Cub Raising Association

Chapter 130.2

Chapter 130.2

When they were brought to the main hall, they saw the leader sitting on the main seat and the nox standing beside the young man, who looked exactly the same except for their clothes, and the thinking of the surrounding soldiers was completely stuck.

The people sitting at the long table were originally very happy when they saw the young man, but when they saw the cubs held by the young man at the same time, Ravi obviously changed his expression.

“Chiu Chiu?”

The goose-yellow chubby cub squatting in the young man’s arms, of course, saw the adult comrade in front of him, and had a wonderful sense of familiarity with this compatriot. This Kuwei cub gave Xie Luan a crisp tweet twice.

Xie Luan raised his hand to tidy up the feathers of the chubby cub who was looking at him with black eyes, then he touched the soft back feathers of the Kuwei cub, and said warmly, “This is the grown-up Ravi.”

The Kuwei cub obviously didn’t understand Xie Luan’s words very well, but when Xie Luan stroked his feathers, the little chubby cub quickly rubbed Xie Luan’s fingers with his light-colored beak, obviously expressing his dependence on this intimacy.

“Humph.” Seeing the young man so gently tidying up the feathers on the Kuwei cub, Ravi almost reflected his jealousy and hummed. The humming was actually very low, but it still reached Xie Luan’s ears.

In fact, he didn’t have the position to do so. Ravi was very aware of this matter, but when he saw Xie Luan’s doting on the Kuwei cub with his own eyes, he couldn’t help but have this reaction.

It was hard to describe what kind of feeling this was, he just felt a little blocked and not so happy, even knowing that the cub was “himself” from another world line.

He didn’t know why this Kuwei was suddenly unhappy, but Xie Luan knew that the reason must be because of him, so after thinking for less than a second, he reached out and touched the hair of this young man who was already very close to him, then he slowed down his voice to call the other party’s name: “Ravi?”

The young man called his name in a gentle tone with a hint of questioning, and his hair was touched. Taking another step closer, he carefully lowered his head and placed it on the young man’s shoulder.

But when Xie Luan called out this name, the chubby cub in his arms also thought that Xie Luan was calling him, so he quickly responded with a tweet.

Because of this chirp, the cub who was squatting in Xie Luan’s arms, and Ravi, who had rested his head on Xie Luan’s shoulder, looked at each other for a while, and then seemed to understand the latter’s intention to occupy the youth. The goose-yellow chubby cub suddenly spread his wings a bit, puffed out his furry little chest, and uttered a less friendly cry to the latter: “Chirp, chirp—!”

This was the cub expressing confrontation, In the eyes of adults, of course, there was no threat, and it looked even a little cute. Xie Luan touched the chest and abdomen of this Kuwei cub and comforted the little cute fatty.

He didn’t know why the big and the young had reacted so wrongly when they first met. Xie Luan had never encountered such a situation before, and Xie Luan felt a little headache because of this.

But soon, Xie Luan found that the situation that caused him more headaches was still yet to come. The cub and the big babies in Xie Luan’s eyes were fine, but the two noxes who existed in this world at the same time really overwhelmed Xie Luan.

Xie Luan couldn’t ignore either side. Being sandwiched between these two noxes, Xie Luan felt the difficulties of life for the first time.

Fortunately, as the layer in the middle of the sandwich biscuit, the huge pressure Xie Luan felt only lasted for a while.

When the Ark stopped at Loren, the two nox seemed to have reached some kind of agreement in order to prevent Xie Luan from having such a hard time.

So, Xie Luan realized for the first time what it was like to be wrapped around his waist by two nox tails. He really couldn’t walk…

It could be said that everything was a coincidence, but the destination of the Ark ship this time was still the same. It was Loren, Xie Luan had come to this planet again after a long absence.

The two noxes were barely able to get along peacefully. On the cub’s side, the two Kuwei tribe members were the most miserable. The other babies had made Xie Luan feel a lot more relieved.

Especially the Muka cub, whether it was the big Nick or the little Muka cub, they were very good when they stayed by Xie Luan’s side, and they got along very well with each other.

When Xie Luan patted the sharp forearm of either of them, the two Mukas made low hissing sounds at Xie Luan from their throats. When Xie Luan was about to touch his head, because Xie Luan was not tall enough, the older Nick would take the initiative to lower his head to let him touch him.

“The name Nick comes from a word in the ancient Severa language, which means “birth”.” The last time he didn’t have time to tell the other party about this, so Xie Luan spoke to the adult Muka seriously this time. While speaking, he raised his hand and lightly touched the hard head lowered towards him.

“Although I didn’t see it when Nick was born, I was looking forward to your birth.” This expectation was not timely enough and was made up later, but Xie Luan’s expectation never diminished by even half a point.

These two Mukas didn’t need to be coaxed by Xie Luan. As long as Xie Luan was by their side, they would be very good. Next, Xie Luan saw the adult mermaid walking towards him.

Different from the short-haired mermaid cub held by Xie Luan in his arms, this mermaid had long light blonde hair, and looked gender-neutral and extremely beautiful.

From the outline of the eyebrows and eyes, it was easy to see that this adult mermaid looked very similar to the little mermaid in Xie Luan’s arms, especially since they had the same pair of blue and beautiful eyes, the same light golden hair and ice blue fins.

If one had to find the biggest difference between the two, there was probably only the golden pattern on the foreheads. This pattern was only on the forehead of the mermaid cub, not on the forehead of the adult mermaid.

When Xie Luan saw the other side walking towards him, he took the initiative to wave his hand. After the mermaid approached him, Xie Luan held the mermaid cub in his arms, and at the same time he released his hand to half hug the adult mermaid as well.

Seeing the other person holding a mermaid cub in the memory of the youth and seeing it with his own eyes like now, for Gale, the feeling was still different.

When the young man released his hand to gently hug him, then only the mermaid with light blond long hair opened his arms and hugged him back, and he finally felt a sense of security when he met the young man for real.

He was envious of his “self” from another world being able to give the first scale that it dropped to the youth, and he was even more envious that this little mermaid could sing to the youth at the Nesera Festival and get praise from the other side. But the thing he was most envious about was that this mermaid cub could grow up in the care and favor of the youth.

A few years ago, Gale had also given his scale to the young man in front of him. It was not the first scale he dropped, but the young man had accepted it, which had made him really happy at the time.

Not long after, Xie Luan heard the grown-up mermaid in front of him saying to him that he wanted to sing to him. Xie Luan didn’t think about anything, and immediately nodded his head softly.

“Of course.” Xie Luan responded.

It seemed that he wanted to confirm something. Before singing, the mermaid called out to the young man with a loud voice: “Papa.”

“Yes.” Xie Luan responded clearly and immediately.

The mermaid cub held by Xie Luan glanced at the adult mermaid in front of him, then raised his head to look at his parent, blinked his blue eyes, and followed the other party to call Xie Luan with a still childish voice.


He shook its tail fin left and right when calling, while patting his tail fin lightly on Xie Luan’s body.

Xie Luan touched the icy blue tail of the little mermaid in his arms, and at the same time expressed his love as he gave the adult mermaid in front of him a kiss on the forehead.

After a while, a burst of singing echoed in the grove where Xie Luan was.

The singing of the mermaid was usually quite pleasant, but such a beautiful song that even swimming fishes and flying birds stopped for it was unique among the mermaids. There was no doubt that this song had an intoxicating power, and it was easy for it to touch anybody’s heartstrings.

Of course, Xie Luan was also moved. The emotion conveyed in the singing was not difficult to understand. Although this mermaid had grown up, he still had the same dependence on him as a cub facing his parent.

Before the young man left, he didn’t sing to the other party. This had always been something that Gale regretted. Now this matter had finally been settled, and the mermaid’s singing was becoming clearer and clearer.

The mermaid cub held in Xie Luan’s arms was also listening with its blue eyes open. Listening and listening, the little mermaid also started to sing.

The two mermaids expressed the same emotion in their singing. Although the cub’s singing was a little more immature than the adult mermaid’s, it also had the ability to move people’s hearts.

The singing was mixed, and those who heard the singing near this area couldn’t help but stop and listen to this beautiful sound of nature.

The day was relatively peaceful, and the next day, in this small forest, Xie Luan encountered something that gave him a headache.

The two Kuweis, one big and one small, seemed to be vying to show their power in front of him. After a while of mutual indifference, they were now acting more powerful in front of him.

“Chiu Chiu!”

The chubby cub with goose-yellow feather stood on the ground and fluttered his wings hard. The mini hurricane he created rolled up a few leaves on the ground, and the leaves were rolled up in the air and reverberated several times as they floated there.

After doing this, the little fat cub puffed out his furry little chest, his black eyes were very bright, as he tweeted several times to Xie Luan.

“Well, the baby is very powerful.” Xie Luan immediately praised him, hoping that this little cub would be happy.

The little one had just gotten happy, but the big one wasn’t happy by this.

He also wanted to express himself in front of the youth. The young man with dark blonde hair snorted as he watched the place where the cub created a mini hurricane. The next moment, the huge tornado visible to the naked eye directly swept the small forest down.

After doing this, the adult Kuwei, who had showed that he was more powerful, showed a smug expression, and the fat cub who stood on his small claws on the ground seemed to be stunned, but after reacting, he still stood up and tweeted at the other party.

“Tweet Tweet, Tweet Tweet—!”

Xie Luan twitched the corners of his mouth, and reluctantly first picked up the little fat cub on the ground and touched his soft back feathers, as he tweeted to the other Kuwei who was waiting for his praise. Xie Luan did compliment the other party, but after complimenting, Xie Luan also bent a finger and tapped the other party’s forehead: “It’s wrong to destroy the forest, you can’t be like this in the future.”

The adult Kuwei who was reprimanded by the youth, nodded obediently. Although he was reprimanded by the youth for doing something wrong, Xie Luan’s compliment just now still made the other party very happy.

The trees in this grove had to be replanted. The adult Kuwei, who knew that he had done something wrong, had already obediently gone to choose the saplings. Xie Luan saw that the other party had a good attitude and changed his attitude easily when he knew his mistake, so he decided to make pudding to reward the other party tonight.

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