Dear Commander-in-Chief

Chapter 3 - Getting Into Trouble With A Big Shot (2)

Chapter 3 - Getting Into Trouble With A Big Shot (2)

Gu Qiqi's lips twitched. Did she have to be so unlucky?

She managed to avoid Zhu You's sinister plans. But now, was she going to fall into another trap?

Andrology examination… Wasn't that helping men with that?

She was a girl. They wanted her to do such a thing?

She blushed slightly.

The pain from her legs reminded her that she was no longer a girl.

However, she had to finish filling up the pit that she dug for herself even in tears.

Wasn't it just an examination?

She only had to carry the attitude of treating illnesses and saving others.

A real professional had to carry out an operation with an unyielding heart and in a resolute manner, let alone just an examination.

Having made up her mind, she put on a white mask and walked in.

"Hey, be more alert. Don't make that man unhappy. He's a big shot from Gong Shi…" The Head ordered behind her. However, Gu Qiqi, who was in a hurry, didn't hear his words.


In the bathroom inside the VIP Room.

Cold water could be seen running across a man's sturdy figure.

His sexy eight-pack abs seemed to repel the small drops of water, forming a beautiful mist.

Gong Jue took a quick shower.

When he came out wrapped in a bath towel—Special Assistant Lu—who was waiting by the door, handed over a brand-new customized suit to him in a respectful manner.

"Master, I know that you are mysophobic. Please change into this outfit."

"Yes." Gong Jue's expression looked grim.

He said coldly, "Catch that woman from just now for me."

"Master, you mean the one who…"


That woman was in trouble.

She actually dared to climb onto Master Jue's bed.

One could only imagine the consequences of her actions.

Without waiting for Special Assistant Lu's confirmation, Gong Jue glared daggers at him.

Special Assistant Lu hurriedly nodded. "Understand! I'll go and do so now! However… Master, you haven't completed your body examination yet…"

"I'm not doing it anymore!" The man buttoned the last button on his suit.

He was so cold that he looked as if he was a statue of a god.

"Master Jue, if you don't do the examination this time around, Old Master will definitely play tricks the next time. He will force you to do an examination at the private hospital that is under his control. The results from that examination would be known to the Old Master then…"

Special Assistant Lu tried to persuade him.

Gong Jue's eyes sank and he felt slightly irritated.

After a while, he said coolly, "I'll give you one minute."

"Yes! Don't worry, Master. You only need to take an andrology examination. I got the director to arrange for a male nurse and ordered him to shut up for the entire process. He wouldn't make you feel uncomfortable."

"Master, please…"

Special Assistant Lu opened a secret door that led directly to the examination room.

This was the hospital's special treatment for VIPs to ensure that their privacy wouldn't be leaked throughout the process.

On the other end of the secret door.

Gu Qiqi—who was wearing a big white mask—sized up the clinic with wide eyes.

She specialized in ophthalmology and cardiology in her previous life since her younger brother, Gu Xiaobei, had an eye disorder and a heart disease. She didn't know that much about andrology.

Gu Qiqi sighed in relief after seeing the inspection notes in regards to the upcoming examination on the wall.

There was a curtain in the middle of the room.

The man only had to do it on his own. Then, he would reach out, and pass it to her so that she could perform the tests.

As for the method that the man would be using… according to the notes, there were some naked art paintings on the wall. The man could also use the assistance of machines as well.

While Gu Qiqi was in deep contemplation, the sound of leather boots rang from the other side of the curtain.

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

She felt that the sonorous and powerful sound of that pair of leather boots seemed familiar.

But she didn't have enough time to think about it as she hurriedly gave her instructions. "Sir, you can start now. There are instructions on the wall that you can follow. If you really can't do it, then you can call me for help."

Of course, the help that she was referring to was "helping" him operate the machine!

But she didn't expect the man to respond with a cold snort. "Get lost! I don't use women!"

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

This patient was too domineering, wasn't he?

He was here to see a doctor but was discriminating against female doctors?

There was something wrong with his body, and a doctor was kind enough to help him check.

He didn't really have to be grateful, but he also didn't have to be so rude, right?

The Gu family regarded men as more superior than women.

Gu Qiqi had deeply suffered from this way of life that the Gu family practiced.

The Gu Qiqi from the previous life would've tolerated such a domineering male patient.

However, she was not going to be so kind anymore!

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