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Chapter 2132 - 2132 Dragon liver and phoenix gallbladder

Chapter 2132 - 2132 Dragon liver and phoenix gallbladder

2132 Dragon liver and phoenix gallbladder

If it’s really a time-type magical technique like the one I experienced in the crystal room, does that mean that I will get to see the era of the young Senior White?

That should be quite interesting…

While he was in thought, Song Shuhang’s consciousness began to blur.



Garre Holy Mountain, inside the crystal room of the Inheritance Land.

The owner of the crystal room, with a smile on his face, smeared his ball of energy on the face of a beast cultivator.

Smearing things on people’s faces is really refreshing. I can’t stop myself from doing it!

Deep in his heart, he began to pray for the success of the trial takers. He hoped that more beast cultivators would complete the trials and reach his crystal room.

In this way, he could smear more faces.

Suddenly, his arm froze. He frowned as he began sensing the general situation in Garre Holy Mountain’s trial area.

The owner of the crystal room murmured, “The path of time… Moreover, its principles are so profound.”

Who cast such a powerful time magical technique in Holy Mountain’s trial area?

He mobilized his authority as a trial officer and scanned through the trial area back and forth.

However, he found nothing.

Huh? Yet, the fluctuations caused by the power of time were so clear!

Could it be that in the depths of the trial area, there is a hidden area that even I do not know of?

Still, this trial area was their territory. How could there be a hidden area that even they did not know about?

When he thought of this, the owner of the crystal room sent a message to the divine dragon and the holy apes through their internal channel, reporting the incident along with his guesses.


In the second trial area.

When the divine dragon received the message from the owner of the crystal room, its liver twitched.

It’s one thing if the spatial confinement is turned into a sieve, but now there are even people who left a secret realm in our trial area?

Dammit, does this trial area even belong to us?!

My liver hurts so much!

The divine dragon felt that if its liver was extracted at this moment, it would become a top-tier ingredient for the “dragon liver and phoenix gallbladder” dish. This was because this dish tasted the best when the liver used was of a dragon in great pain.

Back in the days, there used to be a large number of “dragon livers” on the black market, and every dragon liver was of the best quality.

Later, when an investigation was carried out, it turned out that the reason was a stupid dragon who liked to be abused. Whenever it was in pain, it would take out its liver and put it up for auction.

After all, for dragons of a certain realm, growing back their liver was just a matter of a nap.

The divine dragon felt its liver hurt even more when it thought of that shameful member of its dragon race.


In the Netherworld Realm.

Netherworld Ruler Fat Ball sent an order to the black stele in the Beast Realm. [No matter the cost, find out everything about the secret realm left by the previous Wielder of the Will. Go inside and get your hands on the secrets concealed in the secret realm.]

At the same time, it sent a special demon pet that it had recently created to the location of the black stele to assist it.

This demon pet was something that Netherworld Ruler Fat Ball created through its research on the bone of eternity and Tyrannical Song’s necrotic kidney.

The pet came in the form of a small metal ball that had been permeated with the aura of eternity. To some extent, it was a remote-controlled clone of the fat ball.

At a critical moment, this demon pet could channel the energy of the fat ball and burst out with extreme combat power. But after this short burst, the precious pet would be reduced to ashes by the Heavenly Punishment.

After doing all this, the main body of the fat ball crossed through space and arrived outside the world of the black lotus.

It then cleared its throat and said, “Netherly White, come out! I know that you can hear me. Come out if you have the guts!”

The main body of the fat ball bounced on the ground as it shouted out loud.

The corners of the demonic hamster’s mouth, who was squatting by the entrance of the world of the black lotus, twitched.

“Netherly White, stop playing dead. Answer me! Let me tell you, I’m not here to fight today. I just want to chat with you,” said the fat ball while bouncing up and down.

The demonic hamster covered its ears and murmured, “I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear anything.”

The fat ball said cheerfully, “I didn’t expect your patience to be this good. [Sneer], it seems that you don’t recognize the name Netherly White. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I have another name here, and you definitely will like this one. White Two, right? Is this how it’s pronounced? Do you like getting called White Two more than Netherly White?”

The demonic hamster sighed.

It knew that № Tyrannical Song would pay for what was happening.

Yep, № Tyrannical Song is going to die.

But how did the nickname White Two reach the ears of the fat ball?

Outside the world of the black lotus, the fat ball continued jumping up and down.

However, seeing that Netherly White was ignoring it, it eventually became a little bored, opened a spatial portal, and left.

After all, it was a busy ball.

Before the failure that was Wielder of the Will Fat Ball disappeared, it had to try its best to find a method to allow itself to keep living as a ruler of the Netherworld like Netherly White.

After seeing the fat ball leave, the demonic hamster silently sent a point of energy to № Tyrannical Song through the QR code Golden Core Composition.

Together with the point of energy, it left a message: May you be blessed, № Tyrannical Song.

[Beep~ Remote energy transmission failed. № Tyrannical Song is not in the service area.]

The demonic hamster was puzzled.

What the hell do you mean with “not in the service area”?

Has Profound Sage Tyrannical Song traveled through time and space?


Meanwhile, Song Shuhang slowly regained consciousness.

He asked softly, “Have we arrived yet?”

Going back in time would cause one’s consciousness to go back to the past, and the process was usually very fast.

“No, not yet.” Scarlet Heaven Sword’s voice came from beside him.

As soon as Song Shuhang turned his head, he found that the black Scarlet Heaven Sword was standing guard beside him. They were still surrounded by the principles of time, and they were still in the process of going back in time.

Song Shuhang said gratefully, “Thank you, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword had a sharp tongue but a tender heart.

Although its mouth would often rend other people’s hearts, during important times, it would silently protect Song Shuhang and others.

“Huh? Where’s Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet?” Song Shuhang looked around, only to find that he and Scarlet Heaven Sword were the only ones present. The stone tablet was nowhere to be found.

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “It did not come with us.”

Song Shuhang mused, “Why?”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword guessed, “After the desert became part of the time technique, although the magical technique’s power covered Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet, its consciousness was left in place. It became a coordinate we can return to. It should be something the creator of the technique planned ahead of time.”

Song Shuhang nodded slightly. It seemed like everything had happened according to the arrangements of Wielder of the Will White.

Song Shuhang asked, “How long will it take for us to leave this state?”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked in return, “Do you want to hear the truth, or do you want me to lie?”

Song Shuhang’s heart turned cold. “…I want to hear the truth.”

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