Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 30: Learning the truth in the morning, even if death comes in the evening it’s worth it!

Chapter 30: Learning the truth in the morning, even if death comes in the evening it’s worth it!

At that moment, at block B6 of the women’s dormitories.

The position of this block was able to see the school’s track perfectly.

“Wahahaha, come look, there’s a fool running on the track out in this weather.” A girl with shoulder-length hair laughed out loud.

“Is this a new trick of acting cool by a pretentious bastard to attract innocent girls?” A girl who had a well-developed body was lying on the bed, using a fan to blow away the heat on her body. She truly felt too warm, and couldn’t help but think of a certain person…

The girl with shoulder length hair laughed and said, “If it’s really someone trying to act cool, then he is really a failure. There are no girls in this world who would find a silly guy like that handsome. By the way, you should come take a look, Lu Fei, this guy seems pretty familiar. Is he from our class?”

“Let me see.” The girl with the great body crawled to the window and looked towards the track.

Soon after, she watched the man come to a stop, take off his shirt and hold it in his hands. He had a muscular back and slim waist, and all muscles seemed well developed. He looked very strong.

Shoulder-length hair giggled, “Yo, if he didn’t take off his shirt I really wouldn’t be able to tell, this guy’s figure is fantastic. Solely based on that muscular body, it should be able to attract many innocent girls.”

“He’s from our class.” The lady with a well-developed body widened her eyes, she had just been thinking of him a while ago.

What a great figure, full of manliness.

Along with that cool feeling from his body, I should strike before other girls know about his merits, right?!


Song Shuhang looked at his shirt, and realized that there wasn’t just sweat on it, there were also black impurities which were discharged together with his sweat, impurities that would lead to strengthening his body when driven out.

Song Shuhang lowered his head to check his body, as expected, there were also some black droplets of grain-sized impurities.

Body tempering, oh body tempering. It wasn’t just about increasing the body’s strength, it was more importantly about refining one’s body, and removing the impurities.

Next, he moved his hand to rub his abdomen.

Unexpectedly, it was the abdominal muscles he hadn’t seen for a long time.

It had already been a year and a half since he last met them, ever since he put his life into revising for university, he lacked training, so his abs faded away, and a little flab replaced it.

But now, just from running a few laps his abdominal muscles once again made their appearance.

Other than this, he had recovered from many little problems on his body, like it was brand new. For example the faint pain from his right shoulder caused by frequently using the computer; the problem with his neck from sitting too much. These problems had been completely eliminated!

Also, Shuhang felt that his vision become totally clear. He originally had a little short sightedness, which was also because he was overly fatigued during his college exam.

However, his shortsightedness was now cured without any operations. He even felt that his vision had become strengthened by a large degree.

As long as he concentrated, he was actually able to see that on the fence 10 meters away from the track, there was dead housefly’s…… legs!

“Calm down, calm down. I should test other aspects, the body’s toughness and endurance obviously increased, now for strength.” Song Shuhang tried very hard to calm down.

But fact was he couldn’t calm down at all. His current state was similar to that of a drunkard. His brain desperately tried to keep calm, but his body honestly divulged how excessively excited he was.

He clenched his fist, and could feel the abundance of strength that had nowhere to be vented on, an impulse to shred tigers and panthers welled up in his heart.

His gaze turned towards the shot put practice field, there were two types of shot put balls.

Shot put balls for school use, men’s are 5kg, ladies’ are 4kg.

Song Shuhang stepped forward, picked up the bigger one and weighed it in his hand, trying to test his current arm strength.

But when he weighed the shot put ball, he was stunned. Is this certainly a shot put ball and not a basketball or soccer ball or something?

His increase in strength was evident.

At that moment, he truly had the urge to throw this shot put ball to see how far he can throw it to, but he forcibly endured his urge. Who knows how far I will end up throwing it to? It’ll be bad if I end up causing trouble.

“Merely because of a spoon of medicinal paste, without even considering that it’s an inferior good or a possible failure. For it to be able to strengthen the body this much, if one took the complete version of the Body Tempering Liquid, will they become a strong man able to race a horse with their hands, and pull an airplane with their teeth?” Song Shuhang grabbed his shirt, and returned to the dormitory restlessly.

He opened the room door, entered the kitchen, and looked towards the medicinal paste in the hot pot.

“Body Tempering Liquid, a medicine as described, a real body tempering liquid!”

On this day, the man named Song Shuhang was convinced! Completely convinced!



Ever since he entered Nine Provinces (1) Group, there was Heavenly Tribulation, Spirit Ghosts, Ice Pearls, Soft Feather’s strange strength and the mystical medicinal ingredients he sent, all of these smashed at Song Shuhang’s worldview.

While the ‘Simplified Version Body Tempering Liquid’ gave Song Shuhang’s worldview the fatal blow.

4th June, 2019.

On this day, the worldview that Song Shuhang expended 18 years to build was smashed into pieces with a bang, there weren’t even any remainders of it left.

A person’s view of the world is not something easy to build, but for it to break into pieces, it’s this easy.

“Whatever, something like worldview, if it’s broken then so be it. Only after it’s broken can one see more of this world’s truth.” Song Shuhang murmured.

At that moment, his open-mindedness showed its use.

He first packed up the remaining ‘Body Tempering Liquid’ from the pot, without leaving a single drop behind. He temporarily… didn’t dare to drink more of this stuff.

Then, he went to take a shower.

When taking the shower, he realized from his image in the mirror that he was… a lot fairer? His skin, was fair and a little rosy, emitting a healthy luster. His skin was even more moist and soft than young ladies!

Damn, in a while my roommates are coming back, if they see how much I’ve changed in a single afternoon, how am I going to explain it? Could it be that I have to say I applied a new type of skin whitening cream?

Alright, these things all weren’t important.

What’s important is… the people in Nine Provinces (1) Group, they’re all real cultivators! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Sure enough, I simply can’t stay calm!

How could he stay calm? Whoever that gets into a situation like this wouldn’t be able to handle it much better than him.

A chat group that he believed was the gathering of people deeply afflicted by Xianxia chuunibyou, suddenly changed its form. Every single member became real cultivators, and suddenly appeared so formidable and superior.

This was way more exciting than winning a lottery with 5 million.

When compared with ‘cultivating’, 5 million was indeed no big deal.

Just the two boxes of medicinal ingredients that Soft Feather sent him alone surpassed that amount by far.

What should I do next?

He learnt that ‘cultivation’ truly exists in this world, learnt that mystical herbs truly exist on this earth, learnt that miracle medicines and wonder pills exists, and learnt of the existence of the Nine Provinces (1) Group!

Song Shuhang asked himself what he should do now.

He moved to his computer, and logged into his chat account.

Taking a deep breath, his finger swiped towards the Nine Provinces (1) Group in the chat software. Someone who is unaware has no fear; but once the things learnt pile up, fear could arise. His finger stopped on the Nine Provinces (1) Group’s icon, the meaning of logging in this time was completely different from the past.

This time, the door to break free from the world of mortals was at his fingertip, on this computer’s screen!

He had two choices.

Should he spend his life as an ordinary human being?

Or thoroughly come into contact with the cultivators in Nine Provinces (1) Chat Group, be assimilated into their world, becoming one of them? Setting foot on the dangerous path of cultivation?

Cultivation was dangerous, without mentioning other things, there was somethings like ‘Heavenly Tribulation’. At H City, Su Clan’s Ah Shiliu’s Lightning Tribulation was so frightening, yet it was merely a 3rd Stage – Houtian Lightning Tribulation.

Su Clan’s Ah Shiliu had his Senior Ah Qi by his side, but still failed the tribulation and was injured. If there wasn’t Senior Su Clan’s Ah Qi at the scene, it would be difficult to say if he could survive.

Yet Song Shuhang himself didn’t have a strong senior backing him up, supposing he encountered such a scary Lightning Tribulation, he might not even have bones that remains, right?

Song Shuhang hesitated for… only a second!

Soon after, he tapped on the Nine Provinces (1) Group’s icon with force.

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