Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1107 - Monk Jumps Over The Wall!

1107 Monk Jumps Over The Wall!

Most of the prison structures of the Bastie Prison were built underground.

However, very few people knew that the prison cells with the maximum level of security in Bastie Prison weren’t at the 100th level below ground; instead, they were at the seven levels right in the middle.

There was only one cell for every level for these seven levels of prison.

Layers of magical restraints and hard rock and steel that were tens of meters thick formed the most impenetrable prison cells on Norland Continent.

Those who were imprisoned in these seven layers were all powerhouses that had once terrorized a part of this world.

Most of them had been imprisoned here 100 years ago. They were labelled as war criminals prior to being imprisoned.

The 50th level, the fourth level of the middle seven levels. A middle-aged prison guard with a beer belly and a young prison guard in his twenties were patrolling in the walkway.

They soon got bored after walking back and forth in a 10 meters long walkway.

“Chief, who is being held in there? Why do we need so many restraints? And the warden still has to come here to patrol once a day himself?” the young prison guard asked the middle-aged prison guard curiously.

The thick iron door was tightly shut, so there was no way to see what was inside the cell.

Even the handling of food was done by a small teleportation portal.

As a newbie that was recently assigned to the Bastie Prison, he was very interested in the individuals that he was watching over.

Of course, most importantly, he wanted to listen to the legends of the ruthless men so he could endure these boring times.

The middle-aged prison guard was bored too. The experienced prison guards were already sick of these stories; only the newbies would want to hear about these stories. He mysteriously said, “The man that was remanded in our prison was a notorious ruthless man on Norland Continent—Rex. You may be unfamiliar with this name, but you must have heard about the Hairless Monk?”

“Hairless Monk! Is it the Hairless Monk that massacred an entire human town and a whole demon tribe?!” The young prison guard’s eyes widened immediately in disbelief.

“Yup, that’s him.” The middle-aged prison guard was obviously very satisfied with the young guard’s reaction as he continued, “This Hairless Monk is a half-demon. It was said that his mother gave birth to him after she was violated by a demon. She was beaten to death because she gave birth to a half-demon. He barely survived, and he hated both humans and demons from then on.

“He began to grow up, and his power got stronger too. He wandered around on the continent, and his behavior was controversial. Finally, his power grew to the point that he was able to annihilate the demon tribe of the man that once violated his mother. He went to look for them without any hesitation, and annihilated the entire tribe of his father.

“Then, he returned to his mother’s tribe, and massacred the whole town without sparing even a child. From then on, he was known as the Hairless Monk and/or the Lawless Monk. The deeds he had done…”

The middle-aged prison guard was having a good time talking about the stories, and the young prison guard was listening engrossingly. Although this Hairless Monk was ruthless, he was a straightforward person. However, he had involved too many innocent people in the process.

At the end of the racial wars then, he faced four 10th-tier powerhouses alone, and he killed one. He was captured after he was wounded, and was locked up here since then. It was almost 100 years ago.

The young prison guard was a little scared after hearing that. He softly asked, “Boss, if this Hairless Monk is so powerful, can our cell hold up? Would he…”

“There’s nothing to worry about. After 100 years of imprisonment, his health is already declining. It is already a miracle that he could survive until now. He wouldn’t have the strength to force his way out of the cell. Furthermore, our cell is impenetrable. There are a total of seven iron doors, which get thicker and thicker. There are also all sorts of magical restraints which the Hairless Monk at his peak couldn’t even get out, let alone now—”


A thick iron door was smashed against the wall. There was a huge dent in the wall, and the iron door became a piece of metal scrap. There was a clear footprint with six thumbs in the very center of the door.

The alarm went off loudly in that instant.

The two prison guards’ voices faltered as they glared at the hole where the door was before with their mouths wide open.

A strapping bald guy with dark brown skin who looked like a middle-aged man walked out from the walkway slowly.

He glanced at the two prison guards standing against the wall with shaking legs, and turned to walk down the other walkway. He lifted his leg and kicked away the walkway’s door that was covered with magical restraints and over one meter thick. He looked around as he murmured, “What exactly was that smell?”

Then, he disappeared at the walkway’s corner.

“Just… Just now, that… that…” The prison guard’s voice was quivering.

“1st-tier event! The Hairless Monk has broken out of prison! The Hairless Monk has broken out of prison!!!” The middle-aged prison guard grabbed the communication on his chest and hissed into it.


“Smells so good!”

At the kitchen’s entrance, the ladies were staring at the wine urn which just had the lotus leaves removed from its opening. A mesmerizing aroma gushed out from it and seeped into their hearts, making their eyes lit up.

“Father, is this the new dish you made? It is fantastic!” Amy’s eyes were closed, and she licked her lips with her tiny pink tongue as she stared at that wine urn.

Seafood, meat, mushrooms… It obviously is a messy stew, yet the aroma is so enticing. After taking a deeper sniff, the distinct levels of smell are mesmerizing. Boss is really too formidable! Yabemiya looked at Mag with admiration.

Indeed, only a ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ like this deserves to be called this name. Mag took a deeper sniff, and there was a satisfied smile on his face too.

This was millions times more delicious than the ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ he had eaten in the past.

Mag didn’t let the System isolate the smell this time. Instead, he let the smell go out as it was.

Just as the customers lining up outside were curious what kind of dish ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’ was, a tempting smell suddenly came out of the restaurant.

“What is this? Smells so good!!!”

This special aroma caught all the customers’ attention immediately. Everyone was looking toward the restaurant with their necks outstretched, and began to swallow their saliva.

“According to my experience after trying out all the dishes on the menu, this aroma doesn’t belong to any of the delicacies on the menu. It is very likely the item that is going to be introduced today: ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’!” Harrison said confidently, rubbing his chin.

“Boss Mag is so bad. There is another 30 minutes before the restaurant opens, and he released the aroma to tempt us… This is simply too much!!!”

“Yes. It is still fine if the aroma is normal, but this smell… growl… Isn’t it killing me!”

The customers began to grumble as they patted their tummies with discontent and expectations.


Right at this moment, a figure descended from the sky and crash-landed in front of the restaurant. The stone which he landed on shattered instantly, and cracks radiated outward on the ground like a spider web.

The exterior of the restaurant fell into a silence instantly. Everyone looked at the bald guy that descended from the sky in a daze.

This chap seemed to have just escaped from the Bastie Prison?

“It’s here.” That bald man raised his head to look at the restaurant with narrowed eyes. He took two steps forward and lifted his right leg again.

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