Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1677 - Are You Trying To Bully Us With Fewer People?!

Chapter 1677: Are You Trying To Bully Us With Fewer People?!

“Alfresco seating?” Rena looked at Sargeras and the gang standing at the restaurant’s entrance with surprise. She had already heard from the attendant about how they beat up that nasty fellow who hijacked their customers.

She recognized Sargeras and the gang. They were Mamy Restaurant’s regular customers who bought a lot of roujiamos whenever they came. Although they looked very fierce, they were, in fact, very polite. They’d even try to speak softly.

“Yes, but we didn’t have any outdoor seating.” The service staff member hesitantly nodded.

Rena smiled. “They helped us get rid of a nuisance, and arranging a table outdoors isn’t a difficult task. According to Aden Square’s commercial properties’ rules and regulations, we are allowed to set up our stuff within three meters in front of our shop. Let’s go and set up a reserve table at the door.”

“Alright.” That server’s eyes lit up, and she happily strode to the storeroom. A short while later, she carried a round hot pot table, and walked to the door alone.

That service staff lady gently placed the round table at the right side of the door, and said to Sargeras and the gang, “Our boss said we can set up a table for you out here.”

“Thank you so much, Miss.” Sargeras chuckled gratefully.

All the lava demons smiled at that server too, and then sat around the table with their own folding chairs.

“You’re very welcome. The service staff in charge of taking the orders will come and assist you shortly,” that service staff miss said with a blush. She had heard many scary rumors about demons when she was in the Wind Forest, but after she arrived at Chaos City, she realized that the demons were not as scary as she had imagined. Instead, they were even rather adorable.

“Come to speak of it, this is the first time we ever sat down for a meal at Mamy Restaurant.” Kiel chuckled excitedly.

“Yes. We always felt embarrassed to sit down previously. It’s indeed more convenient to bring our own chairs.” Mond, too, smiled humbly.

“This is Mana Hot Pot Restaurant, not Mamy Restaurant,” corrected Mazak seriously.

“Anyway, since they are both opened by Boss Mag, Mamy and Mana are similar,” mumbled Calzac.

“Alright. Let’s keep our voices low. Don’t affect Boss Mag’s business.” Sargeras cleared his throat. They were obviously given preferential treatment. A table was specially set up for them.

“Give that table at the door a 50% discount on their bill later,” Rena gently reminded that server who was about to go out to take their orders.

“Alright.” That service staff member nodded. She had already heard that the group of demons had helped them beat up that irritating fellow, so she already had a good impression of them.

“This is the menu. Please have a look.” That server walked to the dinner next to the entrance, placed the menu in front of Sargeras, and smiled. “The hot pot soup base is a necessary part of the order. You may choose the other items as you please.”

“Alright. Let us take a look first.” Sargeras nodded and began to read the menu.

Compared to Mamy Restaurant’s menu which cost hundreds or thousands of copper coins, this menu was obviously much gentler to the pocket. The most expensive mala spicy beef only cost 45 copper coins per helping, and furthermore, it was 250 grams. As for those vegetarian dishes like sliced lotus root and potato, they all cost below 10 copper coins.

Sargeras turned the menu to the rest of them with relief, and extravagantly said, “Come, order whatever you like. It’s my treat today.”

“Hehe, this pig’s brain looks good. I want 10 of them.” Mond smiled.

Cossus pointed at the mala spicy beef. “This beef looks great. Give me 10 of that.”

“I always heard their duck intestines are fantastic. I will have 10 helpings of it too,” said Kiel without any hesitation.

A hint of surprise flashed across the service staff member’s face. There were actually people who ordered like this? Each person ordered 10 helpings of one dish each.

“Who would place orders like you guys? There’s no technical content at all.” Sargeras took back the menu disdainfully before smiling at the server. “We want a spicy soup base and then 10 helpings each of all the meat items on the menu.”

The service staff member was taken aback, but her excellent training made her regain control of her expression quickly. She collected the menu and smilingly nodded. “Sure. Please give us a moment.”

The bony man dragged Isaac, who was beaten to a pulp to the side, and carefully asked, “M-manager, are you still alright?”

“Hmm… Ptui…” Isaac spat a tooth that was broken into half out of his crooked mouth, and miserably said with narrowed eyes, “I was almost beaten to death…”

“I saw it. You battled all the demons alone gallantly. I was so excited when I watched you do that,” the bony man said with admiration.

Isaac gave that man a side-glance.

That man also realized he had overdone it, and quickly changed the topic. “Take a look, Manager. Those guys who beat you up are already sitting by the entrance. They actually refused to go in. Perhaps this hot pot restaurant refused to serve demons?”

Isaac turned to look at the hot pot restaurant with much difficulty. His blood pressure shot up as soon as he saw that group of demons, and his wounds hurt even more.

However, these fellows actually just sat by the entrance. He had initially thought that they were bouncers employed by the hot pot restaurant, but looking at the situation now, it didn’t seem like that. They didn’t even enter the hot pot restaurant, and simply sat by the entrance. They even brought along their own chairs.

However, they seemed to have already placed their orders, and were waiting for their orders to be served leisurely.

Isaac was worked up. “How dare they sit there leisurely and wait to eat hot pot after they beat me up.”

“What do we do, Manager?!” The bony man instantly displayed a battle stance.

“Help me up!” Isaac was helped up with a grimace on his face.

“Are you thinking about going over?” The bony man gulped.

“I…” Isaac looked at all the bulky lava demons and instantly shrivelled. He pointed at the restaurant’s entrance. “I’m going to lie down over there!”

“Yes. We will just create a scene since we can’t win them in a fight. We will just say they bully their customers.” The bony man immediately grasped his idea. A crowd began to form in front of the hot pot restaurant again. They weren’t going to let the customers in so easily. He then helped Isaac over to the hot pot restaurant.

Sargeras looked up and saw Isaac walking over. He frowned. “He’s coming over here again?”

Mond got up and glared at Isaac. “You come over here again? And you’ve even got yourself a helper. Are you trying to bully us with fewer people?!”

All the lava demons stood one by one and glared at the two of them with a fierce look. There seemed to be fire which might burst into a blaze anytime dancing in their eyes.

Isaac’s and the bony man’s steps faltered, and they paled immediately. Their legs also began to tremble uncontrollably.

This group of demons were completely unreasonable!

“W-we are simply passing by. Enjoy your meals, gentlemen…” Isaac gave them a smile that looked worse than a grimace, and pulled the bony man away with a limp silently.

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