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Chapter 1676 - Are You Looking Down On Us, The Burning Legion?

Chapter 1676: Are You Looking Down On Us, The Burning Legion?

Isaac smugly looked at those customers who gave up on trying Mana Hot Pot Restaurant, and went to Cassia. Although he had failed a few times, more customers had chosen the Cassia, which had a better promotion, and had been open for a longer time.

“This Mana Hot Pot Restaurant seems to be blocked by me alone. It’s so weak.” Isaac smiled smugly. At first, he was still worried that the other party might send someone out to handle him. However, looking at the two elven maidens standing at the door staring at him with their bright watery eyes at a loss for words, his worries were obviously superfluous.

Of course, if the other party really dared to act against him, he would dare to lie on the ground today. After all, it was their first day open for business, so he wasn’t going to let them have a good time.

Kiel carried an iron chair over his shoulder, and asked Sargeras, “Boss, that restaurant ahead seems to be the new hot pot restaurant that Boss Mag opened. However, they don’t seem to have any alfresco seating. Have we brought our chairs in vain?”

“I heard their hot pot is very spicy, and we’ll be on fire if we eat it. We cannot make things difficult for Boss Mag,” lamented Sargeras.

Kiel and the gang had been thinking about eating hot pot for quite some time, but it was simply too expensive to eat hot pot at Mamy Restaurant. A hot pot meal was worth many roujiamos, so they couldn’t bear to eat it.

Last night, they heard that Boss Mag had opened a new hot pot restaurant, and it was priced much cheaper. Therefore, Sargeras brought the founding group of the Burning Legion here to try it out.

Mond frustratedly scratched his head. “What will we do, then? We, the Burning Legion, are going to catch fire sooner or later. We can’t eat it in the restaurant.”

“Let’s check it out with the restaurant first. See if they can set up a table for us outside. If they can’t, then we won’t be eating it,” answered Sargeras.

A row of six lava demons were carrying their iron chairs and walking toward the hot pot restaurant in an imposing manner. They attracted quite a bit of attention.

“Manager, big business.” The thin man nudged Isaac.

Isaac turned around and saw the six lava demons walking over imposingly. He gulped instinctively. This group of lava demons looked terrifying, but given his previous experience with them, these demons’ appetite was at least three to four times that of a normal person. The six of them could consume the amount meant for 20 people. It was indeed a big business.

“Watch me.” Isaac straightened his clothes and put on a bright smile before he strode toward the group of lava demons.


Isaac had barely stopped when he was knocked against by Sargeras and sent flying away before he could open his mouth.

Sargeras halted and looked around him perplexedly. He seemed to have bumped into something.

All the demons stopped and looked at Sargeras too.

“Boss, over there.” Kiel pointed at Isaac, who was sent flying two meters away.

Sargeras and all the demons looked down at Isaac. That was when they saw this short and fat man.

“Why do you come knocking into me?” Sargeras asked Isaac, who was rubbing his butt, and was about to get up.

“I-I knocked into you?” Isaac felt as if he was bumped into by a wild bull. He felt so dizzy, and the other party accused him first before he could even reason with him. This was really too much.

However, he saw five ferocious faces looking down at him as soon as he looked up. Lines of complicated lava patterns were carved on their faces, and they were staring at him with their huge eyes as if they were going to tear him apart.

His naturally born fear made his legs tremble. Although this was Chaos City, he couldn’t feel the safety brought along by the laws at this moment. He felt any demon would be able to twist his head off easily.

“Our boss is asking you a question,” said Mond roughly.

The other demons widened their eyes deliberately too.

“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” Isaac quickly apologized. He was feeling extremely aggrieved. What kind of world were they living in now?

“I will forget it this time. Watch where you are going in the future.” Sargeras retracted his gaze, and prepared to continue walking to the hot pot restaurant.

“Be careful in the future.” All the demons reminded the man gently too.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Isaac hurriedly nodded. He was slightly taken aback by the sudden concern from the big bosses.

However, when he saw Sargeras was about to walk past him and continue onto Mana Hot Pot Restaurant, he clenched his teeth and decided to speak up. “I’m sorry to bump into you, my lord. As an apology, let me recommend a hot pot restaurant that is 50% cheaper than this hot pot restaurant. Furthermore, there are also ‘buy one, get one free’ promotions for the dishes and free flow of alcohol. It’s called Cassia Hot Pot Restaurant, and it’s situated right over there. I guarantee you will be satisfied.”

Sargeras faltered in his steps. He looked down at Isaac, and asked, “Is that hot pot restaurant opened by Boss Mag too?”

Isaac was so shocked by Sargeras’ presence that he took two steps backward, and shook his head. “N-no.”

Sargeras frowned and raised his voice. “Then, did I ask you about it? Why are you recommending a lousy restaurant out of the blue? Do you think I am easy to scam?”

Kiel and Mond surrounded Isaac as they lowered their heads, and asked him, “Do you think our boss is easy to scam?”

“Why would I think that…” Isaac almost burst out into tears when he looked up at all those fierce faces. Why was this bunch of demons so unreasonable?

“You bumped into our boss first, and then attempted to scam us. Are you looking down on us, the Burning Legion?” Kiel kicked Isaac’s knee.

Isaac’s legs went weak, and he knelt on the ground straight away.

The Burning Legion’s demons gave him a kick each before Mond dragged him away by his collar and tossed him to the side. All of them clapped their hands, and followed Sargeras to the hot pot restaurant.

The two elves at the door were a little nervous and shocked at first, but they felt justice had been served when they saw Isaac get beaten up and thrown aside. They finally felt relieved after being annoyed for the entire noon. They even felt these ferocious-looking demons looked much friendlier.

Sargeras stood at the hot pot restaurant’s entrance, rubbed his hands together, and smiled brightly before he asked one of those elves in an extremely gentle tone, “Miss, may I ask, do you have alfresco seating for your hot pot?”

That elf stared at the humble-looking Sargeras in a daze as he hid his scary aura that was present when he was beating up Isaac. She only regained her wits after a moment, and shook her head. “I’m sorry, dear customer. We only have seats in the restaurant. We don’t have alfresco seating. There are still plenty of vacant seats in the restaurant now.”

“Thank you, but we might catch fire when we eat hot pot, so we can only have it outdoors,” said Sargeras with regret. He turned and said to the demons, “Seems like we are not able to eat hot pot today.”

That elf was touched by Sargeras and the gang. She didn’t expect that they were such considerate demons. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “Please give me a moment. I can go and ask my boss.”

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