Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 6 - Snow Wolf King

Chapter 6: Snow Wolf King

After killing one after another, powerful aura emitted by Yi Tianyun scared these snow wolves. They are definitely not smart, but in exchange their instinct is honed. Human in front of them keep fending their attacks and killing their kin, and at this rate they are just rushing toward their death.

“Oh, getting a cold feet are’t we?” Yi Tianyun looked at the snow wolf who was scared of him. He smiled, this is the power he needs.


A wolf howled from the top of the mountain, Yi Tianyun looked up, illuminated by the moonlight, standing at the peak of the snowy mountain, it is Snow Wolf King!

“As expected of boss monster, even the name is golden!”

His eyes were focused on Yi Tianyun, and the name on the top of its head were all golden, which symbolizes the boss!

He has been killing every snow wolf that’s coming here in order to lure out Snow Wolf King, this is first-level intermediate monster, probably somewhere around eighth level of Body Refinement Realm, which is a quite a challenge for him.


The sound of the system sounded in his mind.

『Quest: Kill Snow Wolf King!”』

『Reward: 5,000 exp and can summon Snow Wolf King as mount!”』

Yi Tianyun’s eyes lit up, the reward of this mission was amazing. Can summon this Snow Wolf King as mount, and think of it as a prestige! Can normal people out there mount this wild beast? These beast preferred to die rather than becoming mount for human.

Now as long as he kill this snow wolf king, he can summon it to as mount!

“This is so awesome, hurry come down and killed by me, so that you can become my mount!”, his eyes filled with excitement, the best advantage of killing big boss is the reward, now additionally he accepted the mission, even more exciting reward is waiting.

Snow Wolf King on the top of the mountain, observing Yi Tianyun with a cold look, other snow wolves around have backed off, clearing the road, but they remain alerted. Although they are weaker than Yi Tianyun, they will not submit.


Snow Wolf King rushed from the sky, and the silvery furs of his body were bristled like a thorn. He rushed down to him, and the snow was washed away to the side. Like a silver light, rushing down here, only a few breathing time, Snow Wolf King has ran down from the top of the mountain, with Snow Wolf King approaching, the size is simply shocking.

Snow Wolf King’s body is two meters high, higher than the normal person. It can flatten him simply using his huge body, not to mention its sharp claws.


Snow Wolf King is initating, he swing his giant claws. Silver light flashes in the darkness, piercing the silence of the night, trying to tear Yi Tianyun into pieces!

Yi Tianyun haven’t moved a single step ever since the beginning of the fight, he is forced to move the moment Snow Wolf King rushed.

Yi Tiangyun uses Eagle Claw Art shaping his hand into claws, and two claws clashed against each other!

Under this fierce grasp, a silvery light and a pale blue light were drawn in the air, and the two quickly collided together.


Frost Fist and the claws collided together, like the two metal weapons colliding together, and made a loud sound, like a thousand silver needles, piercing into the eardrum.

After the two major violent contacts, both of them were bounced off, but Yi Tianyun was bounced farther, after stopping he saw the ground was marked with deep marks. In contrary, Snow Wolf King was bounced only a few steps back from the impact, clearly indicating superiority of Snow Wolf King in terms of power.

The biggest advantage of this beast is the body, even simply by relying on this power is enough to crush people into mince!

“Such tremendous power, I almost couldn’t block it.” Yi Tianyun’s palm trembled slightly, his hand was a little numb. “you are a perfect opponent to warm up before my duel…”

He won’t fight if his victory is not guaranteed.


In the huge eyes of Snow Wolf King, his disdainful gaze, completely underestimating the power of the human in front of him, he is so fragile in its eyes. It did not give Yi Tianyun time to rest, once again rushed toward Yi Tianyunwith amazing speed, it is becoming one sided.

“But it’s time to end, otherwise exp card bonus will expire!”

Yi Tianyun laughed, and then emit frosting wave from his hand spread out surrounding him in 100 meters radius, all the wolf nearby including Snow Wolf King is frozen solid!

However, they did not die, simply frozen. He feels reluctant to spend 30 Crazy Points in order to use Frost Fist’s special effect..

Killing a snow wolf, only grant him 5 Crazy Points, it’s not worth to use it like this but he got no choice!

Immediately afterwards, Yi Tianyun rushed up, his hands clutch Snow Wolf King , then using Absorbing Stars Great Technique, stream of spiritual power materialized from within his body striking down all the wolf, exp increased crazily.

『Got 100 exp, 80 exp, 120 exp…』

This number is constantly rising. Because of ten times exp card, he got a bunch of exp, which is quite amazing. At this time, he finally realize that it was worth spending 30 Crazy Points he got this much exp after all.

“Go into Crazy Mode!”

After entering Crazy Mode, the exp multiplied even more!

『Got 120 exp, 96 exp…』

Crazy Mode doubles the exp, since he already used ten times exp card it doesn’t become twelve times but twenty times instead. Imagine how much exp he got.

And the main dish is of course this Snow Wolf King, he needs to kill it before ten times exp card duration expired.

“Let me end your suffering!”

Then Yi Tianyun, aiming a heavy punch at Snow Wolf King, Snow Wolf King cried, but it was unable to move, was completely frozen.

“Not dead just yet, i see…”

Yi Tianyun is quite surprised. he didn’t expect all that didn’t manage to finish Snow Wolf King off. It seems that this skin is quite tough.

“Activate double damage!”

Crazy Mode adds another effect, double the damage!

This means that his consumption has been increased from one Crazy Point per minute to two! However, it doesn’t matter, this won’t take long, so he doesn’t have to worry about consuming too much.

“Just die already!”

Yi Tianyun shouted and strike again with his fists. He was twice as powerful as before, and he pierces its skin completely.


Snow Wolf King’s body was pierced by this punch, blood splattered! lying down on the ground, twitching for a while before finally dying.


Snow Wolf Kingstruggled a few times in pain. After a moment, the ferocious Snow Wolf King cried and completely lost his life.

The hard skin is pierced through, the crazy mode is easy to use, the consumption is quite a lot, but the power is greatly improved.


After the snow wolf saw his wolf king being killed, they quickly turned around and ran away, no longer dared to approach Yi Tianyun.

“This feeling!”

In the eyes of Yi Tianyun, the battle is reaching the climax for today, showing a confident smile, and he did not hesitate to put an effort as long as he got equivalent result.

『Quest Completed.』

『Reward: 5,000 exp and can summon Snow Wolf King as mount!”』

『Ding! killing Snow Wolf King, got 1,000 exp, 100 Crazy Point, a pair of snow wolf boots, and 500 gold!』

『Ding! Host level up to ninth level of Body Refinement Realm!』

He finally decided to call it a day, he managed to gain another level too. Killing Snow Wolf King, there are not as many rewards as he thought there would be, but he can get such items from small bosses, which is quite good.

Immediately, he opened the status window, and the detailed data was shown.

Host: Yi Tianyun

Level: 9 (9th Level of Body Refinement Stage)

EXP: 789/10000

CP: 189

Cultivation Technique: Dark North Divine Art (Human Level, Mastery 60/1000)

Martial Arts: Absorbing Stars Great Technique (Human Level, Mastery 60/1000), Eagle Claw Art and Falling Feather Sword Technique

Weapon: Frost Fist (Common Level, Mastery 77/1000)

Armor: Snow Wolf Boots

Divine Ability: Crazy Mode Level 1

All aspects have been improved, and he still got a long way to go it’s an improvement nonetheless, no matter how hard, with this system, he can do it!

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