Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 840

Chapter 840


‘Successfully devoured Evil Spirit Blood! Evil Spirit Cultivation Level levelled up to 7th Layer Saint King Stage!

After consuming all Evil Spirit Material in Yi Tianyun’s possession, the Evil Spirit that he summoned reached the 7th Layer Saint King stage! He only needed 1 Evil Spirit Blood at first to level up, but it required more and more as the Evil Spirit’s cultivation level went up! When the Evil Spirit reached Saint King stage, more than 10 Evil Spirit Blood was needed to level it up!

Yi Tianyun sighed as it was too underwhelming! He thought it would be a lot stronger as he consumed all the materials he got after exterminating the Evil Spirit Race in Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower, but it only reached the 7th Layer Saint King Stage! Yi Tianyun didn’t think a cultivator at this level would be able to do much on Evil Spirit Race’s homeland. Furthermore, there was no Evil Spirit Race left for him to hunt for their item loot!

But there was a silver lining to everything, as the Evil Spirit consumed not only the Evil Spirit Blood but also the Bones and Souls. Its power was strengthened further, making it more powerful than any cultivator at the same level!

“Hmm, for now, this Evil Spirit is at least at the same level as a Saint King Peak Stage!” Yi Tianyun said while a frown was still apparent on his face. Yi Tianyun observed the Evil Spirit and found one thing that he was satisfied with, which was the appearance of this Evil Spirit as it was no different from the real Evil Spirit Race!

Furthermore, if Yi Tianyun kept killing the Evil Spirit Race in the future, the Evil Spirit would certainly become stronger too! But the question remained, how much more Evil Spirit that Yi Tianyun had to kill to make Evil Spirit reach a satisfying level? Surely it would take more than the number that he killed earlier! Yi Tianyun immediately gave a set of Divine Tool equipment for the Evil Spirit to make it even more powerful. Now, Yi Tianyun knew that the Evil Spirit would be able to hold its ground against a 1st Layer Divine King Stage cultivator!

“Now it would be able to hold its own ground, at least for a little bit!” Yi Tianyun said as he nodded his head in satisfaction. But suddenly, a pleasant sound of the notification windows rang on his ears.


‘Completed the Main Quest [Unification of Mortal World, eradication of all Evil Spirit Race from the Mortal World!]’

‘Reward: 40 billion Exp, 5 million Cps, 500.000 SPs, and a new Title [Mortal World King]!’

Mortal World King: Damage would be amplified by 10 while in Mortal World!

Yi Tianyun was startled by the shocking effect that the title provided! He could improve his damage further by only staying in Mortal World! He was very satisfied with this reward, but he couldn’t say that it was his own hard work. No, it was the hard work of everyone in Mortal World! He knew that it would be impossible to eradicate the Evil Spirit Race if he only relied on Heavenly Clouds Empire! Mortal World was huge and vast. There was a limit to how much a faction could cover, and therefore, only with everyone’s cooperation could they achieve a total victory like this!


‘Successfully get a new Main Quest [Unification of Ghost World! Eradication of all Evil Spirit Race in Ghost World!]’

‘Reward on completion: 60 billion Exp, 6 million Cps, 800.000 Sps, a title [Ghost World King!]’

It was the same quest as before with only the location difference, but Yi Tianyun wasn’t surprised. After all, the Three Realms was his main location! It was normal to think the system would create a quest that would benefit the three realms one after another! It was the same train of thought that he had earlier. Even without the Main Quest, he would act of unifying the Three Realms anyway!

“All top executives, please come to 9th Layer City as we are ready to discuss an important matter!” Yi Tianyun’s voice echoed throughout the entire floor of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower! Soon, Fang Hongde, Phoenix Clan’s Elder Ye, and other executives began ascending to 9th Layer City. The Phoenix Clan has not yet left the Tower as they began their cultivation here. The Tower had a good environment, and it was best for them to continue building up their strength here.

“What will we discuss, Tower Lord?” Fan Hongde asked as he sat down on the table that Yi Tianyun had prepared.

“I want to unify the Ghost World under one goal and erase all the Evil Spirit Race from the Ghost World! We have to clean the place we live in!” Yi Tianyun said with staggering confidence.

“Ghost world unification?” the executives looked at each other as they were surprised by Yi Tianyun’s confident proposition. But even if it sounded impossible, the executives in that room knew that Yi Tianyun had the power to make it happen!

“Yes, but it’s not in the goal of conquering the Ghost World! We will form an alliance with all the Divine Nations on the Ghost World, and this alliance wouldn’t be demanding unless we were facing a critical time! The alliances itself wouldn’t interfere with any sort of internal matter that involved the Divine Nations that joined the cause.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Everyone nodded their head as they understood Yi Tianyun’s proposition. They originally thought that Yi Tianyun would start conquering the Ghost World, but now they noticed that Yi Tianyun planned to conquer the Ghost World with a peaceful approach!

“This idea of yours shouldn’t be a problem at all. Eliminating the Evil Spirit Race has become the goal of the Ghost World. I’m sure everyone will immediately join us!” Elder Ye of the Phoenix Clan said confidently.

“Seconded, if we are unified under a single goal, it would be a lot easier to achieve!” Fan Hongde said with a smile on his face.

“Yes, the prestige of our Phoenix Clan should come in handy as a deterrent for the Divine Nation in the Ghost World, now that you as our Divine Envoy already become the Tower Lord of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower, the Phoenix Clan received a lot of prestige! The Rank 1 Divine Nation in the Ghost World should be listening to you now!” Elder Ye said confidently.

It was the truth as Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was absurdly strong right now. There shouldn’t be any Divine Nation that dared to defy him!

“Alright, then I will leave the formation of the Alliances to you. If you encounter any problem, please let me know!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Elder Ye nodded as he felt shivers on his skin. He knew that there was no way Yi Tianyun would solve a problem with simply small talk! If the time came for that, the Ghost World would surely be unified a lot faster than what Phoenix Clan could do!

Soon, the Phoenix Clan under Elder Ye’s lead began to move and persuade the Divine Nations to join them in an alliance under Yi Tianyun’s banner. It was the same stuff that Heavenly Clouds Empire has been doing up until this point. The only difference would be the size of the Faction they were handling. While Heaven Clouds Empire only joined hands with another Empire and lower-level factions, Phoenix Clan joined hands with a Divine Nation! 

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