the smelly and dirty sewage from going straight into the BMW. The driver was so frightened that he opened the door frantically and did not hesitate before he waded out of his car, which was now filled with sewage.

When Zhao Yu saw him, the driver was covered in mud and sewage waste! Needless to say, the driver instantly regretted having stopped to gawk at other people’s business on this highway!

“Em… I’m sorry…” As Zhao Yu looked at the driver and his muddy clothes, he felt terribly sorry for him.

Then, when Zhao Yu turned back around, he saw a miserable scene. The robbers’ truck lay there like a dead monster, stretching across the side of the road. Cigarettes were scattered all over the road as well. It was a total mess!

The other cars, which had rushed into ditches or hit trees along the roadside, were spewing smoke out of their engines or busted hoods. Although the highway was not particularly busy this day, as more cars passed by the scene, a small traffic jam started to accumulate.

Zhao Yu dragged his injured right foot across the dividing strip of the highway and came over to the driver’s cab of the tank truck. He saw that the driver’s cab had turned dark black from smoke damage, and sewage was flowing out of the broken door.

Although the stinky smell made Zhao Yu nauseous, he had no choice but to open the door with his bare hand. As he did so, along with a large amount of sludge, two muddy men fell out of the vehicle.

One of them had a chunk of flesh that was obviously missing from his forehead. At first glance, Zhao Yu recognized that this man was Cui Xiaolong, who he had obviously killed! He figured that the other person must have been the one who was attacking him with a shotgun.

Zhao Yu rolled this man’s body over with his foot, but saw no obvious wounds on it. As he saw the man’s chest rise and fall ever so slightly, it seemed that he was still breathing, albeit very shallowly.

Zhao Yu then used the tip of his foot to remove the smelly mud from the man’s face, revealing a face that was very young. This showed Zhao Yu that this man could definitely not be Jiang Ke. So, this meant that Jiang Ke either had not actively participated in the robbery, or that he was in another tank car!

At that moment, the smell was so unbearable that Zhao Yu had to take a step back. Meanwhile, the drivers who had arrived to gawk at the scene and had been stuck on the highway finally recovered from the initial shock after seeing the scene of the accident. It was only now that they all noticed that what had fallen out of the robber’s vehicle were cigarettes.

Some people were curious, so they got out of their cars to get a closer look. When they came closer to look at the cigarettes in particular and realized that the cigarettes were high-end brands, some of them even picked up the scattered cigarettes to take them for themselves! Among them was a bald fat man, who shamelessly took several cartons, quickly stowing them away and out of sight.

Since Jiang Ke is not here, then… Zhao Yu was in deep thought as he looked at the muddy body of a man under the truck.

The man had just been thrown out of the truck and was now unconscious. He appeared to be in a coma. Hence, he definitely did not seem to pose a threat of running away.

However, out of precaution, Zhao Yu still wanted to handcuff him. But, he had rushed here without bringing handcuffs with him. Besides, even if he had brought handcuffs, Zhao Yu doubted whether he would be able to actually get close enough to the man to handcuff him, as the man’s body was really stinky!

At that moment, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered that there was still one more tank truck at large. So, he rushed back to his truck and viewed the tracking signal in his brain.

“D*mn!” Zhao Yu immediately saw that the other tank truck had disappeared from his signal tracking map.

There are only two reasons why the signal would disappear. One is that the robbers in the car have been caught, and the other is that… While he was analyzing the situation, Zhao Yu’s phone rang.

As he answered the phone, he heard a familiar voice. It was Officer Wang, who had jumped into the well to help investigate the case.

“Hey, Leader Zhao, are you okay?” Officer Wang asked.

“I’m okay. Don’t worry about me. Tell me, how are you doing in attempting to find the fuel tank truck? Any progress? I know it was headed for…” Zhao Yu suddenly realized that he mustn’t say more, as it would certainly arouse suspicion if he told Officer Wang the location of the tank truck.

“Yes. We found it. I was actually there when we finally caught up to it. It’s just that… Um…” Officer Wang spoke with regret and some embarrassment, “At that time, we tried our best to stop it. Then, as we were chasing it, it turned in the direction of Dongling village, so we chased it all the way there. But, when we finally caught up to the truck, there was no one inside it, only cigarettes!”

Officer Wang then added, “By the way, I checked it. Maybe it was because the tank was so heavy, but that truck sank in the mud before it got to the village. We don’t think that they should be able to run too far!”

“Stuck in the mud?” Zhao Yu frowned, then said to him, “You have to record a video of it for me!”

“Oh, okay…” Officer Wang did as he was told at once, while staying on the phone with Zhao Yu.

At this time, Zhao Yu suddenly heard people quarreling around him. He looked up and saw some of the people on the roadside arguing with each other.

Several greedy drivers had seen the high-priced cigarettes and had taken them and put them into their cars. Upon seeing this, a few people felt that this was wrong, so they spoke up and tried to stop them. Therefore, a dispute broke out between the two sides.

“Okay. I just sent the video to you!” After Officer Wang sent out the video, he asked, “Leader Zhao, one more thing… We haven’t seen the other big tank truck. We are searching for it now!”

“Don’t bother yourself with that.” As Zhao Yu watched the video, he told him about what had happened and gave him his location.

“Ah? So, you got them?” Officer Wang was very excited to hear this news.

Then, Zhao Yu found something suspicious as he was watching the video. In the video, the tank truck was parked on a narrow asphalt road. Even though it was loaded up with cigarettes, it was not heavy enough to cause it to sink into the mud beside the road.

Also, the way that the car was parked seemed quite strange. The only reason explain its positioning was that they were either involved in an accident or the driver intentionally placed it in that position.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu found another problem in the video, and he asked, “Officer Wang, look at the left headlight of the tank truck. Are there any scratches on it?”

“Let me see…” Officer Wang checked the headlight, then answered in surprise, “Yes! I also see dark green paint, and there is some broken glass! This means…”

“This means that they may have taken another car and escaped!” Zhao Yu finished Officer Wang’s sentence, his voice filled with anger and frustration.

“Yes!” Officer Wang spoke urgently, “I’ll go and check to see if there was a lost car report filed recently!”

Zhao Yu yelled, “Da*n! Jiang Ke is so clever that he must have been controlling the driver.” You need to check the security cameras and have someone search for a dark green car. Remember, its left headlight was damaged, so keep your eyes out for that!”

“Yes! I’ll do that right away.” Before he hung up, Officer Wang asked anxiously, “Also… How is Captain Jin?”

“He is out of danger now. My colleague is taking care of him!” Zhao Yu said before he hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Yu found that even more people had gathered on the highway. They were all arguing with each other and scrambling for the cigarettes.

The people who had tried to stop this theft earlier had clearly been unable to stop them. They could only sit and watch the greedy people fight over the cigarettes.

As Zhao Yu watched the scene, anger boiled in his heart. He was really mad at these people, who dared to steal those cigarettes!

He immediately pulled out his pistol. Even though it didn’t have any bullets in it, those people didn’t know that! Besides, he had to try to maintain some order!

However, when he came to the rear of the truck, he was suddenly attracted by something that caught his eye. Suddenly, his eyes grew wide with terror.

He was scared stiff, as he saw that a dark green van was parked on the other side of the dividing strip, less than five meters away from him. Moreover, the headlight on the left side of the van had obviously been broken!

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