Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1108 - If You Stop Me, I Will Kill You!

Chapter 1108 If You Stop Me, I Will Kill You!

The bald man who had just escaped from the Bastie Prison lifted his leg to kick at Mamy Restaurant’s door as soon as he landed without any explanations. He shocked the customers lining up outside into a daze.The alarm at Bastie Prison was already sounded. Being only a wall away, its sound was especially shrill.

Everyone was guessing what kind of ruthless man he was that he was able to escape from the Bastie Prison.

Additionally, the way he kicked at the door straight away made the crowd’s already nervous hearts go right up to their throats. Did this bald fugitive have enmity with Boss Mag?

Sargeras, who was holding his folding chair, had already stood out from the line. The Burning Legion was following right after him.

The knights in the line were already grabbing the longswords at their waists, and the magic casters were taking out their wands.

No matter who this guy was, if he wanted to destroy Mamy Restaurant or Boss Mag, he would be desecrating the holy land in their hearts.

A thin layer of blue ice appeared in front of the wooden door.

The kick from that bald guy landed on that layer of thin ice.

The one meter thick iron door full of magical restraints was already thrashed by a kick of his. In comparison, this thin layer of ice and the wooden door behind it looked so fragile.


A crispy crackling sound appeared. The expected scene in which the ice was turned to dust didn’t appear, and countless cracks appeared on the thin ice instead. It held on for a while before it shattered into powder.

The power in the bald guy’s kick was totally dissipated by the ice as the foot landed on the first step.

Urien slowly walked out of the magic potion shop with a wand in his hand, decked in his black robes. He looked at the bald guy standing in front of the restaurant with narrowed eyes. He said gravely in a hoarse voice, “You are the Hairless Monk.”

The Hairless Monk turned and looked at Urien, feeling rather surprised. His black eyes landed on Urien with a hint of ponder, but he soon turned his gaze back to the wooden door in front of him as he raised his hand up to smack at the door.

“I don’t care if you have hair or not. My disciple’s house’s door is not for you to smack.” Right at this time, an irascible voice sounded from afar as a red light flashed across the customers lining up, and crashed into the Hairless Monk. A magic caster’s staff came out from the red light, and smacked toward the Hairless Monk’s head.

The Hairless Monk retrieved his outstretched arm and blocked it in front of him.


A dull thud.

The Hairless Monk took two steps back, and a red mark appeared on his brown arm.

When the red light went away, Krassu landed onto the ground lightly as he stamped his magic caster’s staff which was as tall as a man onto the ground and stabilized himself. He gazed at the head of the Hairless Monk for a moment before he burst out laughing. “I say, it’s already been 100 years, and there is still no hair on you, chap.”

“The Hairless Monk? Could he be that Hairless Monk in the legend?!” someone exclaimed loudly in the crowd. Many had a panicked expression on their faces, and began to back off subconsciously. Obviously, they had heard about that Hairless Monk.

However, even if they hadn’t heard about him, after watching Urien and Krassu, the two legendary magic casters, attacking him one after another and not able to hurt him, they could already gauge the man’s terrifying power.

“Who is the Hairless Monk? Can someone tell me more about him?” someone asked curiously. Since Urien and Krassu, the two legendary magic casters, had already stepped out, there obviously was no need for them to interfere anymore. They should be content with being the audience.

“If you want to hear about this Hairless Monk…” Very quickly, the Storyteller, Carl, in the crowd began to beat up a rhythm with his slapsticks and telling the audience some basic information.

“An urgent attack is imminent. Defense will be overloaded!!!

“Crisis is temporarily averted!”

Mag had already received the urgent reminder as soon as the bald man was about to kick the door. He looked toward the door in a shock while still holding the lotus leaves in his hands. Who was this guy? Both Amy’s masters were present at this time, and he actually chose this timing to smash his door.

However, he had swiftly sensed an unknown and powerful presence outside. A 10th-tier powerhouse. This made him wary.

A 10th-tier powerhouse smashing at his door. This was a situation that had not happened before. Could it be a powerhouse from the red dragon tribe who came here to seek trouble?

What a powerful presence!

Elizabeth stepped in front of Miya as she looked toward the doorway nervously. That wasn’t the presence of Urien and Krassu, but it was so strong that it was almost on par with the great elder. It had to be an expert that not many could match up to.

“Is there a fight out there? It must be very exciting. I am going to have a look.” Amy grabbed the little stool next to her and ran toward the door.

“Amy, wait up…” Mag dumped the lotus leaves aside and followed Amy to the door.

With the presence of Krassu and Urien, he wasn’t really worried about Amy’s safety, but he was rather curious who was the 10th-tier powerhouse that came to smash his door.

After being pushed back two steps by the Krassu’s staff attack, the Hairless Monk looked at Krassu. His gaze stopped at the magic staff in his hand for a moment before a hint of recognition flashed across his face as he said in a low voice, “It’s you.”

“Heh, I didn’t expect you to still remember me after all these years.” Krassu pursed his lips.

“I remembered it.” The Hairless Monk looked at the magic staff.

Krassu fondled his short beard. “I was at my most handsome period 100 years ago. Now, I am old, so it’s normal that you can’t recognize me.”

“Haha. His meaning is you aren’t as memorable as a club.” Urien rolled his eyes at the side.

The customers, who had already backed 20 meters away from them, raised their heads high to stop themselves from laughing out loud.

Krassu had an awkward expression as he put his hand down. He said to the Hairless Monk, “Since you already escaped from that prison, why don’t you find a place to hide? Why did you come to smash my disciple’s door?”

Urien’s expression became severe too. Blue light began to sparkle on his wand as if magic was going to burst out any time.

“There is something I want inside there.” The Hairless Monk took in a deep sniff, and a mesmerized expression appeared on his face. He looked at Krassu and Urien with an intent to kill in his eyes as he coldly said, “When I get it, I will leave. If you stop me, I will kill you.”

A cold air spread out from under Urien’s feet, and frost appeared on the ground like a white pathway and extended toward the Hairless Monk.

A bright red fiery glow also appeared on the magic staff in Krassu’s hands. Hot air began to turn into a hot wave as if even the space was going to burn through.

The customers in front of the restaurant began to back another tens of meters away. Even getting a little caught up in the battle of the 10th-tier powerhouses could have a disastrous outcome.

Their surroundings were in complete silence.


Right at this moment, the restaurant’s door opened outward gradually.

A little lolita popped her head out, carrying a stool, and a little chubby orange cat squeezed its head out from between her legs.

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