Cultivation Online

Chapter 22 - VIP Room

Chapter 22 - VIP Room

"Senior Chang, this is what had happened…" Na Ying began explaining to her the events that took place right before she'd arrived.

"You… you foolish thing!" Senior Chang was speechless.

To think that Lian Rong, someone usually with keen eyes and great intelligence to misjudge a hidden expert due to her arrogance.

"There is nobody you can blame but yourself for being so arrogant and failing to recognize Mt. Tai!" she shook her head.

"Please! Senior Chang! You can't kill me! I am an Inner Disciple from the Azure Phoenix Sect!" Lian Rong began begging for her life.

"I am not the one who will decide whether you live or die today! You are begging the wrong person!"

After hearing Senior Chang's words, Lian Rong immediately ran to Yuan and kotowed before him, and she begged him with a face filled with tears and snot.

"Please, Young Master! This lowly one has failed to recognize someone as prestigious as you!"


Yuan was speechless. This is the first time he'd seen a young lady begging for him to spare her life.

"Young man, although she has wronged, I would also like to request for your forgiveness. After all, she is an Inner Disciple of the Azure Phoenix Sect. If you kill her, they will surely…"

Yuan suddenly raised his hand and stopped her sentence.

"Wait a moment. I never said anything about killing her. You were the one who spoke such words. Do not try to act as though I was the one who wants her dead."

"I… I understand. Lian Rong! Be grateful! This young man has decided to spare your life!"

"Thank you, benefactor!" Lian Rong cried.


Yuan couldn't but help find these peoples' behavior weird and unnecessarily exaggerated. Why must she be executed for mocking him? If he was to kill anyone that has offended him, who knows how many people will die.

'I hope this won't become a trend amongst NPCs…' Yuan silently prayed.

"Ummm… now that everything has been settled… are you willing to sell your Heaven-grade dagger at our auction house? I promise you that you will not regret it! 80… no! You will receive 90% of the revenue, and we will only take 10%! Normally, it would be 75/25, but because we have troubled you today, I am willing to make it 90/10!" Senior Chang suddenly said.

In fact, Senior Chang did not care about the revenue of the Heavenly Frost Dagger. All that matters to her was the reputation that would come from selling it.

The last time a Heaven-grade weapon was sold at the Azure Phoenix Auction House was one hundred years ago, and it was only a low-quality weapon at that time! As for a Heaven-grade weapon at the peak quality — this would be the first one in their thousands of years of history!

Once the world learns of this, the Azure Phoenix Auction House will surely skyrocket in popularity, and they will receive much more attention and guests in the future!

"You are asking the wrong person. I am not the owner of that weapon — she is." Yuan pointed to Xiao Hua, who was casually holding the dagger as though it was a normal weapon.

"En. I am willing to sell it but only under one condition." Xiao Hua said. "You must also sell his monster cores at your place."

"Okay! I accept that condition!" Senior Chang immediately accepted without even needing to think about it.

Even if the Azure Phoenix Auction House loses a bit of face or becomes a laughing stock for selling Spirit Apprentice level monster cores, the Heaven-grade weapon will make up for it and more!

"Xiao Hua…" Yuan smiled warmly after realizing her intentions. To think that she'd be willing to sell such a precious item just for him, he couldn't thank her enough.

"Are you sure, Xiao Hua? That's a precious item, right? You don't have to force yourself to sell it. I can sell the monster cores elsewhere." Yuan said to her.

When Senior Chang heard Yuan's words, she felt the urge to beat him up and seal his mouth shut.

"It's only a Heaven-grade weapon, Xiao Hua has many more of them. And Brother Yuan does not use daggers, so it would only continue collecting dust." Xiao Hua said, dumbfounding Yuan.

'How can one have so many rare items but no money at the same time?' he wondered where she got all of these items from.

A few moments later, Xiao Hua handed the Heavenly Frost Dagger and the four Spirit Apprentice level monster cores from Yuan to Senior Chang.

"If you steal anything, I will destroy this place." Xiao Hua gave Senior Chang a stern warning before following Na Ying, who was assigned to serve them, to one of the VIP rooms.

After they left, Senior Chang sighed a breath of relief.

"Even though she's a little girl, her attitude and presence are beyond normal, almost like that of an Immortal's! Not to mention that she actually dared to take out a peak quality Heaven-grade weapon out in the open! Even idiots would not dare steal from her..." Senior Chang felt the chills just thinking about her.

Just as Senior Chang began walking, she noticed that Lian Rong was sitting on the floor with a dazed face.

"Use this chance and change that arrogant attitude of yours. Even if you are an Inner Disciple of the powerful Azure Phoenix Sect, there are countless people in this world that you shouldn't offend."

"Yes, Senior…" Lian Rong nodded.

"Anyway, hurry up and return to work. I'm not paying you guys to stand around and be depressed all day," said Senior Chang before disappearing into the auction house.

Meanwhile, Yuan and Xiao Hua just stepped into the VIP room, where there were several other individuals.


The people there turned their attention to Yuan and Xiao Hua, seemingly curious about their identity.

"Who are these kids? I don't recognize them."

"I don't know them, either."

"How could strangers enter this VIP room? They must have a shocking background that we are not aware of."

"I don't mean to brag, but I am familiar with every background that is capable of entering the VIP room, and even I don't know them."

It seemed as though nobody in the VIP room recognized Yuan, but that was to be expected, as he does not belong to any background and arrived in this world only recently.

"Yuan! I did not expect to see you so soon again!"

Suddenly, a pretty young lady approached him.

"You are… Xuan Wuhan?" Yuan also did not expect to see her here, especially when they were together not too long ago.

"If I knew that you were coming here, we could've come here together!" she said.

"Hahaha… I did not plan on coming here at first. It's only a coincidence."

"Coincidence or not, we are together again. Come here and sit at my table."

Yuan nodded and followed Xuan Wuhan to her table, where the old man from before and two unfamiliar handsome young men sat.

"The Young Lady was right… to enter this room, his background is not so simple after all." The old man was surprised to see Yuan in the VIP room.

"Who are they?" One of the young men asked after seeing Xuan Wuhan return with strangers.

"Friends I recently made," she said.


The two handsome young men looked at Yuan with a pondering gaze.

"Which noble family are you from? I am Du Bai from the Du Family," said the handsome young man on the left.

"I am Du Hai, his twin brother," said the one on the right.

"Uh… I am not from any family," Yuan casually responded as he sat down beside Xuan Wuhan.


They all looked at him with a surprised expression.

"Then you must be a disciple of a powerful sect. Which sect do you belong to?"

"I am also not a part of any sect. I'm a Rogue Cultivator," he said.


Once Yuan said those words, the entire room went silent, as everyone in the room was paying attention to him trying to figure out his identity.

"A… A Rogue Cultivator, you say? Hahaha… what a good joke…"

A few moments later, the entire room burst with laughter.

"There's no way some Rogue Cultivator would have the privilege to enter this VIP room!"

"Hahaha! He must really want to keep his background hidden!"

"Too bad that only makes me more intrigued!"


It was Yuan's turn to be speechless. He did not understand why they were laughing at him or why they couldn't believe his words. But regardless of the reason, since they don't believe him, there was nothing he could do. And it's not as though he cared whether they believed him or not.

"Just ignore them, Yuan." Xuan Wuhan said to him.

And just as she said those words, the lights in the room suddenly dimmed.

"The auction is finally starting," said Xuan Wuhan as she pointed to the large stage that was right below their VIP room.

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