Crazy Detective

Chapter 881 - Deal a Deathblow

Chapter 881: Deal a Deathblow

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Suddenly, time felt like it had frozen. Zhao Yu could barely breathe as he kept a close eye on the dark green van.

Although he could see that there were people in the van, he couldn’t tell what they were doing. Although the van was parked near the tank truck, its door and windows were firmly closed. It was obvious that something was wrong with this van, as its occupants had clearly turned a blind eye to the chaos that was happening outside.

As he hid nearby, Zhao Yu quietly observed the surroundings. He assumed that this dark green van had been here for a while, as it was stuck in the traffic jam. At present, there were many cars piled up behind the van, so its occupants couldn’t possibly escape.

Zhao Yu then wondered aloud, “Jiang Ke, are you in this van? If so, why did you rob the van and come back? Were you worried about your buddies, so you came back to help them? Or… Are you making some bold move by coming to this most dangerous place to fool me?”

Zhao Yu shook his head, then thought… You know… I have found out your secret! Ha ha! I guess you are upset, anxious, and even angry now! You can’t help your robber buddies, and now you are stuck here. I guess I’ll just have to help you end this quickly!

While he was thinking these things, Zhao Yu grabbed his pistol tightly. But, he soon grew upset because he remembered that he didn’t have any bullets left.

After all, he had come to Yaoming to investigate Han Kuan’s case. He had no idea that he would encounter any danger, so he didn’t bring any spare bullets with him. However, since he knew that the robbers might be heavily armed, he knew that not having a proper gun with bullets would leave him in a very dangerous position.

So… What about simply focusing on keeping them busy until the police get here? While Zhao Yu was thinking hard about any possible solutions to his current situation, the dark green van suddenly moved, and the window that was facing Zhao Yu, was slowly rolled down.

Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized that they were coming for him! He did not hesitate to point the sewage pipe at them, while turning on the valve.

However, nothing came out from the valve! Maybe there was no pressure in it or the sewage tank was empty, but regardless of the reason, the situation was extremely embarrassing for Zhao Yu. Then, to make matters worse, the people in the van suddenly shot at him!

What the heck? Zhao Yu was so panicked that he dodged under the yellow truck, while trembling in terror.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Half of the bullets hit the yellow truck, while the other half ripped through the crowd.


“What is happening?”

The people in the crowd that had been shot all screamed in pain. Nobody dared to move, much less keep scrambling for more cigarettes at this time! People panicked, covering their heads with their arms as they dropped to the ground and tried to crawl away.

At the same time, the dark green van accelerated, dashing from the side of the highway where the cigarettes were scattered. The metal dividing strip in the middle of the highway had been damaged by the fuel tank truck, so there were several gaps in its.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the van broke through one of these gaps in the dividing strip and plunged into a mound of cigarettes.


The van was moving so fast that when it hit the cigarette pile, it sent them flying everywhere. Some of the onlookers from the crowd, who had no time to dodge the van, were hit by it! The scene was gruesome and terrible, and people were screaming and howling.

After the van hit several people, it kept careening forward and made several zigzagging turns on the highway. Sparks burst out from the van’s tires because of the fierce friction that they had with the road. All this while, the van’s engine was roaring madly.

As the scattered cigarettes were flying threw the sky, the scene truly looked like one from a Hollywood action film! Next, the van turned back and rushed towards Zhao Yu. However, by looking at the trajectory of the van, Zhao Yu realized that they were not coming for him, but that they intended to bypass Zhao Yu’s truck altogether and escape!

I have already used my only Invisible Accelerator. So, if they run away now, I don’t know how I could possibly catch up with them! Zhao Yu thought, while he was hiding beside the yellow truck.

While Zhao Yu was still thinking about his next move, the van sped past him on the right side of the truck. However, just in front of the truck on the right, the BMW 740 was still sitting there, completely filled with sewage. The ground surrounding it was also covered with a ton of dirty mud clods.

The van took another frantic right turn, trying to squeeze through the gap between the BMW and a thick pile of mud. The gap was more than 2 meters wide, and although the right tire needed to be off the road when doing so, it was wide enough for the van to get through!

However, no one could have expected that, when the van came in front of the BMW 740, its tire got stuck in the sludge. Suddenly, the exhaust pipe at the rear of the van bounced off and the van’s head sank deep into the mud. The driver immediately lost control of the vehicle.

As he heard the people inside the van screaming, Zhao Yu watched the van turn upside down, then crash down once more to the ground, its top hitting into the ditch next to it.


A thunderous sound then burst out as the van’s glass windows completely smashed, and its doors were all bent out of shape. Zhao Yu couldn’t help but grin when he saw the van fall into the ditch.

He covered his mouth with his hand and laughed at them in secret as he thought… This Invisible Spring was clearly waiting for your guys!

When he finally recovered his composure after thoroughly enjoying this scene, he suddenly found that his hands and mouth were covered with mud! The mud was so stinky that Zhao Yu gagged as he quickly wiped his mouth with his sleeve.

At the same time, the people in the van were trying to get out of it. Among them, a big man with a shotgun, who had been sitting in the back seat, kicked the car door open and climbed out of it. He was completely unharmed!

Dam*! Zhao Yu cursed in his heart. Although Zhao Yu had managed to destroy their car, these menaces were still not giving up!

Fine, I will simply have to do it myself! Thinking this, Zhao Yu rushed out from behind the truck and ran straight toward the van.

At this time, his right foot was killing him, but he managed to bear the pain. He jumped to the edge of the ditch and went straight for the big man.

The big man was extremely tall and as strong as a bear. He had huge muscles on his arms, which appeared to be as solid as steel.

Upon seeing Zhao Yu rushing over, the man’s face showed a look of slight contempt. He immediately pointed his gun at Zhao Yu, who quickly jumped at the big man. Leaving a perfect trajectory behind him in the air, Zhao Yu raised his fist and hit the big man directly on his cheek.



At the same time, the big man’s gun fired and Zhao Yu’s fist connected with the man’s face. In the next second, the man fell down on his back, his head knocking into the back mirror of the van. As a crackling sound burst out, the mirror shot out and spun in the air.

Since Zhao Yu’s Invisible Bullet Proof Suit had not expired yet, the big man couldn’t hurt him. But, when Zhao Yu landed on the ground after lunging at the man, he did land on solid ground, so he injured his right ankle all over again! He had suffered a second fracture, and the pain was unbearable!

“Lao Bin!” At this time, a thin gangster jumped out of the car. He patted the big man on the ground, and was shocked to find that the big man was dead!

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