Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 5 - Ten Times Exp Card

Chapter 5: Ten Times Exp Card

“Come to think of it, I got Gift Pack Lv5 earlier. I haven’t opened it yet, hopefully there are other good things.”

Yi Tianyun was quite excited. One of the item from Gift Pack Lv5 is very appealing. It is Ten times exp cards that he needs very much now.

Immediately, he opened the Gift Pack Lv5, and immediately the notification: Lottery function opened, three Recovery Pills, Absorbing Star Great Technique, Dark North Divine Art, Gift Pack Lv11!

“Absorbing Star Great Technique and Dark North Divine Art?” Yi Tianyun was startled by these two martial arts he obtained. These are famous goods. Yet he managed to obtain it at level 5. What other martial arts can I get in future?

Immediately he investigated lottery function. After he opened it, there was a huge turntable picture in front of it. There are several types, respectively is: Weapons Category, Defensive Equipment Category, Consumables Category, Martial Arts Category, Cultivation Techniques Category and Divine Ability Category!

Among them, Consumables has the most pool, almost half of all the item are consumables, and Abilities and Cultivation Techniques are much fewer. Divine Ability is the fewest. If you look at it in proportion, it can be regarded as a ratio of one in ten thousand.

『Because you have successfully opened the lottery function, you will be given a free lottery. Will you start the lottery now?』

The system sound asked.

“Pull out!” Yi Tianyun without hesitating. Immediately after the “beep” the lottery roulette spinned wildly. After a while, the turntable gradually slowed down, and he saw that the contents of the pointer were constantly changing. He’s waiting excitedly, what treasure will he get?

Finally, the lottery wheel stopped, and the pointer pointed to weapon, which made Yi Tianyun relieved, because it was not stopped at consumables.

Then, afterward a gauntlet popped up in the inventory. After checking, he couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Frost Fist!”

Weapon: Frost Fist

Level: Common (can level up)

Effect: Ice attribute attack, slow down movement speed, consume Crazy Point, ability to completely freeze the area within 100 meters, causing super deceleration!

Looking at the Frost Fist, Yi Tianyun was quite surprised. This weapon is originally from the game League of Legends, it can be obtained from lottery.

It is a common level weapon, which is the lowest level.

In this world, treasures are generally divided into: Common, Spirit, Holy, Relic, Artifact!

But it can be leveled up, in fact it’s safe to say that everything can be leveled up!

He opened the status window, and all kind of information pop up in front of him.

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 5 (Fifth Level of Body Refinement Realm)

Experience: 300/1000

Crazy Point: 5

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art (Human Level, Mastery 0/1000)

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique (Human Level, Mastery 0/1000), Eagle Claw Art and Falling Feather Sword Technique

Weapon: Frost Fist (Common Level, Mastery 0/1000)

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode Level 1 (Level up needs 100,000 Crazy Points)This is the value required for all level up. It starts with a thousand mastery. This is pretty normal. It’ll eventually leveled up after several use. But what the heck is this Crazy Mode, it takes 100,000 Crazy Points to level it up, it really is crazy!

100,000 Crazy Points, now he is only 5 Crazy Points, from what he knows the way to obtain Crazy Point is by killing other.

He shook his head and thought this is too much seems like an impossible feat to earn that much Crazy Point just for leveling up once.

“Can I draw another lottery?” which he will regret asking later. Yi Tianyun checked the lottery system, turns out it takes a thousand Crazy Points just for one draw. He originally planned to give it a try, but after knowing it takes one thousand CP per draw he don’t think so.

“Forget it, For the time being, it doesn’t matter.” Yi Tianyun’s eyes flashed. “The most important thing to do now is to level up. If I level up, I can win this duel!”

Fang Yun’s cultivation is seventh level of Body Refinement Realm, which is higher than him. However, reaching the same level as him is not his ultimate goal, his ultimate goal is total victory.

If he win not only that it’ll be helping Jade Palace, but also completing the quest from system and get reward.

Dragon Blood Divine Pill definitely helps Yi Tianyun a lot, it wouldn’’t be an exaggeration to call it a miracle for him, because prior to it Shi Xueyun has already given him quite a lot of medicinal pill which turns out to be lower quality recovery pill, no wonder it doesn’t awaken Crazy Leveling System, because it barely contains any energy to activate it.

At night, Yi Tianyun, who meditated on the ground, sense there is a pair of green eye gazing at him from afar, he immediately opened his eyes.

He gently pushed open the door, the outside was dark, and it was a quite night.

After watching surrounding situation and confirmed that there was no one around, he quietly left the Dragon Palace from the back door and head to the snowy mountain behind him. In the middle of the night, the cold wind blow fiercely.

This is not first time he came here, when he come here previously he couldn’t help but shiver due to the cold. But now despite wearing thin clothes, he just brushed it off and keep moving. He rushed into the depths of the snow-capped mountains, it’s such a dense forest there, trying to approach that pair of green eyes from the forest.

Then the second pair of eyes popped out, followed by the third pair, it just keeps coming. Turns out it was the eyes of snow wolves. Yi Tianyun is well aware of this.

Because this is not the first time he has come, he has been there several times before, to train himself! More importantly, now that he has blood qi. He can kill these snow wolves and cut them to get demon beast cores, then absorb blood qi inside!

He doesn’t want to keep relying solely on his aunt, He want te be stronger by his own effort!

“It’s been a long time since I saw my old friend. Are you ready today? I won’t run away like before.” Yi Tianyun equipped the Frost Fist!


A group of snow wolves howl like crazy, and rushed to Yi Tianyun from all directions. In the blink of an eye, four snow wolves rushed and opened their sharp giant jaws to tear off Yi Tianyun head.


“Eagle Claw Art!”

Yi Tianyun’s fighting spirit arise, his arms swelled, and the Frost Fist in his hand emitted a cold aura, which suddenly slowed down the speed of the snow wolf.

The next moment, his palm was turned into an eagle, and he grabbed the snow wolf on his neck. There was still a distance. Suddenly, a strong gushed surge from his palm and sucked the snow wolf…

The spiritual power of the snow wolf was extracted by system in the blink of an eye and absorbed into his body!

『Got 1 exp, 2 exp, 3 exp…』

while fiercely devouring, Yi Tianyun found that this can increase exp as well! It’s Crazy Leveling System, not only consuming the spiritual power of others, you can also increase your exp!

Other snow wolves attacking, he quickly twisted the neck.


The neck is easily broken, instantly killed!

『Ding! Congratulations killed snow wolf, got 50 exp, 3 Crazy Points!』


Without stopping, his backhand continuing to attack the other three snow wolves that had been thrown up, and “bam” they fell into the snow, dead.

『Ding! Congratulations killed snow wolf, got 50 exp, 3 Crazy Points!』

『Ding! Congratulations killed snow wolf, got 50 exp, 3 Crazy Points!』

『Ding! Congratulations killed snow wolf, got 50 exp, 3 Crazy Points!』

He earned some exp, but not much.

These Snow Wolves cultivation, was equal to merely third level of Body Refinement Realmif compared to human,they definitely don’t stand a chance against a fifth level of Body Refinement RealmYi Tianyun.

“So many snow wolves, this chance cannot be wasted… use ten times exp card!” his eyes lit up!

Then there was a group of snow wolves rushing up, upon unleashing his fist technique, several snow wolves were killed again! then the snow within five meters around him is blown away!

『Ding! Congratulations killed snow wolf, got 500 exp, 3 Crazy Points!』

『Ding! Congratulations killed snow wolf, got 500 exp, 3 Crazy Points!』

『Ding! Congratulations level up to sixth level of Body Refinement Realm!』

After using ten times exp card, the experience skyrocket and progression rushed crazily!

Under this bloody smell, more and more snow wolves have come up here.

After a few madness sweeps, the snow wolf that had been thrown up died in a blink of an eye, and they keep coming. These snow wolves are not afraid death, rushing to the side.

This is exactly what Yi Tianyun wants, brandishing attack crazily, snow wolves attack forth, this is a good chance for Yi Tianyun to increase his technique’s mastery. Especially Absorbing Stars Great Technique, the mastery skyrockets like crazy.

Thanks to the ten times experience card, the experience value is multiplied and his cultivation realm increased.

『Ding! Congratulations level up to seventh level of Body Refinement Realm!』

『Ding! Congratulations level up to eighth level of Body Refinement Realm!』

After killing these snow wolves in a row, he was leveled up to eighth level of Body Refinement Realm. This pace is unbelievable!

“This is awesome, i leveled up super fast, Fang Yun is nothing before me!” Yi Tianyun’s eyes exposed a domineering gaze, he won’t expect what’s coming for him!

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