Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 842

Chapter 842

Three women came forward after Shi Xueyun said that the minister of Heavenly Clouds Empire would help the alliance for today’s meeting. Heavenly Clouds Empire was an Empire that was originally managed by women, so it was normal to see so many women taking the executive position. Furthermore, Shi Xueyun has already become the leader of a faction since a long time ago. Coupled with the fact that she had an amazing cultivation base and she was the closest person to Yi Tianyun, it was expected for her to take the helm of the Empire while Yi Tianyun was gone.

Now, it wasn’t the case for the Great Emperors that gathered here today. They didn’t like to be ordered around by a group of women as they wanted to follow Yi Tianyun! In their opinion, women weren’t capable of leadership, and they truly believed that if this alliance was led by women, it would be reduced to a joke!

“I am not saying that women can’t take control, but do you have the ability to manage so many Empires in this alliance? Don’t get me wrong, but we want to ally ourselves with Heavenly Clouds Emperor. This alliance is worthless without him!” one of the Great Emperor said coldly.

“That is true. If Heavenly Clouds Emperor wasn’t here, then we should listen to Old Ancestor Tian Zhong instead! He has the best cultivation base among us all.” Another emperor said coldly.

“I agree with that! Old Ancestor Tian Zhong has secluded himself for so long, but he used to be famous in the past! We should let the Tian Chang Empire lead the alliance!” Another emperor said excitedly. The Emperors on the table nodded their heads one by one as they agreed that Old Ancestor Tian Zhong should be the leader of the alliance. They knew that Yi Tianyun was strong and capable of destroying an Empire alone, but Old Ancestor Tian Zhong should be more suited in this case as he is a Saint King expert!

They knew that it wasn’t normal for Old Ancestor Tian Zhong to stay in Mortal World as he was already Saint King Expert, but no one wanted to question him about it! Even so, Old Ancestor Tian Zhong just smiled through the entire ordeal, not muttering a single word.

Shi Xueyun glanced around coldly as she noticed that these people didn’t come here to hear about the news she planned to convey but to seek power for their own faction! Heavenly Clouds Empire has worked hard to build the alliance. If the leadership of the alliance were handed to Old Ancestor Tian Zhong, it would just mean that these people could waltz through Heavenly Clouds Empire disrespectfully!

Furthermore, Shi Xueyun didn’t even know who this Old Ancestor Tian Zhong really was. There was no way she would let this old man take advantage of the alliance!

“We already made it clear when we formed the alliance that Heavenly Clouds Empire would lead the alliance, and we wouldn’t demand anything from any of you with that status, but in some critical situation, we would have you contribute to help the Mortal World! Did you already forget the agreement we had when the alliance was formed?” Shi Xueyun asked coldly.

“We will call you Empress any time, but we should adapt to the situation at hand, no? Old Ancestor Tian Zhong has the highest cultivation out of anyone in this hall, and he was highly respected as well. I don’t see any problem with him becoming the leader of the alliance. If a critical situation ever arose in Mortal World, I believe that OId Ancestor Tian Zhong would be able to take care of it too!” one of the Great Emperors said with a smug look on his face.

“Yeah, I agree with that! Empress, you should adapt to the situation more! We just want to choose a strong person as the leader of the alliance! If you reject the offer right now, we wouldn’t be happy about it either!” The Emperor said with a frown on his face. The other Emperors began to shout as they also felt the same way about the current situation.

Shi Xueyun couldn’t help but think that this situation has been orchestrated from the beginning! These Emperors must have discussed everything beforehand. Shi Xueyun couldn’t think of any other reason why everyone would have the same idea on their mind.

“This is enough! Heavenly Clouds Empire is the leader of the alliance, and it won’t change! It was already agreed upon when you all joined the alliance, and now, you want to take back your own words? I don’t mind if you want to make Old Ancestor Tian Zhong the Assisting Lord, but the Leader position is already absolute, and that is our Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor!” Shi Xueyun said confidently.

Everyone else still looked at Shi Xueyun coldly. They didn’t expect the woman would go this far to defy them!

“Girl, don’t be so angry! I had already retired from the Cultivation World for a long time, and I didn’t know any problem or any difference that happened in Mortal World during that time. I am aware that no one really knows who I was, but now that I have already chosen to join in the fray once more, it was a natural decision to hand the Alliance Leader position to me! I will lead the alliance better than Heavenly Clouds Emperor would be! He was still young, and he would be inadequate to control and manage the entire Mortal World! Don’t get me wrong, but I want to help out Heavenly Clouds Empire in the last bout of my life!” Old Ancestor Tian Zhong finally speaks after staying silent for so long.

His tone was endearing, but the content of his speech was the exact opposite! In the end, he just wanted to be the leader of the alliance! He said that he would assist Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor, but Shi Xueyun knew better. She now realised that none of the Emperor in this room took the alliance agreement to heart!

But as they still argued about having Old Ancestor Tian Zhong lead the alliance, a figure walked in from outside indifferently.

“Oh, there are so many guests today! What is going on here?” Yi Tianyun said as he came in. He knew the gist of the situation here, and he didn’t really want to deal with it now, but he couldn’t ignore the frustrated look on Shi Xueyun’s face either. 

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