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Chapter 29: Running under the setting sun, this is the youthfulness I lost

Chapter 29: Running under the setting sun, this is the youthfulness I lost

But when I was failing the last few steps, I ended up refining following my instincts. I didn’t use the steps given by the recipe!

Then, right now, did I succeed or did I fail?

Song Shuhang rubbed his chin as he stared at the medicinal fluid for a while.

Should I… try it? No matter what, this is the fruit of three difficult hours of labour.

He hesitated for a brief second before silently coming to a decision.

The desire to prove the existence of ‘cultivation’ quashed his paranoia towards this unknown fluid.

Anyway, the worst that could happen to him was to be sent to the hospital for stomach pumping.

Of course, Song Shuhang was not an impulsive person.

He first took out his mobile phone and scrolled to the contact page of his roommate Tubo. If any kind of accident happened to him, he could call Tubo with a small tap of his finger.

He had originally wanted to scroll to the emergency contact page but he was afraid that he wouldn’t have any strength to speak. If he called without being able to say a word, at that time, the reception lady behind the emergency desk might think he was pulling a prank — that would truly be a tragedy. So it’s better to call his roommate whom he was familiar with. If he ended up not feeling well, even if he just randomly screamed a few times, they would definitely still respond.

“Let’s give it a shot. If it’s just one mouthful… it probably can’t kill me?” Song Shuhang reasoned.

In the end, he scooped up a spoonful of liquid and blew on it. This was tragic — forty-five kinds of medicinal ingredients but only five measly spoonfuls of medicine remained.

The value of these five spoonfuls of medicine must surely exceed ten thousand pieces of gold?

“It’s just sesame paste; it’s just sesame paste,” he hypnotised himself. He closed his eyes and held his breath as he swallowed the medicine in one mouthful.

Unexpectedly, even though the medicinal paste smelled terrible, there wasn’t any herbal taste after it entered his mouth.

However, immediately after that, two kinds of sensations erupted from his throat… Pain and burn!!

This kind of burning feeling could not be verbally described. What had clearly been a medicine paste that he had cooled by blowing on it, had seemingly exploded the moment it entered his throat. As if it wanted to blow Shuhang’s throat apart, it emanated an endless wave of heat.

This is the end, I am going to have to have my stomach pumped.

Shuhang grabbed his throat with one hand and moved the other to the call button on his phone, preparing to make a call to Tubo.

But before he had even moved his finger, the burning sensation in his throat had already disappeared.

Accurately speaking, the explosive medicinal fluid had dissolved into a lukewarm heat. The liquid flowed down from his throat to his stomach. The warm sensation in his stomach was so comfortable that it made him want to moan in bliss.

But wouldn’t be gross if a grown man moaned? He forcefully repressed that urge.

It wasn’t over yet. This burst of heat centered around Shuhang’s belly and started to spread through his nerves, branching throughout his body. What was originally a comfortable feeling in his stomach had now enveloped his entire body, causing him to feel incomparably comfortable.

Shuhang could endure it no longer and he finally opened his mouth to let out a moan. It was really just too comfortable! He just couldn’t help it!

But when he opened his mouth, he felt as though his mouth had been stuffed. He couldn’t say anything; nor could he make a single sound!

The thing was that at this point, he wouldn’t be satisfied until he spat out those words.

Hence he held his breath tightly, opened his mouth and tried to emanate his voice from his stomach to his throat.

He held and held on, for a good long while.


It was a very loud sound. It was a pity that it hadn’t originated from his mouth but rather, from his ass. After expending so much force, he could only squeeze out a fart.

The good thing was that since his lower body was no longer clogged, his upper body also unclogged itself. Song Shuhang opened his mouth and let out an enormous burp.

It seemed as though this burp released all of the heat that had been accumulated in his body.

One had to know that after a person matured, with the accumulation of toxins from day to day life, he would sometimes feel as though a burst of heat was stuck in his heart. Sometimes, he would feel his throat parched and hot when he tries to breathe.

But at this moment, after Shuhang released that burp, he felt as if all of his internal organs had been through a cleansing. He felt refreshed and incomparably happy! Every breath he took felt like he was in the middle of the forest at dawn, with the cool air entering his nose and to his lungs.

With this burp, the medicinal effect in his body exploded completely. It made its way to every part of his body, energy flowed through it unceasingly!

The medicinal effect was still exploding, and exploding!

Shuhang’s entire body started to itch, and the exhaustion caused by hours of refining the medicine had long vanished.

“The Body Tempering Liquid is real!” Song Shuhang had already confirmed that the black medicinal liquid he had just swallowed was without a doubt the genuine Body Tempering Liquid.

The energy in his body was still full, that heat was still exploding and charging his body, to the point that it was overflowing so much so that Shuhang felt like he was going to explode.

At this time, Song Shuhang suddenly had an epiphany. He remembered that in Xianxia novels, when the MC eats a godly medicine he would have a set of fist techniques or something to help him digest the medicinal power.

But he didn’t know any fist techniques.

Although he had learnt a bit Taichi from a bored teacher when he was in elementary school, all Shuhang could vaguely remember was ‘One big watermelon, cut into halves; half is for you and half is for me’.

Furthermore, he was extremely skeptical of the version of Taichi imparted by that elementary school teacher who taught both math and physical education. Maybe that was XX publishing house’s pretend version of Taichi.

“I must release this medicinal power out. Otherwise I might end up the same way Xianxia novels described it and have my body directly explode from the medicinal power?” Song Shuhang felt that he had to work out.

“How about I go out for a run?” Looking at the scorching sun outside, Shuhang felt that this was a terrible idea. But the unceasing charging power and vitality made him feel as if he had to vent it somehow.

Clenching his teeth, he ran towards the track in the school.

Running and running, along the way Shuhang’s speed kept increasing. The comfortable feeling increased as he ran. He even had the illusion of his legs floating.

He practically used sprinting speeds to arrive at the school’s track.

The weather at this time was so hot that it could turn a man into a dog. Students who were full of vitality would choose to play basketball or something. There was absolutely no one who would choose to make a few rounds around the track in this scorching weather.

On the wide track there was only Shuhang. He unleashed it all, like a mad horse off the reins running on the track. Going faster and faster!

In the end, he felt as if his legs were about to go out of control.

Everytime he turned on the track, he felt as if he was a car drifting!

Although he had already sprinted three whole rounds, which was 900 meters without much effort, he didn’t feel the slightest bit tired. Instead, he felt that along with the heat emitted in his stomach, he felt that his whole body was becoming lighter and lighter; the more he ran the more relaxed he felt.

Under the intense workout, even the ice pearl on Shuhang’s chest couldn’t maintain his body temperature. Sweat poured out from every pore on his body, and his clothes quickly became wet.

However, it was comfortable!

When a drip of sweat flowed out, he could feel his body become a tiny bit lighter. Every hot breath he released while running, he could feel the innards of his body become more refreshed.

Body Tempering Liquid, this wasn’t something that could temper the body just by drinking it and going to sleep. Whenever a cultivator drank the Body Tempering Liquid, they would have a set of martial arts or fist techniques to supplement the digestion of the medicinal liquid, allowing the effect of the Body Tempering Liquid be maximized.

Song Shuhang didn’t have a fist technique or martial art like that, at this moment the only thing that suited him was running, madly running!

Round after round, Song Shuhang did not know the meaning of exhaustion.

At the beginning he counted how many rounds he ran, but as time passed, there was no longer the need to.

Because, based on his current state, as long as the erupting medicinal power remained as it is, he felt that he could even run a whole circle around the earth.

In any case, he had to keep sprinting round after round until the medicinal power was no longer overflowing.

Thinking that way, he wondered how many rounds he had run. 30 rounds? 40 rounds? Maybe more.

Song Shuhang finally stopped.

Even after such a long run at sprinting speeds, his breathing was still uniform, without the slightest sign of exhaustion.

Luckily, the medicinal power that kept surging forth in his body had calmed down. The remnants of the medicinal power stayed in Song Shuhang’s lower abdomen, and it started to strengthen his body in a gentle fashion.

His clothes were completely soaked, Shuhang straightforwardly took off his sticky shirt and held it in his hands.

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