Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 2 - Getting Into Trouble With A Big Shot (1)

Chapter 2 - Getting Into Trouble With A Big Shot (1)

Gu Qiqi suddenly realized that she wasn't in the high school classroom anymore.

She felt as if she was… lying on an operating table in a hospital.

She wasn't hanging upside down anymore.

A man with strong and powerful hands seemed to be lifting both of her hands above her head, tightly securing her wrists.

Wait. Why was she in the operating room?

Wasn't she dead? After she was ruthlessly harmed by Gu Xuexue?


She tried to collect her thoughts, but they were repeatedly interrupted and dispersed.

After a long while.

She heard the sound of a belt tightening…

Then, the sound of leather boots falling onto the marbled floor resounded.

The footsteps were strong and powerful; calm and domineering.


The owner of the leather boots slammed the door and headed out.

Gu Qiqi gradually awakened…

She worked hard to open her eyes. In the dim darkness, she realized that she was indeed inside an operating room. Although the facilities that surrounded her seemed to be lagging in age, this was still a familiar sight to her.

"I'm still alive?"

She held her breath and sat up.

She then saw that her nurse uniform was torn into rags, her smooth and fair-skinned back was exposed to the elements. In a hurry, she pulled out a clean outfit lying next to the operating table and put it on.

Holding onto the railings, she was about to get down when sharp pain traveled to her mind from the center of her feet.


"Damn it. Was that man just now a pervert?" Gu Qiqi gnashed her teeth.

She was actually bullied by a pervert on the operating table.

Gu Qiqi supported herself along the wall and fumbled for the doorknob.

She soon found it and with a light twist…

Her whole life was turned upside down.

Beneath the glaring white lights, the originally quiet corridor immediately became crowded. A crowd of doctors and nurses pushed the beds away and lifted the stretcher that they were holding as they rushed in from the outside.

"Make way! There's a car accident! Emergency first!"

"Beds. Prepare the beds!"

"I need an operating room. The patient has to undergo amputation immediately!"

"The patient had a cardiac arrest. He must be on the operating table within three minutes!"

"Surgeon Zhu, there are not enough nurses!"

Familiar sounds and familiar sights.

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

The door was like a time machine. To think that she would see these sights that she had seen ten years ago just by opening this door.

Ten years ago, she was a 19-year-old nurse intern at Qing Cheng Hospital!

She had a deep impression of that day as she had complied tirelessly with the arrangements made by Zhu You, the Head of the Surgical Department.

She participated in the care for the car accident victims and rushed to do all the dirty work.

In the end, Zhu You made a major mistake in an operation, and he pushed all the blame on her.

She was even scolded by the victim's family and sued in court.

In contrast, her cousin—Gu Xuexue—did nothing but slept all night and only delivered medicine to the patient the next morning. Despite acting like a spoiled child, she earned a lot of praise.

When she returned home after that night's events, she was beaten up by her father—he said that she was stupid and incapable of studying medicine.

Later on, despite being more capable than her cousin in medicine, and having better grades than her in the high school examinations, Gu Qiqi was only allowed to apply for the nursing profession, while Gu Xuexue was allowed to apply for the medical profession.

Since then, her life and Gu Xuexue's life continued on opposite paths.

Gu Qiqi did lowly jobs all her life, while Gu Xuexue became a well-respected famous doctor.

But little did the public know that all of Gu Xuexue's operations were actually carried out by Gu Qiqi who had always donned a large mask and black-rimmed glasses to the operating room!

Remembering that this was the night when she had walked into that trap that the Gu family had dug for her which led to her eventual death in front of that blackboard, Gu Qiqi bit her lips.

She declared before she died that she would never let the Gu family off—even if she became a ghost!

Wait a minute…

If this was a dream, why did it hurt when she bit her lips?

Why was she bleeding?

The place where that perverted man bullied her just now was also faintly aching as well?

"Gu Qiqi, what are you doing standing there in a daze? Hurry up and wipe the patient's blood and urine! Why are you being so stupid?" Continuous scolding reverberated.

The Head of the Surgical Department, Zhu You, stood by the door.

He pointed at her head and started scolding.

But the reply that he received was a series of crazed laughter.

"Hehehe… Hahaha!"

The girl's delicate features formed a stark contrast against that wild and arrogant laughter…

The middle-aged man, Zhu You was stunned.

Did this nerdy eldest daughter of the Gu family go crazy?

Zhu You collected himself and ordered firmly. "You! Go to the operating room and wipe the patient's urine!"

A nerd without a mother brought along a blind younger brother.

Anyone with a brain would know what status they had in the Gu family.

She wasn't really an "eldest daughter"…

She was more of a girl to be ordered about!

The Gu family had long told him secretly to "take good care" of this girl.

Let her do all the dirty things like wiping blood and urine.

However, what surprised Zhu You this time was that Gu Qiqi was not as obedient as before.

On the contrary, she wrapped her arms around her chest and stood rooted to the ground.

After the wild laughter stopped, her eyes revealed an unprecedented biting coldness!

She finally understood what was going on.

She wasn't dreaming…

She was reborn.

She was reborn through the watershed of fate and had returned to that night ten years ago.

Aside from the accident of meeting that perverted man, the rest were exactly the same as ten years ago!

The sinister villain Zhu You…

The pretentious Gu Xuexue…

The emergency operation after the car accident…

And the upcoming frame-up…

She had experienced all of this before.

Since she was given the chance to be born again, she no longer had to be a low profile, sensible, and obedient girl.

She was going to live her life recklessly and become an arrogant, domineering queen that everyone would fear. She would definitely get everything back from those who owed her, harmed her, and insulted her!

Gu Qiqi's fierce and icy gaze made Zhu You tremble uncontrollably. "You dare to disobey my orders?"

Great! He was going to frame her up and let her be fired!

The sharpness in Gu Qiqi's eyes flashed and she said coldly, "The big shot in the VIP clinic pressed the bell and asked for me. Do you want me to ignore his orders?"

She pointed to the grand clinic at the end of the corridor.

This was a professional lie.

Zhu You opened his mouth, but he couldn't say anything.

Why would he dare to offend that big shot in the VIP clinic today?

That domineering man… was not to be trifled with!

Damned girl. I'll let you off for now.

With Zhu You's sinister gaze on her, Gu Qiqi pretended to be calm.

She walked into the grand clinic with pride.

It was only when the door behind her silenced the outside world did she slowly clench her fists. "In this lifetime of mine, nobody can think of ruining me with that operation!"

"You're the nurse sent over by the Division of Reproductive Medicine to help, right? Hurry up and put on a mask. Help us out with the andrology examination and serve the VIP!"

Before Gu Qiqi could catch her breath, the Head of the VIP clinic hurried over to her and explained the task.

Upon hearing the term "andrology examination", Gu Qiqi's brain buzzed.

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