Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 839

Chapter 839

The Three Realms soon entered a comprehensive cleaning phase as many factions received the Evil Spirit Race necklace that Yi Tianyun distributed around the Three Realms. They used it to detect the Evil Spirit Race and exterminated them from the Three Realms! In particular, Ghost World was the most determined out of the Three Realms in ridding their realm from the Evil Spirit Race. After all, their Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower was hijacked by those Evil Spirit Race for a long time!

Surely, Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation harbored the most hatred towards the Evil Spirit Race!

Although the genocide was in its path, the Three Realms wasn’t exactly safe either! But at the very least, the Evil Spirit Race wouldn’t be able to cultivate using their disgusting method anytime soon! Yi Tianyun himself originally planned to have the Phoenix Clan promote the cause of exterminating the Evil Spirit Race to the Three Realms, but that no longer seemed necessary as it turned out, the cultivators in Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower were all influential in their own rights that they were all willing to support the cause and promote it to others!

Yi Tianyun himself was surprised by how much influence these cultivators had as the extermination of the Evil Spirit Race in Heaven World has also been put to action! He surely never expected such rapid progress! It seemed the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower’s charm had lured many cultivators from Heaven World to come here!

Yi Tianyun was pleased as he realised that everything had gone on the right track. Now he could relax a little bit and improve his own cultivation and other things that he had put off in the past. He immediately jumped back to refining batch after batch of Medicinal Pills to give it to 12 Gold Hairpins, and some of them would be used for Fan Hongde and Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation! After all, the ingredient he used to create the Medicinal Pills were all from Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower’s resources!

Months passed as Yi Tianyun was busy creating Medicinal Pills and Evil Spirit Race necklace. He was finally done with the resources he had in Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower, so he started looking for the ingredient in his inventory.

He had many Evil Spirit Bloodline, Evil Spirit Bone, and Evil Spirit Soul from killing the Evil Spirit Race on the Tower. These items were marked as rare, meaning that they could be used for something great if he used them properly. He immediately observed all of them to see what he could do with these ingredients.

Evil Spirit Bloodline: A material used for crafting Divine Tools and a material for making an Evil Spirit!

Evil Spirit Bone: A material used for crafting Divine Tools, it contained strong energy that could be absorbed to improve cultivation base, works best for Dark Attribute Cultivator. A Material used for making an Evil Spirit.

Evil Spirit Soul: A material used for crafting Divine Tools, it contains strong energy that would improve the Soul capacity of the user, suitable for Dark Attribute Cultivator. Warning: absorption caution as it could lead to cultivation deviation and violent temper! A material used for making an Evil Spirit.

These items were materials for crafting a Divine Tool rank items! They could also be used for cultivation, but unfortunately, Yi Tianyun didn’t take any interest in this purpose! He knew that it wouldn’t serve him any good to use a Dark Attribute item to cultivate as it could pollute his cultivation later! But he couldn’t throw it away either as he preferred to turn it all this to Crazy Points by selling it to the store.

But as he noticed the last line of the item’s description that said all of the aforementioned items were crafting materials to create an Evil Spirit, his interest was sparked once again! Was it something similar that created The Black Dragon in the past? But it was unfortunate that his cultivation was too fast for his pet to follow, so he couldn’t bring them along as they wouldn’t be able to help Yi Tianyun in a fight anymore!

Yi Tianyun looked over to his Pet Bar and noticed that due to exp they shared with Yi Tianyun, the strongest pet he had now was at 1st Layer Saint King stage! Due to the Exp Share that they got being pretty lacking, they couldn’t be any stronger!

He immediately fused the three materials together, and a black flash appeared! A figure with four arms and 5th Layer Void Spirit Stage cultivation appeared after the black flash! Its cultivation level was lacklustre, but its appearance almost completely resembled the Evil Spirit Race. The only difference would be that the Evil Spirit that Yi Tianyun summoned was artificial!

Yi Tianyun could control this Evil Spirit however he pleased! Yi Tianyun then went back to his room inside the Tower. It wasn’t exactly his room, but more like the room to accommodate the Tower Lord, a kind of Tower Lord living quarter, one might say.

Yi Tianyun also checked the Evil Spirit Race’s martial arts that he got. Fortunately, he could use them all without any problems! “This is good! I can make the Evil Spirit learn the Evil Spirit Race’s martial arts and have it infiltrate the Evil Spirit Race’s homeland for me!” Yi Tianyun said as he found a good plan to get to the Evil Spirit Race’s homeland.

“But it needs to level up first. Otherwise, it would be too weak!” Yi Tianyun said as he took out the rest of the Evil Spirit Material and fed it to the Evil Spirit.


‘Successfully devoured Evil Spirit Bloodline! Evil Spirit Cultivation base levelled up to 6th Layer Void Spirit Stage!’


‘Successfully devoured Evil Spirit Bone! Evil Spirit Power and Defence multiplied by 2!’


‘Successfully devoured Evil Spirit Soul! Evil Spirit Soul was strengthened, and it can use stronger martial arts now!’

Each of the materials had a different effect on the Evil Spirit. Surely, Yi Tianyun could create more Evil Spirit with these materials, but it would be pointless as it was too weak! It would be better to enhance one Evil Spirit to become his eyes in the Evil Spirit Race’s homeland!

And with that in mind, Yi Tianyun immediately fed more Evil Spirit Material to the Evil Spirit he summoned to make it stronger! Surely with so many Evil Spirit materials that he got after killing the Evil Spirit Race earlier, the Evil Spirit he summoned would evolve to something incredible!

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