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Chapter 1678 - The Burning Legion Will Never Compromise!

Chapter 1678: The Burning Legion Will Never Compromise!

Isaac felt so miserable and lowly as he didn’t even have the courage to create a scene.

But, what else could he do?

The other party really meant serious business. All their punches and kicks were real. He had no doubt that his life would be over if he dared to go over and lie on the ground.

He knew that “one has to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em”.

The bony man regained his wits. As he held onto Isaac, he said in a quivering voice, “Manager, they have more people, so it’s an honorable defeat for us. But what should we do now? Should we return to get help?”

“Let’s observe the situation first.” Isaac shook his head, and looked at Sargeras and the gang with a side-glance as he smirked. “The boss is also a goon. She thought that placing these demons at the door would be foolproof in stopping us. Little did she know that she had also stopped the customers who wanted to enter their restaurant. All the customers who approach will be scared away by this table of ferocious demons at their door. Who is going to enter their restaurant and spend money?”

“Excellent observation, Manager.” The bony man’s eyes lit up, and he helped Isaac sit on a chair before adoringly saying to him, “Did you lose to them deliberately earlier to lower their guard?”

“Erm… that was naturally part of my plan.” Isaac grimaced when he sat down as he pulled the wound on his buttocks. He looked at Mana Hot Pot Restaurant with a cold smirk.

A group of ferocious-looking lava demons sitting at the door was indeed very intimidating to those timid customers. Some of them were even thinking about giving them a wide berth. Not only would they fail to attract any customers, they would even lose many more customers by giving off an oppressing feeling.

“Mana Hot Pot Restaurant? What’s a hot pot? Is it some kind of dish?”

“This is the first time I have heard of it. Perhaps it’s a pot that gets hot by itself? Or maybe it’s a kind of special grilled meat?”

“I’ve seen a few restaurants that are selling hot pot on my way here. Maybe it’s a trendy delicacy that has gotten popular recently.”

Most of the people who were walking by would stop in front of the opulently renovated Mana Hot Pot Restaurant for a second look. Most of them came out for their meals at this time, but Mamy Restaurant was closed today, so those who wanted to try it out were disappointed.

As for hot pot, the majority of them knew nothing about it. This wasn’t a term that had appeared in their dining structure before. It was something that they couldn’t fathom.

And because of this, very few customers walked in right away.

Of course, the lava demons that were sitting at the entrance were indeed eye-catching. They looked as if they were here to make sure that no one caused any trouble. They looked very intimidating.

Just as many customers were hesitating about going in or looking for another restaurant, an elven server came out with a big bronze pot. She went straight to the demons’ table, and placed that big pot in the sunken hole in the center of the table.

A rich and spicy aroma spread out instantly as if a bomb had exploded!

“Argh… What’s this? What a pungent smell?!”

“Smells so good!”

“Woah. This aromatic spicy smell makes people feel warm. It’s really very enticing in this cold winter.”

The aroma dispersed all over, and attracted the pedestrians’ attention. Some customers who had sensitive noses couldn’t help but sneeze when they were greeted by the sudden spicy scent. Many more customers’ attention was attracted by the steaming soup pot.

The bright red soup had red dried chili floating on the surface. The steam rose up, and the spicy aroma washed over them. It made the people’s throats and bodies feel hot.

The elven server put down the soup pot, and twisted something under the table a few times. The soup pot on the table began to bubble and boil shortly.

“There’s a fire under the pot?”

“That’s why it’s called a hot pot? Perhaps we have to cook as we eat?”

“Seems like these lava demons are not bouncers, but customers who came for their meals.”

The hot and spicy aroma in the air and the bubbling soup pot had successfully triggered the surrounding crowd’s interest. The people halted in their steps as they decided to watch how to eat this interesting new hot pot. Some people who were simply passing by were also attracted by the aroma, and stopped as well.

The lava demons who were seated near the entrance were all flushed now. This spicy aroma had exceeded their expectations. Just one sniff of it had made their blood race through their veins, and it made them want to burst into flames.

“Boss, why do I feel like we should have ordered a clear soup pot?” whispered Kiel.

Sargeras glared at Kiel, and severely said, “This matter concerns the reputation of our Burning Legion. If news of the Burning Legion having clear soup while eating hot pot got out, how are we going to survive in the future?”

All the demons nodded in agreement.

“Maybe we can compromise with the double-flavored pot?” whispered Mond.

“No way. The Burning Legion will never compromise!” Sargeras shook his head with conviction.

Four elven servers pushed four trolleys that were full of all kinds of meat items, and parked them next to the demons.

One of the servers smiled. “Dear customers, these are the items that you ordered. As the quantity is huge, we placed them on four separate trolleys. You can reach for them whenever you are ready.”

“This is the manual for the hot pot. There are simple instructions about how to cook each item and the time needed to cook them. You simply have to follow the manual, and you will be able to enjoy a delicious hot pot meal. Please enjoy your meal.”

Sargeras received that hot pot manual and smilingly nodded. “Alright, thank you.”

“Why are the dishes all raw? Are the chefs of this restaurant so lazy that they don’t even cook for their customers?”

“Yes. This is the first time that I see a restaurant serving its customers raw food. Is this a joke? Perhaps they want their customers to cook for themselves?”

“If I had to cook for myself, then why would I come out for my meal?”

The surrounding crowd was looking at the food items on the trolleys with a perplexed expression.

“This is the secret manual to eating hot pot. Whoever has it will become the true king of the hot pot.” Sargeras slowly raised the manual up.

All the lava demons’ gaze followed the manual up too, as if they were looking at a treasure.

They had been eyeing the hot pot for a long time. They were feeling increasingly agitated as they could finally fulfill their wish today.

Sargeras opened the manual, and reverently said, “The first step of eating the hot pot is to mix up a dipping sauce that you like. First, pick up the small bowl next to our hands. According to our individual preferences, add in minced garlic, chopped spring onions, cilantro, sesame oil…”

All the lava demons picked up the small bowls, and added all kinds of spices into them according to Sargeras’ instructions.

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