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Chapter 21 - Azure Phoenix Auction House

Chapter 21 - Azure Phoenix Auction House

After walking around for half an hour and speaking to many people about the auction houses in this city, only one name came up repeatedly.

"This Azure Phoenix Auction House seems very popular. Let's give it a look," said Yuan.

Xiao Hua nodded and followed Yuan to the location of this Azure Phoenix Auction House.

According to the people Yuan spoke with, the Azure Phoenix Auction House is one of the wealthiest and most influential auction houses within the Eastern Continent. What's more, they are backed by the Azure Phoenix Sect, one of the most powerful backgrounds in this world.

"We are really fortunate to have arrived in this city right on the day it opens, right, Xiao Hua?"

"En." Xiao Hua nodded her little head.

The Azure Phoenix Auction House only opens once every three years because they have to stock up valuable treasures, and coincidentally, they came at the exact day it would open.

After walking around the Spirit City that occupies miles of land for many minutes, Yuan and Xiao Hua have finally arrived at the Azure Phoenix Auction House's entrance.

"Wow, this large place is the auction house?" Yuan couldn't help but become amazed by the luxurious building before him that took up an entire street.

"Excuse me, is this the Azure Phoenix Auction House?" Yuan asked one of the people there just in case.

Once he confirmed that they were at the right place, Yuan approached one of two pretty young ladies standing silently by the entrance, assuming she was one of the workers here.

"Hello, do you work here?" he asked.

"I do," she replied with a gentle voice.

"Great! I came here today because I would like to sell something here."


The young lady looked at Yuan with a weird face after hearing his words.

"Umm… I'm sorry, but we stopped accepting things for the auction a month ago," she said a moment later.


Yuan stood there with a dumbfounded look.

The young lady chuckled and spoke, "Is this your first time at an auction house?"


"Then let this sister teach you something about them. If you wish to sell something using auction houses, you must let them know ahead of time so they can put it on a list to let the guests know. People won't go to auction houses if they don't know what will be sold, you know? They have to prepare, too."

"I see… that makes sense…" Yuan sighed, feeling disappointed and slightly frustrated.

"Looks like I will have to sell these monster cores elsewhere…"

'Spirit Apprentice Realm monster cores?' The young lady noticed the monster cores in Yuan's hands and shook her head inwardly.

Even if Yuan was in time to sell his monster cores, the Azure Phoenix Auction House wouldn't accept something so insignificant. In fact, even if he brought Spirit Warrior Realm monster cores, the Azure Phoenix Auction House wouldn't even give it a glance.

The young lady did not want to disappoint Yuan anymore, who was clearly ignorant of many things, so she remained quiet.

However, the other worker there, who has been watching them since the beginning, burst out laughing, "Hahaha! Does this kid actually want to sell that trash at our Azure Phoenix Auction House?! This is hilarious!"

"Lian Rong! Why must everything that comes out of your mouth be so foul? He's clearly very young and ignorant! There's no need to mock him!"

The young lady beside Yuan frowned at her fellow worker's unsightly behavior.

"Hmph! I am only speaking the truth! And the earlier he learns, the faster he will grow up! Why are you even protecting a beggar like him, Na Ying?" Lian Rong coldly snorted, her gaze filled with mockery.

"Don't mind her, little brother. It's not a crime or disgraceful to be ignorant at times. " Na Ying tried soothing Yuan, acting like his next-door friendly sister.

"What's wrong with you, Na Ying? Are you perhaps charmed by this kid? Hahaha! I wonder how the disciples at Azure Phoenix Sect will react once they learn of this!" Lian Rong continued laughing.


Although Yuan did not mind Lian Rong's mockery, the little girl standing beside him was boiling with anger.

'This insignificant little ant has no idea who she's mocking! Brother Yuan is a genius among genius — a prodigy that will shock even the Upper Heavens! One day, Brother Yuan will become a figure that stands above all! I cannot allow him to continue being mocked!'

"Are you done embarrassing yourself yet? Even I am starting to feel ashamed just by being beside you!" Na Ying shook her head.

"You—! Are you looking for a fight, Na Ying?!"

"Oh? Do you want to fight me? Are you sure about that, senior apprentice-sister?" Na Ying narrowed her eyes, and the cultivation base of an expert at the peak Spirit Warrior Realm emitted from her body.

A bead of sweat appeared on Lian Rong's forehead after feeling Na Ying's pressure.

"J-Just you wait! Once we return to the sect, I will—"

"What's with the commotion here?!" A strong voice suddenly resounded.

A few seconds later, an old woman appeared in front of them with an annoyed face.

"Senior Chang!"

Both of the girls immediately stopped their argument and bowed to the old woman.

"Do not forget where the two of you are right now! Regardless of your status at the Azure Phoenix Sect, you are working for me now! And I will not tolerate this kind of behavior at my Azure Phoenix Auction House!"

"I am sorry…"

They quickly apologized.

"Enough. I will deal with you two afterward. The guests are already seated. Close the doors and come inside," said Senior Chang.


Just as Senior Chang turned around, a cute but overbearing voice stopped her steps.

"X-Xiao Hua?" Yuan looked at her with wide eyes.

"What are you doing?" he whispered in her ears.

"Don't worry, Brother Yuan. Xiao Hua will deal with this," she responded with a smile on her face.

"Who the hell is this little girl?" Senior Chang frowned when she sensed a profound aura surrounding Xiao Hua's tiny body. It gave her a dreadful feeling.

"Are you the owner of this place?" Xiao Hua suddenly asked.

"That's right. And who are you?" Senior Chang responded.

However, Xiao Hua did not immediately respond and pulled out her storage pouch.

Then, right before their eyes, Xiao Hua pulled out a blue dagger from the pouch.

The instant the dagger was revealed to the world, an unfathomable presence suddenly appeared and enveloped the place.

"This presence—!!!" Senior Chang stumbled backward and nearly fell on her butt when she saw the dagger and sensed its aura.

"This dagger is a Heaven-grade weapon at the peak quality — Heavenly Frost Dagger," said Xiao Hua, and she continued in a calm manner, "Who I am is not important right now. What is important, though, is that I had planned to sell this dagger at your Azure Phoenix Auction House. However, because one of your workers mocked Brother Yuan and angered me, I am now having second thoughts."

After a moment of silence, Senior Chang's stiff body began trembling.

"Who?! Who dared to offend you?! I will kill that bastard for you!" Senior Chang's attitude took a sudden turn, shocking both Lian Rong and Na Ying, who has never seen her this agitated before, acting as though someone had just killed her son.

Even Yuan couldn't help but look at Xiao Hua with wide eyes. Since when did they come here to sell that dagger? And why does she feel so different right now?

"That girl over there!" Xiao Hua wasted no time pointing her small fingers.

Senior Chang turned to look at Lian Rong, who was as pale as a ghost right now, looking like all of her blood had just been drained out of her body.

"What have you done, Lian Rong?!" Senior Chang roared at her with a furious expression.


Unable to respond and filled with despair, the young lady named Lian Rong fell to her knees, even pissing her pants due to fear.

Na Ying covered her mouth from shock as she witnessed this unexpected turn of events.

What's going to happen now?

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