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Chapter 2133 - 2133 Am I going to die of old age during this time reversal?

Chapter 2133 - 2133 Am I going to die of old age during this time reversal?

2133 Am I going to die of old age during this time reversal?

As soon as one heard a question such as “Do you want to hear the truth, or do you want me to lie?”, they would immediately be able to tell that there was something wrong.

As such, Song Shuhang got ready for the worst.

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword smiled and said, “You’re the same as always, still a straightforward man.”

Song Shuhang: “…”


Is that a compliment?

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword continued, “Before I tell you the truth, let me show you a new ability of mine. This is a small ability I acquired not long ago, and it’s very interesting.”

Song Shuhang: “???”

Why are you suddenly talking about a new ability of yours? Can’t you just cut to the chase?

The way the mind of an inner demon works is really impossible to figure out, especially if it’s a top-tier inner demon like Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Song Shuhang played along. “Fine, go ahead and tell me. What’s this new ability of yours?”

“Hehehe.” The black Scarlet Heaven Sword showed its hilt to Song Shuhang. The cover opened, revealing a watch-like dial.

Song Shuhang: “…”

This is what you wanted to show me?

After a while, Song Shuhang praised it, “Hm, it does have quite a trendy style. Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, you have good taste.”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Why are you looking at the style? Look at the hour hand!”

The hour hand on the dial was slowly moving counterclockwise.

Song Shuhang said, “There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. We’re currently going back in time, so isn’t it normal that the hour hand is moving counterclockwise?”

“The problem is the speed at which the hour hand is moving.” The black Scarlet Heaven Sword added, “It’s moving counterclockwise at normal speed, second by second. After the time technique took effect, the clock on my body began to move backward, going back by around an hour, which is about the same time we have spent in this technique.”

Song Shuhang thought for a while, and immediately understood what the black Scarlet Heaven Sword was implying. “In other words, we didn’t directly go to the era of the young Senior White. Instead, time is moving in reverse, but at normal speed…”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword praised, “Yes, that’s what I was trying to tell you. Your comprehension ability is pretty good.”

Song Shuhang gasped. Is the time technique going to take us to when the main world’s Senior White was a child or all the way back to when Wielder of the Will White was a child?

If the target was Senior White, then it would be fine. However, if it was Wielder of the Will White…

Wielder of the Will White was the Wielder of the Will before the fat ball, and he came from an era that preceded the era of the Scholarly Sage.

If Shuhang was going to be in this time technique all the way until he was back in the era of Wielder of the Will White, he may have to be here for hundreds of millions of years.

By that time, he would be long dead. Even if a Sixth Stage True Monarch’s lifespan was multiplied by a hundred, he would not be able to survive!

“Am I going to die of old age during this time reversal?” Song Shuhang felt a throbbing pain in his liver.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said slowly, “Don’t worry, things aren’t that bad. It was only your ‘consciousness’ that was brought into this magical technique. Additionally, according to the principles of time reversal, even if the time reversal lasts for hundreds of millions of years, once the effect ends, your consciousness will return to your body and your lifespan would not have been affected at all.”

When he heard this, Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief. “If that’s the case, I guess it’s fine.”

“What’s fine? You, a big man, are going to stay with me, a big sword, all this time. You might have to stay with me for hundreds of millions of years. Even if you don’t go crazy, I will.” The black Scarlet Heaven Sword covered its hilt again.

Song Shuhang sat cross-legged and asked, “Then, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, do you have a solution?”

“I do,” the black Scarlet Heaven Sword said calmly. “During this long period of time, in order to ensure that the two of us will not go crazy, once every hour, you should give me a vigorous rubbing with the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯. As long as I keep receiving a massage with the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯, I can last hundreds of millions of years.”

“…” Song Shuhang sighed. “At this time, it would be great if there were more people with us.”

Three people could play Fight the Landlord, and four people could play even more games.

While Shuhang was in thought, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword suddenly shouted, “Huh? There is a car coming our way. Be careful not to let it crash into you.”

Song Shuhang blurted out, “What?”


Something hit him, and a familiar voice sounded in his ear. “Shuhang!”

As soon as Song Shuhang turned around, he saw Sister White Dragon and Sixteen.

Sixteen jumped toward Song Shuhang happily.

Song Shuhang hurriedly stretched out his arms and caught the petite Sixteen.

“Sixteen, why are you here?” Song Shuhang hugged her and spun around to reduce the force of the impact.

Since Sister White Dragon was protecting Sixteen, when the latter jumped toward him, she moved as fast as a cannonball.

Sister White Dragon explained, “We entered that desert along with your and the stone tablet’s physical bodies. Soon after we entered, we saw your tombstone. We were about to dig the grave to check inside when the desert became part of a time technique, drawing our consciousnesses into it.”

Sixteen asked, “Shuhang, what’s with this time technique?”

Song Shuhang explained, “My guess is that this technique will bring us to the time when Senior White was a child. However, I’m afraid the technique could cause us some inconvenience.”

Song Shuhang recounted the discussion between himself and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.


Sister White Dragon said slowly, “That is to say, our consciousnesses might be stuck here for hundreds of millions of years… Well, for Shuhang, this is a great opportunity.”

Song Shuhang blurted out, “Huh?”

Sister White Dragon pushed up the nonexistent glasses on the bridge of her nose and said, “You can take advantage of this period to make up for your lack of cultivation-related knowledge, which honestly makes my heart ache.”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Even if you want to teach him, it’s not going to take that long.”

“We can take things slowly and teach Shuhang and Sixteen one thing at a time.” Sister White Dragon then said to Song Shuhang, “Maybe after the effect of this time technique wears out, the amount of knowledge you have will be a proper match for your cultivation realm. So, do you want to learn?”

“Of course!” Song Shuhang nodded vigorously. One of his goals in life was to become a reliable and knowledgeable senior.

Now that an opportunity to learn was in front of him, how could he give it up?


Song Shuhang felt that he could become a knowledgeable cultivator. After all, he had always been a good student. The only reason his cultivation knowledge was so poor was that he didn’t have the time to study.

He was confident as he began to learn from Sister White Dragon.

On the first day, Sister White Dragon taught him a lot of things, and Song Shuhang remembered everything.

But soon after, he discovered that he had forgotten everything.

Not only that, but many memories in his mind began to become vague.

Time continued to move backward little by little, and even Scarlet Heaven Sword and Sister White Dragon in front of him seemed to become unfamiliar…

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