Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 841

Chapter 841

Yi Tianyun then focused on refining the Evil Spirit Necklace as the Heaven World would definitely need it in the future. While he was busy refining Evil Spirit Necklace, a lot of notifications suddenly popped up.


‘Successfully formed an alliance with Flowers City Divine Nation!’

‘Reward: 15 billion Exp, 500.000 Cps, 1 million Mastery Point!’


‘Successfully formed an alliance with Happy City Divine Nation!’

‘Reward: 14,5 billion Exp, 480.000 Cps, 950.000 Mastery Point!’

It has only been a few days after Yi Tianyun sent the cultivators from the Tower to inform the outside world about the alliance, and Yi Tianyun was already notified about the birth of the alliance with some of the Divine Nations in Ghost World! Every faction was welcome to join, giving a surge of Exp to Yi Tianyun!

This wouldn’t end anytime soon as the Ghost World had many factions, and more of them would join over time. Yi Tianyun expected that he would level up at least once from the accumulated Exp that he got from the faction joining the alliances by the end of it.

At the same time, 12 Golden Hairpin kept hunting the Evil Spirit Race outside the Tower, providing Exp for Yi Tianyun and powering themselves up even more. Their cultivation rose dramatically over time, and with their increased power, they became more confident taking on the Evil Spirit Race directly!

“It’s almost time to go back!” Yi Tianyun said as he missed Heavenly Clouds Empire. He used his Teleportation God Stone to take him to Heavenly Clouds Imperial City directly! He appeared in an instant and surprised some street vendors in the area.

In the conference hall of Heavenly Clouds Imperial City, so many people were gathering at the huge table in the middle. These people were cultivators with a high cultivation base, with the lowest being at Void Spirit Stage, while the highest was at Saint King Stage! But compared to the young-looking Void Spirit Cultivator, all the Saint King Stage experts were old men. Nobody knew how they could stay on Mortal World as the power restriction was pretty harsh!

Even so, the old man with the Saint King stage cultivation base was still able to live in Mortal World without getting kicked to Ghost World or Heaven World! Now, other cultivators in the room were paying their respect to the old cultivators as they knew that the old cultivators were the strongest cultivator among them!

But still, Shi Xueyun sat on the end of the table, oozing her majestic aura, worthy of the acting leader of Heavenly Clouds Empire!

“Today is the first time that everyone gathers here. Now, first of all, I am very grateful to you all for joining the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s alliance!” Shi Xueyun said respectfully, drawing all attention towards herself.

“This is natural. How could we ignore Heavenly Clouds Empire’s alliances!” a man said with a smile on his face.

“It’s natural to build a good relationship with the strongest Empire on Mortal World, but why did you call us today? Is there any pressing matter that requires the assistance of the alliance?” another asked curiously.

Everyone felt the same way. Although they agreed to join the Heavenly Clouds Empire’s Alliance, they weren’t expecting the Heavenly Clouds Empire to summon them right away. Furthermore, they felt slightly dishonoured as Yi Tianyun, the Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire, wasn’t present! They were in the same position as him, the Emperor of an Empire in Mortal World, so they couldn’t feel at ease while being led by a woman that was lower in terms of position than their own!

In particular, everyone started assessing Shi Xueyun and immediately realised that her cultivation wasn’t as high as theirs! Her cultivation was still at Spirit King Stage, while half of the people here were already stronger than that!

These people didn’t even stop to consider the matter of age whatsoever. It might be true that Shi Xueyun wasn’t as powerful as them, but she was definitely far younger than any of them! Maybe she wouldn’t have a chance to win against many of these cultivators, but she would find it far easier in the future!

“I am sorry that Heavenly Clouds Emperor couldn’t come here today, but I will be here on his behalf to receive you here today!” Shi Xueyun said confidently.

“So, are you our manager for now?” a man asked as he stood up.

“Yes, Heavenly Clouds Empire was left in my hands until Heavenly Clouds Emperor returns.” Shi Xueyun said confidently.

“The powerful Heavenly Clouds Empire was being led by a female? Are you perhaps his woman?” another cultivator asked rudely.

“Yes, I am one of his women, but I don’t see any problem with that?!” Shi Xueyun was confused by all these questions.

“No, there is no problem at all! So, as the leader of the alliance is not here, you are responsible for directing us?” an Emperor asked.

“Yes, that is my responsibility here today. I also ask for the help of some ministers of Heavenly Clouds Empire to assist us today!” Shi Xueyun said indifferently. Most of the people that she called to assist today were women, but they were extremely capable of handling their own tasks. Yi Yuwei was one of them as she could organize everything!

But the cultivators in the room began to show doubt, disregarding Shi Xueyun as they thought Heavenly Clouds Empire was tricking them and disrespected them by sending a bunch of women to lead the alliance.

“What problem do you have with a woman leader?” Shi Xueyun coldly asked as she noticed the animosity in the air.

It was clear for anyone that Shi Xueyun wouldn’t bow down her head, even though she was talking to the leader of the Empire that stood on the top of the Mortal World!

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