Cub Raising Association

Chapter 130.3

Chapter 130.3

Since he was going to make pudding, it was impossible to make only one person’s share. Xie Luan also made other people’s share and gave them to them separately at night.

There was a special room for the cubs in the villa. Originally, the cubs should have rested in the room at this time, but because the little Wek cub who looked like a milk dog could not see, so Xie Luan wanted to hold the other party more, lest the cub be afraid of unfamiliar surroundings.

When delivering the pudding to the grown-up Ain, Xie Luan was also carrying the Wek cub. The other party was staying in the living room, sitting on the sofa in the living room with his eyes closed, looking very indifferent.

Xie Luan was not affected by this cold feeling. He walked over and gently placed the pudding he was holding on the small table in front of the other party. Like before, he stuffed the porcelain spoon into the other party’s hand.

“Wang wu.”

He smelled the same breath as himself from the people nearby, which made the Wek cub nestled in Xie Luan’s arms suspicious, and he instinctively screamed at the young man holding it.

Xie Luan patted the fur on the back of the Wek cub. What the cub could detect, the man with his eyes closed in front of Xie Luan could of course detect as well. Even if he couldn’t see it, he knew the other “self” from another world line was close at hand.

The Wek cub was sniffing the young man’s breath. Xie Luan put his hand in front of the cub so that the cub could smell his palm then he waited for the Wek cub to stop sniffing his palm. Xie Luan put his hand down only after he sniffed gently in his arms.

Even without seeing, Ain could roughly understand what was happening in front of him, based on his increasingly acute hearing over the years.

It was precisely because he understood the meaning of smelling breath in the Wek family that Ain could better understand the closeness, dependence and love that this Wek cub was expressing to the young man in front of him. He also understood that this cub must have been lovingly brought up by the youth.

“It might not taste good after a long time.” Xie Luan said so, as his eyes involuntarily stopped for a while on the silently closed eyes of the man in front of him.

The Wek cub in Xie Luan’s arms had his eyes open, but he had never seen the grown-up Ain who was in front of Xie Luan, with his eyes open before.

Xie Luan had always felt that the eyes of the other party should be very beautiful, even if they were not glorious, because the cub in his arms was like this.

He had a pair of beautiful eyes that had lost their luster.

After Xie Luan said this, he was actually about to leave. The other party was different from Gale and the others, as he had no memory related to him.

It was very strange to share it specially. Xie Luan still cared about the other party, but the cold appearance of the other party also made Xie Luan feel that he needed to grasp a degree.

He couldn’t act too close to him, or the other party would not be able to adapt.

Xie Luan thought so, but when he was about to turn around and take a step, he saw the eyes of the person in front of him slowly opening to him.

Like the most transparent amber, they were still very beautiful, although they did not have the brilliance of sight.

What did the other party mean by opening his eyes in front of him, but before Xie Luan could come up with an answer to this question, Ain closed his eyes again, and didn’t speak at this time, he just picked up the spoon that Xie Luan had put into his hand and ate the crème brûlée one bite at a time.


Not only the taste, but the feeling of softness and sweetness seemed to be conveyed to Ain’s heart. Ain was very unfamiliar with this feeling.

He opened his eyes just now to see what the young human being in front of him looked like. Although the Wek people don’t remember a person by their appearance, Ain still wanted to see it.

Because his eyes could not see, there was no light in his world, but the youth seemed to exist in another form of light, giving Ain the illusion of seeing a light in an instant.

After delivering the pudding to Ain, Xie Luan had the last one in his hand. This pudding was for the black dragon who had grown up in this world.

Speaking of which, after coming to this world, in addition to the two Mukas getting along well, the other two black dragons also getting along well really surprised Xie Luan, because it was something Xie Luan could not have imagined.

After looking at a few places where people were most likely to be found, but not being able to find his target, Xie Luan simply asked the soldiers stationed there, and learned that two black dragons, one big and one small, were now in the basement.

Xie Luan had some doubts about what they were doing in the basement at this time, but he didn’t think much about it. After asking the soldiers for the route, he walked over with the pudding.

The basement of the villa was transformed into a treasure house by the Oni of this world. Xie Luan only found out when he walked down the passage and pushed open the door of the underground treasure house.

Treasures were piled up in mountains in the treasury. The black dragon cub who was brought to this place by the big black dragon had already plunged into this golden treasury. Now they both were lying down and the cub was sleeping on the pile of gold coins.

“Mum, yum~”

Lying on the treasure pile to sleep probably made this black dragon cub very satisfied, and she was even talking in her sleep which was an indication of joy, and the black dragon wings on both sides of his body were stretched out.

Seeing this scene, Xie Luan really didn’t know what to say for a while, thinking that this black dragon cub would be very happy when she woke up and saw herself lying on the treasure pile, Xie Luan thought about it for a while and dismissed the idea of hugging the cub and taking her back to the cubs’ room to sleep.

This time was an exception, but Xie Luan still took off his coat and folded it and let the black dragon cub lie on top of his folded clothes, so that the place where she lay at least was a little softer.

After finishing this, Xie Luan breathed a sigh of relief, and put the pudding that he had brought over in front of the black dragon who seemed to have been staring at him with her golden vertical pupils all this time.

This grown-up black dragon in humanoid form looked like a young woman, and her appearance could be said to be very beautiful, especially her pair of golden pupils that were as magnificent as gold and the sun, and they could easily make people unable to look away.

This was an adult black dragon, not the baby black dragon that he took care of. Xie Luan actually didn’t know what attitude to use when facing the Oni and Ain from this world.

On the one hand, he wanted to care, but on the other hand, he felt that his concern might feel very abrupt to the other party.

Xie Luan could only find a suitable point as much as possible to express his concern and importance in moderation. Seeing that the black dragon in front of him had no trauma, Xie Luan was also relieved for the most part.

As long as the other party didn’t let herself get hurt casually, Xie Luan could feel much more at ease.

“Last time… I’m sorry.” Perhaps the words “I was wrong” would be more appropriate. The memory of what it was like to admit a wrong to one’s parent was very old for her, and Oni was not quite sure how to go about this matter.

Hearing the other party’s apology, Xie Luan was a little surprised. After a while, he slowly remembered that what the other party said might be because of the incident when he bandaged the other party’s wound.

“There’s no need to apologize for that matter.” Looking at the almost identical golden vertical pupils, Xie Luan suddenly felt that the black dragon in front of him was no different from the black dragon cub he was taking care of, so he quickly responded with a soft look.

After confirming that the other party did not have any intention to contradict, Xie Luan raised his hand to touch the hair of the adult black dragon in front of him, and said with a smile, “Oni has grown up and is a beautiful girl.”

When he was touching her head, Xie Luan also added in a soft voice: “There must be many people who like Oni.”

This was the first time someone said these words to her, so the adult black dragon stared at the human youth in front of her with golden eyes After a while, she finally replied in a low voice: “Yeah.”

After getting along in such a simple but quite warm way, Xie Luan returned to his room, which also meant that he had to face the most troublesome thing.

Lying in the middle of the bed, Xie Luan had two silver tails half-circled around his body, and these two tails seemed to be still competing to get a little closer to him.

Xie Luan felt that he was not a sandwich biscuit now, but the rope that was being pulled on both sides. If he let it continue, he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep this night.

“Sleep.” He put one hand on each of the tails. Although Xie Luan didn’t have the strength to hold down the tail of an adult nox, but still the two silver tails touched by Xie Luan settled down.

The two noxes had stopped, and Xie Luan finally had a chance to fall asleep. After a while, the breathing of the youth gradually became gentle.

Like looking in a mirror, the two noxes, who also had silver-haired blue eyes, glanced at each other coldly, and their faces were equally expressionless.

When would they wake up from this dream?

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