Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1106 - Hey, Let“s Talk Things Ou

1106 Hey, Let“s Talk Things Ou

The capital of Lantisde, Ivo City, was surrounded by a circle of metallic balls, just as if it was wearing a necklace.

Apart from a few strongholds, all the merfolk had retreated into Ivo City as they awaited the attack from the most intense Nether Whirlwinds ever.

However, this time, Lantisde was no longer defending passively. Instead, they were proactively on the offense.

At the northwestern border, at a location near to the cursed seal. A merman gazed at the huge swirl of yellow sand afar, and let out a shrill warning conch horn.

A squad of 100 mermen wearing bright clothes went up to provoke the opponent, and successfully pissed off the first group of Nether Sharks. They began to lead the 100-odd Nether Sharks into a mad rush mode.

The chase didn’t go on for long. The merfolk disappeared entirely after they dashed into a narrow canyon, and the 100-odd Nether Sharks also dashed in after them.

Numerous ultrasonic balls sealed up the two sides and the top of the canyon. The Nether Sharks stirred up their whirlwinds, and began to crash back and forth in the canyon frantically.

A metallic ball appeared in the midst of the Nether Sharks, and a glaring silver light flashed. The crazy whirlwinds of Nether Sharks within the one kilometer disappeared instantly as if they were disarmed instantly.

A squad of mermen descended from above with shiny weapons in their hands, and brandished them toward the vortexes at the top of the Nether Sharks’ heads.

This was an intense close combat. The Nether Sharks which lost their whirlwinds defense and space to maneuver were at a disadvantage for the very first time in their fight with the merfolk.

Similar incidents were taking place in different parts of the canyon again and again.

The merfolk held onto the amazing machine bestowed by God and disarmed the Nether Sharks’ whirlwinds easily, and then began their attacks on the Nether Sharks’ weak points to kill or subdue them!

A general strode into a great hall quickly, and agitatedly said, “Your Majesty, we have reports from the front. The third batch of attacking Nether Sharks has been completely annihilated!”

Smiles appeared on the faces of both the king on the throne and the high priest standing in the great hall.


“The amazing machines bestowed by God are indeed extraordinary.”

All the merfolk in the great hall looked ecstatic too. They had never heard of this kind of

battle report before in the past 1000 years.

The king glanced at the high priest before loudly saying to that general, “Relay my orders. From the next batch of Nether Sharks onward, there’s no need to kill them all. Select suitable Nether Sharks and capture them. Let’s start to build the Nether Shark demersal fishing grounds!”

“Yes!” that general acknowledged, and strode out.

“Wait a minute. Have them collect all the Nether Sharks’ fins and lips. That Lord has important uses for them,” the high priest said.


After Mag returned from the Chaos School, he dived straight into the kitchen for the last and most important procedure to complete ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’.

He took a Shaoxing Wine urn, placed the 30-plus processed ingredients in the urn according to their sequence, and then poured in the soup stock that he had prepared in advance. Finally, he used lotus leaves to seal the opening carefully before putting a little bowl upside down over it like a lid.

He placed the wine urn over the stove with burning fruit-tree-wood-charcoal and simmered it.

“Boss, what is this?” Firis was astounded as she looked on from the side. Mag added so many ingredients into that big urn, so what mysterious food was he trying to concoct? Mag had spent an entire day on making this dish.

“You will find out soon,” Mag said smilingly as he looked at that big wine urn that was as tall as a man’s waist with anticipation too.

This was a high-end dish according to the System, but he wanted to see how high-end it was.

However, in all seriousness, the ingredients of this ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ were indeed very high-end. Even taking away those premium-grade sea cucumbers and abalones, just the supply chain of the Nether Shark’s lips and fins was undertaken by the entire Lantisde, and millions were spent to build the fishing ground.

The cost to make a pot of ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ was 20,000 copper coins excluding the shark’s lips and fins. Because Mag had built the supply chain himself, it wasn’t included in the system’s listed costs.

Adding another 10,000 copper coins to the cost should be rather reasonable, right? Mag thought. An urnful of ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ like this could last 30 people. 10,000 copper coins for a helping. Even just selling one urnful a day could earn a profit of 270,000.

Mag was actually rather worried about the sales of ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ that cost 10,000 a helping.

After all, up till now, the most expensive item in the restaurant was the huge portion of the spicy grilled fish that cost 2,500 a helping.

A dish that cost 10,000 copper coins a helping. Let alone in Chaos City, one wouldn’t find it even in Rodu.

“With such ingredients, even if it was cooked without care, it would be the tonic among the tonics,” Mag convinced himself easily. The ingredients that he used could be sold at a high price individually.

This urn of ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ would have 20-plus helpings left after they tasted it first. So, he intended to introduce this new item to test the market’s response.

On the second floor of the magic potion shop next door, Amy ran up the stairs with an empty bird cage to Urien who was writing in front of his study desk. She said, “Master Urien, I just used a teleportation spell on Black Coal, but I don’t know where I have sent it to. Can you guys help me find it back?”

“In the chimney,” Urien said without even lifting his head.

“Oh! So there’s where it has gone. No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere.” Amy’s eyes lit up before she went downstairs to stick her head into the fireplace to have a look.

“It’s so dark here. I can’t see anything. I guess I will light up a fire.”


The fire lit up the interior of the fireplace, bringing forth a warm light and also heat.

“Ah!!! My new clothes!!!”

A shrill scream sounded in the chimney, and a charred crow fell out. Its whole body was smoking, and the feathers that had just grown out were all burned away. Black Coal lowered its head to have a look before it fainted.

“Poor Black Coal. Is it dead?” Amy reached in to pull Black Coal out. There was a whiff of barbequed meat aroma in the air. She sniffed and her eyes lit up. “This smells quite good. Grill it for a while longer and scatter some pepper and cumin over it, and it should be good to eat.”

“Are you the devil!?”

Black Coal opened its eyes instantly and flapped its bare wings. It tried its best to fly to a shelf and stared at Amy with fright. It was sure that Amy would have barbecued and eaten it if it had woken up a bit later.

“It’s great. I thought you were dead, Black Coal.”

“Then why do you look so disappointed?”

“Do I? I’m quite happy.”

“Hey, let’s talk things out. Can you put down your magic staff first? I… I’m a little scared…”

“Don’t worry. It will be over soon.” A smile appeared on Amy’s face as she walked over to Black Coal on the shelf with the magic staff in her hands.

Right at this time, Xixi approached from the side, and smilingly asked, “Amy, didn’t you say it’s Miya’s birthday today? Do you want to prepare a present together with me?”

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